Beauty News: Lancome Oscillation Foundation Cushion Applicator Refill

I’m loving Lancôme Oscillation Foundation at the moment but even I admit that the sponge is kinda looking like it’s been run over by a garbage truck.   Seriously, I’m a big time germ-o-phobe so of course the idea of using that sponge on my face time and time again without having anyway to change it freaked me out.

One thing I do love about the foundation is the fact that you can change the batteries on the unit.  Unlike the mascara the batteries you’re able to change and now….bless be….they are selling Lancôme Oscillation Foundation Cushion Applicator Refills for $5 each!

Lancome Oscillation Foundation Cushion Applicator Refill

If you’ve reached the point of, “OMG this sponge is soooo scuzzy and gross!” you can now grab a refill from Lancome.


Available now at Nordstrom or your local Lancome counter.

  • 12/10/09 12:52 Kaoru:

    That was so needed it’s crazy. Thanks for the head’s up! I don’t own this one myself, but it’s a good thing to know.

    Looking at it, actually, that looks like a good “brush” for people with arthritis, who can’t grip sponges correctly… Hmmmm…..


    • 12/10/09 14:19 the Muse:

      hey kaoru! best news I got all day haha….the little things excite me 😀 hmmmm perhaps yes! :)


  • 12/10/09 22:16 sami:

    you can take the batteries out of the mascaras by the way. You kind of push up at the buttom of the button with your nail. But they do not sell batteries for the mascara or the foundation without buying the full size product. You’re post sort of makes it seem that you get a battery with the new applicator sponge.


    • 12/11/09 6:46 the Muse:

      Hi sami the batteries are watch batteries which can purchased in drugstores so you can def purchase new batteries for the foundation easily but you’d probably use up the entire foundation before ever needing to replace them I’d say. I didn’t know the mascara batteries could be changed thanks for the tip. Also I didn’t mention anything about getting batteries with the sponge…I said “One thing I do love about the foundation is the fact that you can change the batteries on the unit”….that doesn’t say you buy a sponge and get batteries with it…..not sure why you felt that I was implying the batteries came with the sponge.

      Hope this helps!


  • 12/13/09 2:53 Tavia:

    I’ve heard so many good things about this foundation, read some great reviews and I will definitely going to buy it when it will be available in my country too. I really trusted this one since I heard the first new, when most of the girls were in serious doubt. It’s also great that now they are selling this refills too. :)


    • 12/14/09 16:19 the Muse:

      it’s really good tavia, I’m quite enjoying it 😀 I’m really happy they are selling the refills as the sponge does get pretty icky after using it a while 😀 You’ll def love it! Hope it arrives soon :)!


  • 2/13/10 3:11 Cady:

    I love the applicator, but I think it would work well with the foundation I already have. I was thinking about just buying the applicator. If I took it to a watch store would they be able to tell which battery to put in it without the old battery as an example?


    • 2/15/10 17:51 the Muse:

      I’m not sure Cady, haven’t tried that but maybe 😀 I believe it’s just a standard little watch battery but I dunno if they would be able to tell or not, you’d have to ask. Sorry, I’ve only been using it with the actual Lancome foundation and haven’t used it with anything else or taken it to a watch store or anything, wish I could be of more help!


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