Beauty Abroad: The Skin Food Grape Seed Oil Cleansing Oil Review

I wish I could remember where but I recently read that Grape Seed Oil was incredible for your skin and how great a job it does at easing dullness. My dull skin can use as much help as it can get so I reached for the bottle of The Skin Food Grape Seed Oil Cleansing Oil I had squirreled away in my “to be reviewed” pile.


What is it?

A cleansing oil to remove your face at the end of a long day. Removes all makeup including waterproof mascara in a simple step!

The Good…..

The Skin Food Grape Seed Oil Cleansing Oil is pretty much your average everyday cleansing oil. To use it simply squeeze a small amount onto your hand massage into a dry face full of makeup, add a little water to emulsify, and proceed to rinse. Presto! Done! Makeup gone.

The formula has a nice slippery feel and a not too thick, not too thin consistency that’s just right. Oddly enough it has a very subtle pineapple-like scent or at least to me it smelled like pineapples. The formula does a great job of removing all my makeup and doesn’t leave behind left over mascara which is great as some cleansing oils are guilty of this. Best part about it is the fact that my face seems to be really be benefiting from the grape seed oil as it looks a little brighter since using it.

The Bad….

HATE the packaging. It’s a squeeze spout which you have to tip and pour into your hand. I prefer a pump on cleansing oil for mess-free application.

Who Might Like It?

  • Anyone looking for a great cleansing oil to remove all their makeup including waterproof mascara!
  • Anyone who likes a one step cleanse.
  • Anyone who likes the idea of a little grape seed oil in their skincare (hey, could prove beneficial in the long run).

Who Might Not Like It?

  • Anyone who doesn’t like the cloudy eye syndrome (like most cleansing oils you may experience temporary cloudy eyes after use).
  • Anyone who isn’t keen on cleansing oils.

Final Thoughts…..

I liked it alot. I think it’s probably one of my favorite oils from Skin Food to date. Aside from the packaging hate I’m feeling at the moment, I’ll probably buy again!

Nice stuff.

The Skin Food is a Korean brand available within Korea however certain online sites such as Sasa sell the brand and also the Singaporean Skin Food website. However, these sites do not sell at retail so things are considerably expensive compared to Korean prices.


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 5/6/10 11:14 jonnie:

    This sounds worth a try… I can always put it in my shu bottle when it’s empty. Even my shu leaves behind mascara…


  • 5/10/10 1:52 christine:

    oooh, Ive been meaning to try the grape seed foam cleanser, hopefully it brightens as well as the cleansing oil did!


  • 7/9/11 19:20 smashinbeauty:

    What skin type is it for? it should say on the back!


  • 1/22/13 16:27 Pixie:

    Awesome! I’ve been on the lookout for a nice cleansing oil and I’m going to our local Asian Quarter this weekend, I might look out for it- any others you’d recommend more Muse? :)


    • 1/22/13 17:24 the Muse:

      hi pixie brilliant ;-D see the “cleansing reviews” archives under skincare right hand side of the bar and you’ll find a ton of various cleansing oils I’ve reviewed/rec’ed


      • 1/22/13 18:34 Pixie:

        Oops, realised that you had a tag for them as soon as I sent it! Alright, looks like I’ll go find the Black Sugar Oil instead- I’m a klutz, I can’t handle not having a pump either!

        I had one by ZA a little while back with a pump that was quite good actually – they’re another sub of Shiseido like Majorlica Majorica, but marketed towards Australasia instead, I think it’s a brand you’d like! Their BB Cream isn’t half bad, and feels pretty decent (read, not tinted moisturiser) for drugstore.


        • 1/25/13 9:30 the Muse:

          lol yeah me either pixie, totally messy! it’s called ZA? I’ve never heard of that before might have to check it out ;D


          • 10/4/13 9:19 Mediterranean Maven:

            Hi, Muse! Any idea if this cleansing oil contains alcohol? I saw that the Carrot Cleansing Oil version did and decided to pass on it because of the inclusion of the alcohol – not great for dry skin.

          • 10/4/13 9:23 the Muse:

            agreed…I’m not really sure but I imagine if their Carrot Cleansing Oil (didn’t even know about this one?) has it this does too…!) sorry I can’t confirm, I don’t have the bottle anymore :-/

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