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MAC Venomous Villains Photos 3

More MAC Venomous Villains Photos….squee! For official release information on colors, products, etc…see this post.

Jump ahead for the pics!

MAC Venomous Villains Photos 4

MAC Venomous Villains Photos 2

MAC Venomous Villains Photos 1

Shamefully nicked these photos from my mate Christine.

  • 7/13/10 16:46 rachel:

    the nail polishes look amazing!


  • 7/13/10 17:35 Phyrra:

    The nail polish… I think I need to see it swatched :P


  • 7/13/10 17:39 Stephanie:

    i NEED that nailpolish! and what is the bottom picture? and is that everything in the collection?


  • 7/13/10 17:55 puranki:

    ohh what a evil must :D!

    I did pass the last two mac collections since they didn’t really catch on me. But this is just such a must hava. I mean the red lipstick and this blush looks like it’s made for a villain rawr :)


  • 7/13/10 19:20 Stater2002:

    The first polish reminds me of the new Chanel polish for fall!


  • 7/13/10 19:58 Bri:

    That lipstick looks yummy! Please let them be bad quality and awful so I don’t need to buy them LOL


  • 7/13/10 22:39 MusicLover:

    The nail polishes look awesome!!! The purplish one is mine, when it releases. A couple of the shadows look interesting and that purple pigment is screaming my name. I wasn’t planning on getting this collection from the other pictures, but this has convinced me.


  • 7/13/10 23:23 Hannah:

    The Evil Queen blush looks gorgeous!! And now we wait… :)


  • 7/14/10 2:58 Nia:

    I like the polishes, the MES and the BP, but the packaging so sucks.
    Depotting it is! ;)


  • 7/14/10 6:16 karla:

    Have to have it! Even if only for the pictures of the disney vilians! Hach youthยด, there have you gone?


  • 7/14/10 10:20 gio:

    The nail polish looks beautiful!


  • 7/14/10 11:05 Rena:

    hmmm something seems off about this collection, i love disney and i love mac but combined it looks cheap. The packaging is not at all what i had imagined….and colors seem unoriginal. I think this collection needs to be seen in person, the promo pictures aren’t helping.


    • 7/14/10 11:29 the Muse:

      rena I get the happy meal vibe from the packaging :P


  • 7/14/10 12:08 Lenna:

    I dunno about the actual makeup itself, but I want that packaging! Xp I want the Evil Queen from Snow White goodies.


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