WANT IT: Fresh Rose Fresh Face Primer

Well gee I must be asleep because I didn’t notice that Fresh recently introduced a new primer to their collection. I was in Atlantic City this past weekend and while at the Bluemercury Apothecary Spa I came across Fresh Rose Fresh Face Primer.

Read ahead for the deets!

This is the third release of primer from Fresh with High Noon and Twilight already a part of the collection. Although Fresh Rose Primer could easily be mistaken for Fresh Twilight at a glance and perhaps considered a dupe rest assured in texture and formula they are considerably different. I have Fresh Twilight and it’s an iridescent finish that casts a highlight on cheeks and face. After swatching Fresh Rose I was quite delighted that it was simply a white, fresh smelling primer that absorbed easily without leaving behind a finish of any kind.

Where as High Noon and Twilight cast a glow to skin Rose simply lays the foundation for a fresh, dewy face that you can follow up with makeup or just enjoy au natural.


I didn’t buy it as I had already indulged too much that day at the Spa but I’m thinking it made end up in my basket shortly. It’s available at Fresh’s site right now if you find you’re yearning for it after reading this.

Anyone a lover of Fresh primers?

Which ones?

  • 12/23/09 15:36 sparklyblind:

    I think this is a nice highlighter esp around my eyes & cheekbones & def during the drier Winter months but I don’t reallt find it to be a “primer” as in it doesn’t make my concealer/foundation.etc. stay on longer or go on more smoothly. I do layer it under my concealer, though, but not to prime, just so there’s a hint of the Twilight glow. I think it’s great for us more fair girls since everything else seems to have a pinky, gold or bronze situation going on thats just too dark or looks unnatural. I think this smells awesome & am paranoid mine will dry out since you only need a dab.


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