New in Beauty: Luna Twilight DuWop Blush Lip Venom

Hey chicks!

If DuWop Lip Venom V wasn’t quite your shade, it wasn’t mine either no worries, perhaps you’d like to retry it out in a blushing shade of pink?



DuWop Twilight Blush Lip Venom is the newest shade of lip venom. Its the same dual-phase formula as Lip Venom V but instead of a blood red stain, you’ll get a gorgeous pink stain.

Sounds like it’ll be way more flattering as when I tried V my lips looked a little TOO red.

Wants it!

Available now from Nordstrom.

Whatcha think?

Did you try V?

Will you try Blush?

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Available now from Nordstrom and explore the Twilight Beauty Collection at

  • 4/22/10 21:32 Sarah:

    I LOVED V enough to buy like 4 tubes of it so I don’t run out for a long time. I use it all the time…i am not a big lipstick fan but i love red lips so i like to wear it with gloss. I might have to try out the pink but i don’t think it will outshine V


    • 4/23/10 11:11 the Muse:

      hey sara v was a little to RED for me 😀 so I’m hopeful the pink will even out the score 😀


  • 4/22/10 23:07 triner:

    I liked the idea of the V Lip Venom, it just never applied well for me. I can’t help but keep trying though because I’m hoping that at some point it’ll apply better…


    • 4/23/10 10:07 the Muse:

      me either triner was too gaudy red :(


      • 4/23/10 11:34 triner:

        My lips are pretty pigmented by default so the red wasn’t gaudy for me. I really loved the color! But it applied so horribly, streaky, splotchy. :( I just wish the clear weren’t in it and it was just the red.


        • 4/27/10 16:38 the Muse:

          triner made me look like I had a cut lip or something, kinda strange! and clown-like :( even worst! hope the pink is better!


  • 4/23/10 6:09 Marina:

    I probably will not buy it, but it does look more flattering, albeit a little orange. But who’s to say it won’t separate on the lips like it did with the last color?
    I still haven’t even bought original Lip Venom yet…I’ll get that first.


    • 4/23/10 10:05 the Muse:

      marina the original lip venom is awesome 😀


  • 4/23/10 7:39 cham:

    oh my!!! i cannot wait to try this.. the Lip Venom V didn’t go well with me.. no likey!!=( i hope you’ll be doing another review with the swatches when you get yours.. or wait, do you have one already? teehee!!!


    • 4/23/10 10:05 the Muse:

      me either cham omg it so didn’t work well for me at all made my lips look like blood so quite eager to try this version! Haven’t gotten it yet but will have it shortly 😀 can’t wait seems like a nice look!


  • 4/23/10 8:14 Kristina:

    Pink sounds good but fuschia does not. I wonder what sort of pink? I think I saw the Twilight stuff at Ulta the last time I was there so I’ll probably check it out next time.


    • 4/23/10 9:00 the Muse:

      looks baby pink kristina. at least from the promo image 😀


  • 5/29/11 22:11 Elo:

    I just bought these at nordstrom rack for 5.96 The red and the blush one :) So glad I didn’t pay the $16..


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