January 18, 2008

A Raving Review for Stila’s Cherry Crush

I’m in lust with Stila’s newest lip and cheek stain Cherry Crush! I’m about to give a raving review to you for this new product! Yay!

Ok, before I rave I have to rant as that’s the proper order of the day for the Muse! This is a multitasking product that you can use to stain your lips or your cheeks which is where my rant comes into play! The idea of using this on my lips and then smoothing it on my cheeks and vice versa totally grosses me out. Sorry but it’s just not entirely hygienic to use it on my lips and then proceed to put it on my face. Easy enough would be purchasing two, one for your face and one for your lips! I plan on doing just that but it’s somewhat expensive at $24 USD. That’s my only minor rant now I can rave!

This comes in a click style pen so basically you’re clicking for the color! I’m not particularly a big fan of click pens as I always find they distribute way too much product at one time. Anyway! When I got this I proceeded to click and swiped the color from the brush onto my fingertips to use on my cheeks and I’m happy to report this is very deeply pigmented so it gives your cheeks a lovely flush of color! The texture is a moisturizing gel! It slides onto your face easy enough, rub it in, and you’re instantly blushing! Beautiful!

The remaining of the time I’ve been using this I’ve avoided using it on my face as the brush included on the end of the pen has been touching my lips way too often so as I said I’m utterly freaked to use it on my skin now! I’m a big fan of staining my lips and cheeks prior to blush and gloss so this is a great product for me! Again, it’s just as pigmented on your lips as it is on your cheeks! I’ve heard many rants about how stains cause dry lips, I’ve personally never had that problem but with this you can safely avoid dry lips as the formula is very moisturizing and lovely! It not only stains your lips but it also has a knack for making your lips look fuller and glossy! The stain is not overdone in anyway and it gives just enough color to make it look quite natural on and not clowny. The color is a subdued red so it looks as if you bit your lips or have just been kissed. My lips are rather dull and pale without gloss or stain so this is a great solution for me during the day when I’ve bitten off my gloss and lipcolor! Pop it out, swipe it on, beautiful!

Overall, it’s a really cute product! I’m slightly disappointed that it’s not entirely multitasking as I had hope for because I seriously doubt anal folks will be swiping this on their lips and proceeding to do so on their cheeks but aside from that and the slightly high price tag it’s great! Plus it contains a slew of “good for you” ingredients such as Vitamins A, C and E and did I mention it smells and tastes so yummie!? It smells like crushed cherries and tastes just as sweet!

Stila’s Cherry Crush gets a big RAVE for purchase! I’m loving it and it’s most definately Muse Approved for purchase!

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  • lucy

    looks delish!!

    An idea- for your cheeks, why don’t you put a little on your hand and then put it on your cheeks? I am not anal at all, but I do this anyway, because I feel I have better control over how much I put on.

    mwah mwah xxx

  • Hannah

    I haven’t been able to find a picture, but do you have a picture of it on your lips? I’m intrigued but am kind of scared of “red” so would like to see how it looks on!


  • the Muse

    hi Hannah!

    I’ll post an FOTD shortly to help you out 🙂 It does appear a bit on the red side. Kinda like eating a cherry icee look 😉

    I’ll be sure to post something for you tonight 😉

  • Yuan Yuan

    Thanks for you review!

    I’m an Asian and so my skin tone is kinda yellowish, so I wonder if cherry crush would look weird on my skin? But I do so want a cheek and lip stain and I’ve been hearing raving reviews about this!

    Is the red garish and strong on skin? I’m a little pale.

  • the Muse

    hi yuan yuan

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

    I have a large community of asian readers and many likes this although the only compliant was about the packaging style. From what I understand they really loved the nice flush it gave their cheeks.

    It’s not nearly as red as benetint but more of a soft pink on me.

    I think it’s worth trying out as it may be flattering when applied with a lighter hand.

    If it turns out it looks bad on your cheeks it’ll most definately at the very least look fabulous on your lips!

    Just be very light with application and you should come out glowing!

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks again for the comment and hope to speak to you again soon!

  • Dana Curtis

    I am looking for a. Lipstick the same shade of Stila’s cherry crush. Any suggestions ? thanks.