Summer Must Have Makeup: the Balm Hot Mama Review, Swatches, and Comparisons To Orgasm

Time to amp up Summer peeps. Want a perfectly cool coral blush for Summer? Loud, bold, funky, and fun?

My pick? the Balm Hot Mama! Likey!

Click it for a review!

I’ve been a big fan of the Balm Hot Mama since it’s release a few Summer’s ago. Such a great little blush. I’ve bragged it once or twice here and there and even did an article about it on Specktra’s Blog when I was posting over there for a spell a year or so ago.

If you like NARS Orgasm and Super Orgasm you’ll adore the Balm Hot Mama. Or maybe you feel like Orgasm is a bit too sheer and Super Orgasm a bit too shimmery…Hot Mama is neither. No shimmer here and plenty of pigment. It’s a warm, sizzling shade of popping coral that’s ideal for the Summer sun! the Balm loves making things easy to multitask so you can use Hot Mama on lids or cheeks, super!

I thought I’d pull it out today because it is one of my Summer Must Have Make Up Items and sure was worthy of a post all it’s own.

With a bit of pink, plenty of peach, and a whole like of heat this is a Summer blush you should be adding to your beauty arsensal!

Loves it!

Total Muse Approve for purchase!

I was even nice enough to compare Hot Mama, Orgasm, and Super Orgasm for ya. Aren’t I sweets?

Anyone own Hot Mama?



Tell it!

  • 10/26/10 0:07 Susan:

    Hi Muse!
    I just saw Hot Mama today, it be beautiful!!! I’ve been thinking about getting Orgasm for a while…I’m so glad you did a comparsion of both. From your swatches, it looks like Hot Mama is more coral than Orgasm, right? Would Hot Mama better suited for warm skin tone then? THANK YOU.


    • 10/27/10 14:04 the Muse:

      hi susan hot mama is ideal for warmer skin tones hun ;-D way more coral than orgasm ;D


      • 10/27/10 16:08 Susan:

        Thank you, Muse!!


        • 10/27/10 16:15 the Muse:

          my pleasure susan!


  • 9/24/12 10:52 Prachi:

    Muse, Chambor single blush in star candy is also a great dupe for NARS orgasm and it’s very inexpensive…very very close to hot mama..


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