Benefit Scene Queen The New Annie Collection and Benefit Sunday Funday The New Maggie Collection

Two brand new palettes from Benefit? Yes, please.
Check ’em!


“Scene Queen creates the perfect ‘night on the town’ look. With incredible eyeshadows and vivid pops of color, this kit will pump up the volume and take you from the office to girls’ night out. Heads will turn, jaws will drop…and drinks will be on the house!”-Annie Ford Danielson, Benefit Makeup Trend Artist.

This set contains:

  • Benefit Coralista with mini natural-bristle brush
  • Benefit High Beam
  • Benefit Lip Shine Juicy Coral
  • Benefit Smokin’ Liner
  • Benefit Eyeshadows in Charcoal, Shimmering Beige, Misty Blue, and Navy
  • 2 Fluff Shadow/Hard Angle Brushes
  • Step-By-Step Makeup Lesson

“Sunday Fun Day is all about pulling together a fresh, fabulous look after a late night. Whether you were up watching movies or dancing ’til dawn, this kit has the prettiest eyeshadows and complexion essentials to make you look beautifully revived…just in time for brunch. Waiter, coffee and mimosas, please!”—Maggie Ford Danielson, Benefit Makeup Trend Artist.

This set includes:

  • Benefit Hoola
  • Benefit Benetint
  • Benefit Lip Shine in Shimmering Rose
  • Benefit Toasty Liner
  • Benefit Eyeshadows in Smimmering Bronze, Pink Satin, Light Champagne, and Pretty In Plum
  • 2 Fluff Shadow/Hard Angle Brushes
  • Step-By-Step Makeup Lesson

What do you think?

Cutes right?

They’ll both be available shortly from Sephora!

  • 6/18/10 15:35 Karrie:

    These sets look great.
    I like how everything is included.
    I like Sunday Fun Day.


    • 6/18/10 15:37 the Muse:

      i thought they were rather darlin’ too karrie 😀


  • 6/18/10 16:37 Kristina:

    Ugh! I was just at Sephora to pick up the new VIB gift and I want Scene Queen!


    • 6/18/10 16:39 Kristina:

      Oh, it’s not available yet. Apparently I was too enamored by the pictures to read!


  • 6/18/10 17:13 kerstin:

    Oh, Scene Queen The New Annie Collection, please fly to Sweden and move in wirh me =)


    • 6/21/10 16:30 the Muse:

      lol kerstin!


  • 6/18/10 19:58 Kelly Li:

    Looks interesting but since I have most of the products already I don’t see a point in buying it…

    I started blogging too XD I finally get the mystery of blogging haha


    • 6/21/10 16:29 the Muse:

      hi kelly 😀 yea a few of the products I have too…but still cutes 😀

      AWESOME 😀 good luck!


  • 6/18/10 23:33 cham:

    oh my!! gotta get my hands on one soon…looking forward for your review and photos…^^


  • 6/19/10 0:02 Brooke:

    Ooooooohhh! I want Sunday Funday! Must purchase!


  • 6/19/10 2:28 liana:

    those look awesome!


  • 6/19/10 6:24 Heather / Eyeconic:

    I LOVE Scene Queen! It looks fantastic! I will probably splurge on this when it comes out eeeee :)


  • 6/19/10 11:48 Amanda:

    Muse!!!! Thanks so much for posting this you gorgeous lady :-)

    I saw them on Sephora, I prefer the Sunday Funday one…I have coralista blush and eyeshadows in the color range of the Scene Queen collection, and also a few coral glosses…so the Sunday Funday one looks great to me…I feel an order coming on at Sephora.

    Which one are you partial to?

    Also, I checked out the Benefit page on Sephora and they have a new Benefit to go travel kit, with an Erase Paste, the new Stay Put primer, and one of those creaseless eyeshadows. Did you see this? I thought of you immediately. Here it is:


    • 6/23/10 16:31 the Muse:

      hi amanda *MWAH* sorry for the delayed reply. Glad you enjoyed the post hun! BOTH! lol 😀 I def need both I think! I seen this actually funny you mentioned, what a great deal right!?


      • 6/26/10 12:22 Amanda:

        <3333333 MUSE!!! Totally cool no apologies necessary. I just got the Sunday Funday in the mail Thursday and it's so cool…you'd like it. Shadows are so silky and lip shine is so nice. Like how stuff pops out so you can take with you.

        How is your weekend going lovely lady? 😀


        • 6/28/10 13:37 the Muse:

          hey amanda xoxo! :) sounds gorg! must tyr it out soon 😀

          It was great, little late replying again haha, weather was AWESOME! How was yours?!


  • 6/21/10 1:34 Ryan:

    I love you Muse, but my credit card feels differently. He’s been used and abused ever since I found this place. But I’m sure one more time won’t hurt. Cue manic laughter.


    • 6/21/10 10:18 the Muse:

      LOL ryan 😀 *hugs*


  • 6/21/10 9:44 Stephanie:

    Adorable! I love Benefits packaging.


  • 6/21/10 15:44 Gabriela:

    They look great both.


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