Dior Diorshow 360 Mascara and Dior Capture Totale Serum Foundation

We obviously aren’t yet done with the rotating mascara adventure as of yet since Diorshow 360 Mascara will be winging its way towards us for Spring 2011. I think we also seen this in Fall 2010 but don’t quote me here as I wasn’t paying attention, forgive a Muse would you?

How do you feel about the entire battery operated, rotating mascara thing? At first I kinda liked the idea now I’m thinking that maybe I was feeding into the hype a bit? I know I’m still on board with my Lancome Oscillation, no one’s gonna take that one away from me, LOVES!

I’m definitely curious about Dior’s version.

Also hitting the new Dior Capture Totale Serum Foundation.

Let’s a have look Dior fans!

  • Dior ‘Diorshow 360’ Mascara $36

A versatile spinning mascara that delivers volume, length, and curl! The ultimate professional mascara that mimics a makeup artist’s application technique for a perfect 360° lash-styling effect.

Dior ‘Capture Totale’ Serum Foundation $78
Dior skincare and makeup unite to offer a new ultra-soothing, serum-infused foundation that helps re-launch youthfulness to make skin dazzle with radiance.

I do believe this is the most expensive foundation to date from Dior. Both sound interesting but I will throw it out there and say that serum infused foundations tend to feel very oily on my skin (and my skin is dry yo!) so I’m not sure about Capture Totale, will have a swatch and a play when I see it on counter to get a vibe.

What do you think?

Do share it!

  • 12/22/10 14:06 LINDARRAGNAR:

    wow even though i don’t really like the idea of roatatin mascara! the Diorshow packaging is soooooo beautiful

    and the foundatins from Dior are always perfet but a bit pink but $$ (ouch)


    • 12/22/10 14:17 the Muse:

      mm $78 is pricey Linda was kinda whoa on that but I guess not nearly as bad when you take the serum into consideration. agreed the packaging is always gorg!


  • 12/22/10 14:22 Kristina:

    Dior Mascaras always smudge on me regardless of the formula so I’m already hesitant to try this. Then I’m afraid of makeup that spins…. It’s just a big mess (or lost eye) waiting to happen.


    • 12/22/10 14:57 the Muse:

      kristina I actually dig the blackout at the moment no probs with smudging thankfully ;-D but the spinning, I’d end up in the hospital prob LOL! ;-D happy holidays btw long time no speak!


  • 12/22/10 14:28 Courtney:

    I’m not really digging the rotating mascara. I poke myself in the eye enough with a regular mascara wand. lol


    • 12/22/10 14:53 the Muse:

      ha welcome to my world court! ;D


  • 12/22/10 15:51 Brooke:

    I was at Sephora a week ago and there was a Dior rep there…needless to say, she saw a sucker in her midst and lured me over to show me some products, one of which happened to be this crazy mascara. Honestly, I think it’s scary and it kind of tickles my eyes…lol. I don’t like the notion of something moving that close in front of my face, let alone my eyeballs…the whole concept to me was bizarre. Also, with the whole rotating factor, it is really difficult to get most of your lashes with it…I have small eyes and I think even the rep found it difficult to use without it being messy. I also thought it gave me ‘spider’ looking lashes. I haven’t tried the regular Diorshow mascara, so I can’t say if it’s the formula or if it’s the rotating brush that caused it.
    On another note, the Dior Spray Foundation…I think it’s called AirFlash or something? I forget what it’s called but it is sooo amazing. Unfortunately, the color selection sucks and the one closest to my shade was still too yellow, but if you could find a color that matches, snatch it up…..oh, it’s really expensive, too….not as expensive as the Capture Foundation, but still a nice dent in the wallet.


    • 12/22/10 16:12 the Muse:

      everyone raves me the mist foundation and I’ve yet to try it Brooke, re-adding that to my list chica ;-D Sorry to hear about the dramas with 360 lol but I suspected as much but I’m still a glutton for punishment and will prob try it ;-D



      • 12/22/10 17:49 Brooke:

        Haha! Totally understand! It’s definitely an experience! Who knows, you may like it?!
        Def add the mist foundation to your list to at least try. It’s sooooooooo fab! Hope they come out with a better color selection!


        • 12/23/10 13:58 the Muse:

          possibly Brooke! ;-D def will do ;-D I always on the hint for a great base!


  • 12/22/10 16:29 Nia:

    Well, I think I do not need any help poking my eye out, so thank you very much.
    Honestly I am not sure what it would bring, plus it definitely fails the 6:30 am test.


  • 12/22/10 17:47 Jessica:

    The regular serum has done wonders for my ” just turned 30 and am starting to notice little lines” face. So I’m really excited to try the foundation.The price scares me but their serum was more than worth the price so I’ll try it.


    • 2/9/11 8:44 Sarah:

      I’m excited to try this, too! I just hit 30 and those tiny lines freak me out. I really love that it’s a hd foundation as well. I just had pictures done in the Dior Nude foundation and I looked oily even though I powdered litteraly 3 minutes before the shots. I think it’s the spf. I know there’s spf in the Capture Totale foundation also but it is geared more toward hd. Maybe it will be better. I don’t mind the price because 1 oz will last me a year.


  • 12/23/10 7:08 Mary the Muse Militant:

    Love the 360 mascara bottle and love Diorshow regular and Blackout so will be definitely testing this out at the counter before buying.
    Shame the price is so high.
    The name 360 reminds me of the xbox though.


  • 1/14/11 14:40 nancy:

    Tried 360 mascara at store yesterday! Love it. I took all my eye makeup off and when I compared the mascara eye to the naked eye, there was a huge difference. The mascara did not curl as much w/o curler but it gave me volume and length. The spinning did not irritate at all- very smooth and it rotates downwards too so you can do your lowere lashes. Plus wand can be reused with other mascara formulas. Got one for a friend’s bday- will have to save for one later.


    • 1/14/11 14:43 the Muse:

      thanks for the update nancy, sounds like a winner 😀


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