Laura Geller Deluxe Baked Eye Eye Eye Collection

Here’s a gorgeous array of Laura Geller Baked Eyeshadows and Eye Rimz at a super price!

Check it!

These reminds me of a great big box of chocolates! It’s a fab gift for Laura Geller fans or yourself and contains nine full size Laura Geller Baked Eyeshadows and Eye Rimz.

You get:

  • Laura Geller Baked Marble Eye Shadow in Starburst (brown, pink, and golden swirl)
  • Laura Geller Baked Marble Eye Shadow in Forest Mist (light green and peach combo)
  • Laura Geller Baked Marble Eye Shadow in Pink Dust (pale pink)
  • Laura Geller Eye Rimz in Potion (violet/black shade)
  • Laura Geller Eye Rimz in Hocus Pocus (green/black shade)
  • Laura Geller Eye Rimz in Copper Cadabra (copper/black shade)
  • Laura Geller Matte Baked Eye Shadow Duo in Strawberry Shortcake/Coffee Bean (pink/brown)
  • Laura Geller Matte Baked Eye Shadow Duo in Gum Drop/Concord Grape (purple-pink/smoky purple)
  • Laura Geller Matte Baked Eye Shadow Duo in Peaches N’ Cream/Green Tea (vanilla and peach/sheer green)

The set is $69.84 and has an easy pay option that allows you to pay for it in two monthly bills if you wish.

I’m tempted.

Available now from QVC.

  • 12/13/10 13:32 Anitacska:

    I want the Pink Dust eyeshadow! Will look out for it on eBay.


    • 12/13/10 13:34 the Muse:

      without a doubt it’ll pop up anita I’m sure ;D!


  • 12/13/10 14:18 Beth:

    Oooh I WANT this. Of course, I want almost everything I see pop up on my fave beauty blogs but this? This is so killer I’m dying over here. want want want!


    • 12/13/10 15:25 the Muse:

      beth it’s a SUPER kit ;-D def want it too, I’m being good *hides credit card*


  • 12/13/10 15:30 Isis:

    OH I hope this comes to Qvc Uk. My Laura Geller addiction needs a fix.


    • 12/13/10 15:36 the Muse:

      isis you guys seem to get ALOT of what we get ;-D so hopefully it will chica!


  • 12/13/10 15:31 Ru:

    Oh man her eye rimz are amazing, which begs me to think the rest of her products are too. I lust after this…


    • 12/13/10 16:02 the Muse:

      she has some real hit products imho Ru ;D


  • 12/13/10 15:38 Isis:

    I can but dream, there’s a rumor there is going to be a lighter version of the fair balance and brighten, Still waiting. Irish skin needs very pale make up..


    • 12/13/10 15:41 the Muse:

      isis isn’t the fair, pale enough!? ;-D always seems so universal! damn girl you’re lucky if you’re fairer than that ;-D


  • 12/13/10 15:44 Isis:

    it’s a wee bit too dark, It’s okay if I bring it down my neck too or if I only use a dusting, depending on how good my skin is. I couldn’t get a foundation for years until I cam across models prefer or YBF as it is now, whihc is perfect. Even Lancome’s palest was too dark.


  • 12/13/10 20:06 Isis:

    No I have not, though I have heard of it. It’s on my christmas list. Thanks.


    • 12/14/10 16:36 the Muse:

      my pleasure isis! Thought it might be a good one for a fair chica like yourself!


  • 12/13/10 23:12 GoDiva:

    Muse-y! How do these compare (if at all) to MAC mineralize shadows? Just me or do the MSF(n)s and Baked items are identical/similar? Educate me please:)


    • 12/14/10 16:34 the Muse:

      hi godiva mmm not all baked shadows are the same hun. how do you mean are the MSF/Baked Items similar? Laura versus mac you mean?


  • 12/14/10 19:17 GoDiva:

    I guess i want to know how LG baked compares to mac mineralized. Havent tried either and want to know if they are different, etc. Thxxxx:)


    • 12/15/10 9:31 the Muse:

      hi godiva it really depends mac’s formula on their mineralized shadows vary alot. some of heavy duty shimmer with lots of fall out, some have a thinner consistency with a silky formula and less chunky glitter, etc…laura’s have a bit of shimmer and a more subtle formula less pigment than mac. if you haven’t tried either, it’s worth trying both to get a feel for them!


      • 4/4/11 17:58 GoDiva:

        Gotcha! great way for me to spend more money! LOL:) I”ve been eye-ing that eye-eye-eye kit for months and it’s calling mee…”yoo hoo~ watcha waitin’ for, come and geeeeeet meeeee!!”
        Is it totally worth it? (surely:)


        • 4/5/11 13:01 the Muse:

          godiva ;-D been having the same lemmings!


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