November 20, 2009

Lancome Oscillation Power Foundation Review

And I saw my face and now I’m a believer.

Lancome Oscillation Powder, you needs it!

Lancome Oscillation Powder Foundation 7


Ok, so when I first heard about Lancome Oscillation Powder Foundation I was a wee skeptical.

What is it?

It’s a vibrating foundation. Yes, yes I know it sounds a tad absurd and yes, yes I know gimmicky too.

Lancome Oscillation Powder Foundation 2

How does it work?

Well, it’s basically a sponge buff design that’s attached to a small wand which has a tiny button, hold down the button, and the wand begins to vibrate. As it vibrates you buff foundation onto your skin much as you would a mineral powder.

The system is made up of a few parts. It comes in a barrel style container with an outer twist lid. You twist it open and set the lid aside, this will give you access to the stem of the applicator which you’ll pull out. Now you’ll have access to the sponge. The barrel which holds the powder makes for easy mess-free application since you shake it when the sponge is still inside to release a little of the powder onto the sponge.

Lancome Oscillation Powder Foundation 4

Lancome Oscillation Powder Foundation 3

Lancome Oscillation Powder Foundation 5

Lancome Oscillation Powder Foundation 6

After your sponge is loaded up you’ll hold down the button which starts the vibration, you’ll have to hold it down the entire time as it doesn’t turn on at a constant vibration. Begin buffing in slow circles taking time out to add more powder to the sponge.

What you’ll get?

FLAWLESS, fabulous skin. It’s produces incredible results. It’s an airbrushed finish that’s simply stunning. I think it works because the vibration somehow breaks up the foundation, polishing it into skin and creating a smooth appearance on skin. You can easily polish or buff on foundation with a kabuki but I find the vibrating breaks the powder up into a finer, silkier form, which in turn glides on all buttery and smooth. The results on my face speak for themselves. My skin is guilty of being dull and lifeless at times and this just picked it up and created a beautiful canvas for my makeup.

In order to perform my test I tried to keep my makeup very basic. Concealer, a tiny bit of blush, and some gloss. As you can see from my photos below my skin just looks incredible or at least I think it does. Check out this post and you can see what a dull skin day looks like.

Lancome Oscillation Powder Foundation 11

Lancome Oscillation Powder Foundation 14

Lancome Oscillation Powder Foundation 13

Lancome Oscillation Powder Foundation 12

I’m a little oily at the moment (forehead) and a little dry (cheeks, between brows). Since powder scares me when it comes to dryness I’m happy to report that this didn’t seem to cause any problems. The vibration seems to smooth the foundation into the skin without causing flakiness.

It deserves to be mentioned that I think the foundation would be best used on smoother skin as in no acne or acne scarring. I also felt like the coverage is a tiny bit sheer…..actually I was talking to Christine (Temptalia) yesterday and she was saying the current foundation she uses is MSBB, my skin but better, in this case that would be the best way to describe Lancome Oscillation Powder Foundation. It takes my own skin but makes it better. I heard on a few reviews that people get heavier coverage when layered so you can try that and see what happens but I did feel it was around medium coverage and not heavy.

Who might like it?

I think it could easily become a love for anyone with oily skin, larger pores, uneven skin, or dullness.

Overall, I must say it will easily become an HG (holy grail) foundation for me. I’m not one for powder foundation unless I’m just running errands, I’m more of a cream user, but I can easily see myself using this daily. I was skeptical but I saw my face and now I’m a believer.

Get it.

You need it.

Total Muse Approval for purchase.

Now available from at your Lancome counter for $48.

Disclosure: The following item was provided to Musings of a Muse by a PR firm for review purposes. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

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  • MC

    With all this new “vibrating” make up coming out…It sometimes makes my mind wander into the gutter lol.

  • Silver Lips

    OK you have peeked my interest. I blogged about this being way over the top but now I want to test it out! Will check out the site for colors as it only comes in 12 shades right now, right?

