Urban Decay Fall Collection 2010: Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lipgloss

Update: See Urban Decay Lip Junkie LipGloss Review and Swatches.

It’s been a while since the Urban Decay gods have gifted us with a lip product hasn’t it (at least we got two new hotties to keep us happy this Summer though right?)? But never fear because 11 shades of Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lipgloss, Urban Decay’s newest lipgloss, is in your future Fall makeup wardrobe.

Check ’em after the jump!

What Urban Decay says about ’em:

Don’t blow your fix on glosses that don’t live up to their hype. Get hooked on Urban Decay Lip Junkie LipGloss and experience super-shine and long-lasting color without the sticky hangover. Pick your poison: choose from 11 chic shades that range from pretty neutral to high voltage brights, in sheer and medium coverage formulas. Guaranteed to turn even the straightest-edge chicks into fiends.

Our luxe mini-flavored formula is laced with Maxi Lip, a key collagen boosting ingredient that moisturizers and actually plumps lips an average of 40% when used daily for a month! Being an addict has never looked so lovely!

Lip Junkie Lip Gloss features a slimline tube crowned by a signature, stained glass style metallic cap: gunmetal layered over rich purple lining. The soft and durable Surlyn tube is molded as a single piece, not crimped at the end, so no need to tweak out about lip gloss explosions in your bag ever again! Stash your gloss anywhere worry-free! The precious applicator tip has a soft feel and ensures perfect, mess-free application every time.

Lip Junlie Gloss Spectrum

  • Crush (sheer coral)
  • Jilted (hot pink with blue shift)
  • Heavy (shimmering nude)
  • Midnight Cowboy (shimmering beige
  • Love Junkie (deep but very sheer wine)
  • Naked (pink nude with pink shift)
  • Red Light (sheer candy apple red)
  • Perversion (sheer sparkling obsidian)
  • Peroxide (palest pink)
  • Runaway (shimmering deep coral)
  • Wallflower (medium nude)

Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lip Gloss will be available shortly for purchase from www.urbandecay.com for $19 each!

So whatcha think?

Any takers?

UD Lip Gunk fans may want to get on board with Junkie gloss eh?

Curious if you’re lovin’ on these.

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  • 6/25/10 10:30 Lillian:

    Ah lip gunks, how i miss you. The colours of these are very pretty, i LOVE Perversion but i hate sheer lip products. I just wish some of the products were more than medium coverage.


    • 6/25/10 11:08 the Muse:

      lillian colors build up decently 😀 so not completely sheer!


      • 6/25/10 16:33 Lillian:

        ahhh true 😛


  • 6/25/10 10:46 womble:

    i have never tried UD glosses, only primers, shadows ect, i was never quite tempted by the name ‘lip gunk’ LOL however these junkie glosses look fab, especially the golden shimmery shades- i might just have to swatch this! i must say though, it reminds me of a gloss i bought last week..


  • 6/25/10 11:08 Marina:

    I want Midnight Cowboy and Perversion…even though I’d probably never wear Perversion out anywhere. It’s a beautiful color.


    • 6/25/10 11:28 the Muse:

      marina midnight cowboy is gorg over MC lipstick 😀


  • 6/25/10 11:15 jenna:

    not really into UD but the hot pink and baby pink are calling to me!


  • 6/25/10 11:17 Phyrra:

    Jilted, and maybe Perversion, need to come home with me.


    • 6/25/10 11:27 the Muse:

      dd expect a package from me 😀 finally got to the post off. You should have a gazillion new polishes to play with shortly haha! I knew you’d like Jilted and Perversion 😀


      • 6/25/10 11:29 Phyrra:

        Aww thank you :)
        Yeah I have Jilted in lipstick form and REALLY love it.


        • 6/25/10 11:30 the Muse:

          most welcome dear!


  • 6/25/10 11:46 Becky:

    Oh, droooool! So many pinks to choose from! AH! How will I choose?? I’m already planning on getting the two new palettes.. I’ll have to decide on one to try. Or maybe I’ll try and convince myself to hold off a few months until they have another F&F sale. Right. I can wait, right?? :-S


    • 6/25/10 12:27 the Muse:

      LOL becky keeping tellin’ yourself that you can wait for FF hehe! btw naked is a good color to go with, very pretty!


  • 6/25/10 11:57 electronicfly:

    The cap and bottle design doesn’t seem to mesh to me :/ Or it could be my rational brain trying to make me save my bank account lol..

    And since you were on the topic of packages with @Phyrra, just fyi I’ve not gotten the one you sent to me yet :( Hopefully it’s not lost in transit :(


  • 6/25/10 15:50 MusicLover:

    I just died and went to heaven!!! I have to have a couple of them including peroxide and midnight cowboy. These look amazing!!!


  • 6/26/10 10:21 Potatisbruden ~ Michilicious:

    They may be lip plumpers but oh well!


  • 6/29/10 15:28 Kay:

    I definitely need them all. Though saying that, I’m not so into the medium pink, just never been my thing. So I could save myself a few pounds anyway XD


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