Beauty Most Unusual: Cheez-It Lip Balm


Just when you thought it was safe to venture back into the world of lip balms after our last fiasco with Cheeto Flavored Lip Balm.

Come on, admit it, you thought the cheesy flavor of Cheetos Lip Balm was the end all of strange and cheesy balm for your lips right?   I know I did.  I mean seriously what can top that?

Oh there is so much more.


I’m thinking cheese lip balm is obviously a hot commodity as now I present to you Cheez-It Crackers Flavored Lip Balm.

Crackers 1

I swear this Beauty Most Unusual item is too revolting to even consider. Love me some cheesy crackers but please not smeared all over my lips. The good news is if orange colored lips a la the kind you get after eating cheese doodles this maybe your thing indeed. Perhaps take it to the next level and apply it unevenly across your upper list for a more realistic effect.

As for this Muse, it’s a bit too unusual.

Skip, thanks!

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  • 11/2/09 15:59 sparklingpinkgorilla:



    • 11/2/09 16:03 the Muse:

      say that again sparklingpinkgorilla :-)


      • 11/2/09 16:04 sparklingpinkgorilla:

        sad thing is someone will actually buy this…maybe a man haha!


        • 11/2/09 16:05 the Muse:

          LOL!!!!!!! Indeed b/c he likes cheez it crackers so much!


  • 11/2/09 16:25 Jasmine:

    It doesn’t make sense to put something salty on lips — won’t your lips just prune up?


    • 11/2/09 16:31 the Muse:

      jasmine I imagine it’s not really saltly just salty tasting hun. Hope this helps :)


  • 11/2/09 17:05 Karrie:

    This would make a good gag gift.
    But other than that, I wouldn’t want to buy this.


    • 11/3/09 14:43 the Muse:

      me neither karrie gag!


  • 11/2/09 17:08 Marloes:

    Oh no, they di’int…

    If that wasn’t invented by a guy, I’ll eat my pumps.


    • 11/3/09 14:43 the Muse:

      ha marloes probs!


  • 11/2/09 22:19 Melissa:

    When I was a kid Bonnie Bell had lip smackers in Dr. Pepper and I used to get those all the darn time. I don’t remember if it was the trade name or a knock off. When Sephora clearance’d the Hershey’s and 7-up stuff I hauled for gifts. I wonder if today’s little girls rather have cracker lip balm instead of soda flavored? 😀


    • 11/3/09 14:32 the Muse:

      oh heck yes melissa me too. I used to collect ’em 😀 LOL could be they prefer cracker now…it’s a new generation LOL!


  • 11/3/09 9:14 Lisa:

    Blech! I like to EAT cheetos sometimes, but I’ve never ever wanted to even consider a lip balm with that flavor…


    • 11/3/09 9:45 the Muse:

      LOL me either Lisa gag!


  • 8/19/11 11:25 Juli:

    Sounds delish! I would actually like it. Then again, I’m 13. LOL


  • 3/27/14 9:49 Brooke:

    Im on a hunt for this. Where can I get it????!!!!!


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