DHC Moisture Fruit Lotion Review

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Well…today I close shop on reviews from the DHC Moisture Fruit range as I’ve already reviewed the two primary pieces in the collection and only one remains. Sad sigh! Everyone with me now, awwwwwwww! If you missed out check my DHC Moisture Fruit Gel Cream Review and my DHC Moisture Fruit Foaming Wash Review.

Jump ahead for my DHC Moistuire Fruit Lotion Review!

Don’t let the name fool you or the shape of the bottle it’s not lotion kids. Toner is commonly referred to as lotion in Asian countries thus the name “Moisture Fruit Lotion” but indeed it’s a toner.

It’s completely and utterly uneventful but I loved the packaging so that’s why I indulged. The DHC Moisture Fruit range isn’t available state side but you can get it from Sasa for close to retail. Sadly, Japan DHC was the only one that got it but I’m somewhat hopeful US DHC might bring the collection in as I’m enjoying the gel cream.

As with the other items in the collection it contains extracts from kiwi, apple, peach, grapefruit, raspberry, etc…lots of fruity goodness for your face.

It’s a tad on the expensive side if you purchase at retail (around $10 bucks) or from Sasa ($15 or so) due to it’s tiny size. I dunno about you but when I use toner I like to saturate my cotton pad heavy duty and if I do so with this bottle chances are I’ll run out in two weeks, tops! Just an estimate but I’d say it’s about a 3oz size which is absurd for toner.

It has a fruity, grapefruit, citrus smell going on which is quite pleasure but not so fab if you are sensitive to fragrance in your skin care. Umm generally speaking it’s just a toner and not much else. I mean it’s cooling on your skin and it preps face fine for moisturizer but no bells and whistles, no extra hydration, nothing special about the formula here.

The bottom line is the packaging is extra sweet and I purchased it because I wanted to have the trio of products. Hey, sometimes you have to give in to the urge to purchase because the packaging screams CUTE! at you. Aside from that you can probably safely skip it unless you have that strange compulsive beauty disease that the Muse is a victim to.

Nice to have but nothing special here.

Disclosure: The following item was purchased by me for review purposes (and because I like flinging my money at makeup products of any kind) on Musings of a Muse. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

  • 2/12/10 17:37 jonnie:

    Gods, a 3 oz toner?! Even for the kawaii Asian appeal I don’t think i’d splurge that much. I’m still not convinced that toner is that important anyway. I have been using shu depsea water lotion for a while and I’m just not seeing any huge benefit between when I do and don’t use it…


    • 2/15/10 17:57 the Muse:

      mmm good for prepping jonnie but NOT a whole lot more!


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