    Thanks for sharing

    • the Muse

      silver I blogged the same πŸ™‚ I thought it was a tad gimmicky and still did even after having it on my hold but you have to actually try it and see the results to appreciate it! I absolutely adore it so far! Incredible stuff imho! πŸ˜€

      12 shades yup!!!!!!

      my pleasure dear!

  • Nia

    Muse, you are killing me! I loved the Monkees video in the beginning, that made my day πŸ™‚

    But to be honest I have no idea if this vibrating makeup is something I would use. My test is always this 7am-and-I-should-be-out-of the-door-and-did-not-sleep-enough scenario. Not sure about it. But good to know that is gives a nice finish. πŸ™‚

    • the Muse

      haha nia πŸ˜€ the monkees ROCK!

      It’s really incredible and honestly if you’re a quick and go makeup girl it should work well for you as it’s a quickie buff up and look fantastic kinda powder!

  • dangster

    LOL for some reason, the packaging makes me think of a food processor. I’m glad it worked so well for you!

  • Fembot

    Hey Muse,

    I bought this with my VIB 20% discount and a $75 Sephora giftcard.

    I hate to say it but I’m a little disappointed in the powder’s coverage! Maybe I mistakenly thought it was as buildable as mineral foundation, but I feel like not enough product is dispensed in the powder container to give me the flawless look I want.

    I’m gonna give it another shot, maybe this time with some foundation underneath.

    • the Muse

      hey fembot! cool!

      Yup, it’s sheer. You can build up to maybe medium but the coverage is in no way heavy. It’s more of a my skin but better type of foundation. Don’t do it with foundation underneath try to do it again with the powder itself. Give yourself at least 5 layers. Apply the first layer, build up more, a little more, and a little more…see how it looks. I did two layers and got even coverage. It is sheer though, if you work at it you might get medium but def not heavy coverage! I think it’s suitableness is why I like it, it makes my skin just look better πŸ™‚

      Keep trying though! Update me?

  • crotchfairy

    “After your sponge is loaded up you’ll hold down the button which starts the vibration, you’ll have to hold it down the entire time as it doesn’t turn on at a constant vibration. ”

    This bothers me. And it’s not because I’m being lazy, but it seems a bit cumbersome. And here I was, wanting to use it on my butt for those risque moments πŸ˜‰

    • the Muse

      hi crotchfairy this happened to me when I got it. I was annoyed I had to press and hold but actually it’s practical as if it vibrated at a constant speed it would be a pain to load up powder by turning it on and off and just lifting it from the skin would be a bother as you’d be worried the constant vibrations would spray powder everywhere so this actually works out well πŸ˜€

      LOL well now that I can’t help you with!!!!!!!!!! :)!!!!!!!!!!

  • ChauDM

    How do you really apply the foundation? When I tried it on, I feel like the think is’s caking on my face :-s That feels truly scary for me. I feel like the vibrator picks up way too much powder than needed

    • the Muse

      hi chau I simply shake it once which gives me just the right amount of powder, not alot at all, and I buff it on. No caking thankfully. Did you prep well prior to use?

  • jojo

    Thank you so much for reviewing this, I have been wanting to get this but feel guilty to buy another foundation after hauling lots of foundations at a local cosmetics outlet store. However, seeing the result on you I can justify one more foundation purchase! Your face looks amazing. I am on the same note with you on mineral foundation and I am glad this is not it which I thought it is. I love the lancome Dual Finish powder foundation for the MSBB look. It’s sheer but evens out my skin very well. This sounds similar to me with the extra benefit of breaking up the powder for that buttery finish as you described. Btw what color are you wearing? Just a reference so I know what to pick if I buy online. Thanks Muse!!

    • the Muse

      hey jojo! my pleasure! Actually my total mistake it IS a mineral foundation πŸ˜€ I looked at the box and someone commented and I was like wait…it is!? indeed it is and way better than most minerals I’ve used πŸ˜€

      But the good news is it’s not itchy or heavy just beautiful and evens out skin tone and dullness pure perfection! ummm beige 20 I believe it was and it was a good match πŸ˜€

  • jean dimaria

    Your skin really does look incredible and flawless. I was skeptical too that this could work. I might have to ask Santa for this in my stocking!

