Asuka’s Mystical Elegant Lip Brush Pen for Your Lips Vegan Lip Conditioner Review and Swatches

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Today I’m all about Asuka’s Mystical Elegant Lip Brush Pen. I’m sporting some right now and loving how it makes my pout red and delicious looking.

Etsy Lip Pen 1

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The Muse recently re-introduced you to the world of Beautiful Twists on Etsy and I’m slowly following up with some product reviews this week, I hope you’ll find them interesting.

I love Stila Cherry Crush and Stilla Pomegranate Crush so of course when I seen Ella Dean’s Lip Brush Pen it looked pretty much like a great dupe and only $5.49, yay for savings!

What Ella says about it:

Asuka’s Mystical Lip Blush Pen leaves lips glowing & glossy with a slight au natural cherry juice tint to it, that glides on your lips by simply twisting the bottom & applying it onto lips with the elegant brush.

It’s 99% au natural moisturizing alternative to store brand glossy tinted lip glosses that leave your lips all dried out with harsh ingredients.

Asuka (meaning ‘scent of tomorrow’ in Japanese) lives in groovy Spookieville. The meaning of her name is the story of her life…she gets inspired by scents & writes stories with her mystical pen. The stories magically come true the next day. Asuka writes stories about kissing her true love under a beautifully scented cherry blossom tree, sipping on comforting scented spiced tea on the moon & riding dragons while eating deliciously scented pie.

Spiced Cherry Blossom Story Moon Tea (a juicy cherry scent mixed with a soothing sassy spice tea scent & topped off with a comforting moon inspired scent).

Made with extremely Moisturizing, 99% Au Natural, Vegan Friendly Ingredients: candelilla wax, sweet almond oil, olive oil, aloe vera oil, olive butter, safflower oil, vitamin e, alkanet root powder, essential oils, flavor oils & weirdness

My experience with the lip pen was pretty interesting. So far I really like it but it does have a sightly odd texture. It’s easy to apply in the click pen and it does dye lips a natural, fresh cherry red that’s very subtle and lovely. The thing I love about it is the fact the finish is very natural as opposed to harsh and weird looking, it’s basically my lip color but prettier.

Etsy Lip Pen 2

Etsy Lip Pen 3

Etsy Lip Pen 4

The formula is as awesome as most of the lip conditioners at Ella’s shops. It’s very moisturizing, very wet and glossy, and the natural cherry finish is flattering.

The strange thing about the formula is it’s slightly lumpy (you can see it in my swatch pics). I’m not sure what makes it like that but it has tiny little lumps. This isn’t a big deal as the dissolve on contact with your lips but it’s slightly weird when you aren’t expecting it during application.

Overall, for the price I’d say it’s a winner especially if you’re not wanting to dish out $18 or more for a lip stain or you happen to be vegan friendly when it comes to your makeup. Loves it. Great price, great product, cute packaging too!

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Disclosure: The following item was purchased by me for review purposes (and because I like flinging my money at makeup products of any kind) on Musings of a Muse. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

  • 12/2/09 12:32 Chelsea:

    Thank you times a million for introducting me to Ella Dean’s stuff. I freaking love it.


    • 12/2/09 12:45 the Muse:

      YAYYYYYYYYYYYY chelsea did you get an order recently? or did you order?

      SHARE SHARE :)

      I love her stuff too so fab and she’s so friendly and sweet!


  • 12/2/09 12:53 cherrysoftness:

    Hi ^_^

    Thanks to your articles about her shop I am ordering some of her items, and I was looking at this in particular 😛 I’ve also decided so far (the ones that are sure hehe) to get the Bliss lip balm in buttered pancakes with maple syrup (wow!), the sexy secretary (tinted cinnamon roll), Lilith (plum wine, ylang ylang and dark cherry jam) and Cat’s Lovers (fresh cream, sounds yummy).

    Thanks again, another drool worthy share :)


    • 12/2/09 14:49 the Muse:

      Hey Cherry!!!!!!! how are you hun!?

      So fab you’re loving her stuff 😀 sexy secretary is yummy 😀 Enjoy! and stop back gimme the deets what you think?


      • 12/3/09 10:51 cherrysoftness:

        Hello hello, enjoying the glittery holidays 😛

        I probably won’t be able to send details until a month from now, they are so busy with orders! I also want the Andy Nerd Chocolate Drink From Vulcan hehe but I’m scared. Do you have it? It’s chocolate and what? 😛 I’m actually not that much into fruits!

        Btw sad that, I saw an eggnog flavor but it’s sold out :(


        • 12/8/09 15:45 the Muse:

          hey cherry!

          it’s gorgeous so far hope you are enjoying it as well dear 😀 I don’t have the nerd one no but I want it LOL! 😀 ask Ella should maybe has another in stock? She’s good about that 😀 I can’t wait for you to try everything!


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