Yves Saint Laurent Boheme Libertine Makeup for Spring 2011


How was your week? Friday already? Thank God! I’ve been so busy I sincerely can’t see straight but hey busy is good right? I’m starting to get a little rumble in my tummy for Turkey Day too! Although I’m not a fan of turkey I still adore the Holiday plus I really don’t have to worry too much because my mum is Italian so you know she won’t just settle for cooking just turkey, her table is going to look like a buffet in Vegas. I always do two Thanksgiving Dinners one with friends the night before and one with family the day after so double your pleasure. I’ll have to start fasting today to make room for it all!

Let’s start the weekend off right with photos from the upcoming Yves Saint Laurent Makeup Collection for Spring 2011.

Check it!

I don’t have a release date or official info but we can gag over the photos right? If you want to share these please feel free but link to the post without hotlinking the images, this causes issues with my server. If you use them on your blog please use the original source which is the Planete Beaute Beauty Blog. Thanks!

YSL fans should be more than happy with this lot. Look at those popping blushes!

Whatcha think?

  • 11/12/10 10:57 ValentinaSugar:

    Hi Muse,

    Long time no see :(. I’m loving the look of this collection. Those lipsticks and blushes look like little candies! Want to try the formula on the lipsticks. NEway have a great weekend! :)


    • 11/12/10 11:02 the Muse:

      hi Valentina where ya been ;-D how are you? ;-D They do indeed!!!!!!!!!

      Have a super weekend hun! I can barely WAIT!


  • 11/12/10 11:24 laura r:

    wow, this is NOT your mother’s makeup! how intriguing!


    • 11/12/10 11:36 the Muse:

      lol nope Laura def NOT!


  • 11/12/10 12:27 Stephanie L.:

    Wow! Never been a YSL girl, but, oh my, that is calling me. Guess I better start saving up.

    I have no will power when it comes to cream blushes and candy-colored eyeshadow :-S


    • 11/12/10 13:53 the Muse:

      ha Stephanie can relate ;-D love the blushes!


  • 11/12/10 12:30 katrosado5:

    I like that hot pink and brown combo in the palette. I haven’t even dug into my fall winter makeup yet LOL. These spring previews are killin’ me 😀 Love it.


    • 11/12/10 13:00 the Muse:

      lol tell me ’bout it katros wth spring already!?


  • 11/12/10 13:43 Anna:

    ahhhhh!Muse I love when you post the upcoming make up for the summer…!!!I would like to try the ysl mascara, cause I love the nail polishes,but I really wanna try this brown-red mascara….!


    • 11/12/10 13:50 the Muse:

      hey anna aw so glad you’re enjoying sneaky peeks! I love the red brown mascara too ;D looks cool!


  • 11/12/10 15:40 Andrea:

    I agree with one of the above commentors… that pink/brown combo in the palette is killing me! I kind of wish it came in a duo; I would so buy that! Spring’s starting to look expensive… eep!


  • 11/12/10 22:04 Ruth:

    OMG can’t wait to see these IRL !


  • 11/16/10 8:19 Nia:

    Love the nail polishes 😀

    I wish they would make more silver packaging…


  • 2/24/11 10:26 sparklyblind:

    I am SERIOUSLY loving this entire collection!! So far I only have 2 YSL lipsticks but this I want ALL OF:)


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