    • the Muse

      jean it’s quite nice, I was impressed! Eager to read more reviews to see what others are thinking I love it so far!

  • Christine

    Just to clarify, this IS a mineral foundation (you mentioned that it is not), and I’m another who is less than thrilled with the coverage. I made the decision to purchase this based on YT reviews that claimed it offered medium-to-full coverage, and I’m sad that it doesn’t. At best, it’s sheer-to-medium, but I like fuller coverage to cover up discoloration from sun damage :-/

    To its credit, I will say that there are few mineral foundations that don’t make my skin crawl (ie, BE made my face itch like mad, wanted to claw my face off LOL) … this does feel nice, and doesn’t irritate my skin at all πŸ™‚

    I’m still test driving this, too, to find how I can best use this, but for me, full coverage minerals come in the form of PUR 4-in-1 Powder Foundation. Love it.

    • the Muse

      hey christine!

      Yup sorry about that πŸ˜€ I looked at the box in detail and realized well doh! πŸ˜€ naaa def not med-full it’s very sheer. Me too! BE really makes me itchy as all hell! I like the Pur 4-in-1 myself, good stuff!

      Thanks for your comment hun!

  • jojo

    Thanks for the clarification Muse and Christine. I would still like to try it after seeing your incredible picture! πŸ™‚

    • the Muse

      hey jojo! def worthy of a try out imho! It’s really quite good stuff! πŸ™‚

  • Michelle :]

    Is this really worth a try? i’ve been looking for a gorgeous finish mineral foundation/tinted moisturizer since i don’t need much makeup. i was going to give this one a go, or the philosophy brand one that actually doesn’t vibrate. i’m going to my fiancee’s family x-mas dinner so i want to look extra spiffy πŸ˜€ or do you have any other recommendations?

    • the Muse

      I thought so Michelle. I liked it alot. Actually if you don’t need a TON of coverage you’ll prob love this! I have alot of recs lol we could be here all day but I’d def give this a try over the philosophy, the philosophy makes me a bit itchy πŸ™

  • Tango

    I was just at the Lancome counter last week for a promotion where they were giving away 10-day samples of their liquid foundation; I went for fond de teint and I’ve been loving it! Light consistency, almost tinted moisturizer light, but it just floats over my skin, and the color is a perfect match.

  • ming

    what if the sponge gets dirty after a period of using it and you want to wash it?

    • the Muse

      hi ming they make replacements, I wouldn’t suggest washing it, just replace with new one πŸ™‚

  • Rebecca

    I connected a link to your Lancome review on my most recent post.

    Fantastic reviews!



  • Laura

    I’ve had a HUGE problem with the holes caking up and getting clogged. Every time I use it I have to get out a bobby pin and poke the powder down, then I only get a minimal amount on the applicator. Have you had this issue?

    I keep the applicator in the barrel and the lid screwed on-in a drawer.

  • peixuan

    loved this for the longest time and now ive discovered your post about it…ITS A MUSTBUY!! too bad Singapore doesnt have it at our counters yet… btw ive the oscillation mascara and, the battery, is finished, about 1/2 yrs time.yikes!! and ive no idea how to change it…

  • Laura

    Hi Muse! I just bought this foundation (a bit too late, right?) but I just happen to live in a small country in South America so…that pretty much says it all xD Anyway, i’ll be honest, your skin is flawless, and your cheeks are lovely! so I don’t think it makes a huge difference because your skin always has an amazing dewy/glowy finish that I can’t have. I’m sooo pale, gothic pale (I’m a goth, too at 28 xD) and it was such a relief reading your review, because this foundation is quite pricey, so I know I made a great purchase. My skin is always dull so I really hope this foundation will change that! Thanks a lot, Muse πŸ™‚

    • the Muse

      aw laura how are you? ;D so happy you purchased this I think you’re going to LOVE IT! It’s a fantastic product. and thank you! <3! for the compliment on my skin you're too kind..and pale, gothic skin..I am jealous as I yearn for such a skin type ;-D I hope this works for you! Update me when you try as I'm curious if you like it!