Chanel Fall Makeup Collection 2010 Photos

Chanel Fall Makeup Collection 2010 1

A little sneak peek of the Chanel Fall Makeup Collection 2010.


Chanel Fall Makeup Collection 2010 8

Chanel Fall Makeup Collection 2010 7

Chanel Fall Makeup Collection 2010 6

Chanel Fall Makeup Collection 2010 5

Chanel Fall Makeup Collection 2010 4

Chanel Fall Makeup Collection 2010 3

Chanel Fall Makeup Collection 2010 2

Chanel Fall Makeup Collection 2010 16

Chanel Fall Makeup Collection 2010 15

Chanel Fall Makeup Collection 2010 13

Chanel Fall Makeup Collection 2010 12

Chanel Fall Makeup Collection 2010 14

Chanel Fall Makeup Collection 2010 11

It’s way too early for this but damn I’m yearning for Fall to get here fast!


  • 5/12/10 21:10 Aimee Pan:

    HOLY CRAP I’m yearning for both the quad and the blushes.


  • 5/12/10 21:23 LINDARRAGNAR:

    ahhhh i dislike chanel for some reason and was thinking how stupid, but then I saw that pink blusher :'( it looks like pretty please WAHHHhhhhh

    lol Also the purple nail polish looks great. I love chanels pictures for this. if it were form another brand I’d be more prone to buy, alas its form chanel and knowing that the blush is probably around 30-40 :(


  • 5/12/10 21:49 Tohnia:

    that paradoxe nail polish is singing my name! Hardcore lemming!


  • 5/12/10 21:54 Resa:

    Gorgeous! I need Paradoxe! And…is that Jade Rose?! Coming the counters? YAY!!


  • 5/12/10 22:22 Stephanie:

    Ahh Muse I’m yearning right with you :D. I can’t wait to see if nail polish companies will come out with dupes for that paradoxe nail polish!


    • 5/13/10 15:32 the Muse:

      stephanie isn’t it gorg?! wants!


  • 5/12/10 22:46 Bora:

    Nice but not amazing: I think I only need the Paradoxe nail varnish and perhaps one of the Rouge Cocos. (Thank god, because the summer Pop-up collection has cleaned me out!)


  • 5/12/10 23:20 Dee:

    OMG I want it all!


  • 5/12/10 23:22 amy:

    ooh yeah i have one of the chanel eyeshadow quads in pinks and purples. i found one problem with the quad though is that the colors are too sheer, especially the two pinks that come in it (which are basically the exact same shade lol). no matter how much i layer the color payoff is always meh, even over toofaced shadow insurance. any advice on how to get better results Muse?


    • 5/13/10 15:31 the Muse:

      amy sponge applicators are my BFF :-D


      • 5/19/10 10:47 Claudia Roro:

        I wet the sponge app before dabbing it into the shade I want to use. Not only are the colors more vibrant, they stay there until forever! :)


  • 5/12/10 23:29 dina:

    liking this alot!


  • 5/13/10 0:10 Melissa:

    Merci! Thanks for sharing. It looks very chanel-esque. i’m so happy to see some “traditional” stuff for fall. Wooooooohoooo


  • 5/13/10 1:55 Lindsay:

    OMG I need those nail polishes and the eyeshadow palette! Yum!


  • 5/13/10 5:11 Radhika:

    These look gooooood :-)


  • 5/13/10 5:19 Janet:

    paradoxe polish looks beautiful. i love the promo pictures too, so simple yet artistic!


  • 5/13/10 8:46 jonnie:

    OMG, the quad and the paradoxe polish… soo gorgeous… I’m not wishing for fall when it just snowed a couple days ago, but I’m happy I have something to look forward to! ;)


  • 5/13/10 9:35 JoElla:

    *hides face*
    What a beautiful collection! Perfect Fall colors!


  • 5/13/10 10:09 Nia:

    I will get the polish for sure. Not sure about the rest, but the pictures are so not like Chanel, like it :)


  • 5/13/10 14:09 Susan:

    OMG, the collection is gorgeous. Does Chanel ever get it wrong? I don’t think so. I’m loving everything, but the lipsticks could be just a bit brighter. That eyeshadow quad and the bright pink blush are simply beautiful.


  • 5/13/10 17:30 Nina:

    Jade Rose comes back…what about Jade? :-(


  • 5/13/10 19:16 Karin:

    Oh.Em.Gee. I NEED that Paradoxe polish and quad!! This whole collection is just absolutely gorgeous.


  • 5/13/10 21:53 knownever:

    like the classy, graphic ad campaign. much better than last season’s with those tacky temporary tattoos. THIS is what people want from chanel!


  • 5/16/10 1:44 April:

    Paradoxe is lovely. I may have to have that one. The pencils look like the MAC chromagraphic pencils. Can’t wait for more info on that.


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