August 15, 2008

Jelly Pong Pong Nicola Roberts Dainty Doll Concealer Review

Ahhh concealer round up continues today with a concealer from across the pond!

Chances are if you’re not living in the UK or up to date on your British Pop Culture you don’t know who Nichola Roberts is.

Nicola Roberts is a member of the girl band Girls Aloud and now a creator of her own makeup line. Jelly Pong Pong released the collection from Nichola Roberts in April and it sold out pretty quickly online which accounts for why I never nabbed some for myself. By the time I did get a chance to look through the collection it was sold out completely. However, the good news is ASOS still sells all of the collection (They ship worldwide btw).

After much debate with myself I decided to order the concealer and a few other items. I was highly doubtful I should order any of it since the collection is geared towards fair, pale, and milky completions. Since I’m so obsessed with lighter products and whiter skin I decided I’d give the concealer a shot.

I really wanted to love this. It sported cute packaging, came in a similar style jar as my beloved Benefit Boi-ing, looked moist and creamy, plus the price wasn’t too bad at £8.00.

I made my first mistake when I ordered the lightest shade which was fair. It comes in fair and natural and I’m thinking natural might have been better suited to my skin. Although fair worked ok it was just a bit too light. I was hopeful that lightness would brighten my eye area up but all it did was make me look unnatural. The product is pigmented enough to cover blue or darker circles on fair skin and will offer some brightening benefits for a shade or two lighter than fair.

Please take note the skin on the back of my hand is much darker than the skin on my face

I made my second mistake when I assumed this would be moist and creamy. It’s not either sadly. The texture is very hard which makes blending extremely difficult even after warming the concealer on the back of my hand. The worst part is how it creased into my fine lines and actually dried my eye area out even worst than it already is! Eep!

I don’t want to give this a complete poor review because I believe that it can be extremely good for a few select people. Younger girls can definately benefit from this if you’re eye area is woe free (example: fine lines, moist skin, etc…) and I also think it’s ideal for pale, creamy complexions. It has to be thee most flattering shade I’ve seen on the market for a fair complexion. Finding the right shade of foundation, concealer, etc..when you have very fair skin comes with drama so the idea behind this entire line is simply awesome for those of you lucky enough to have a gorgeous, milky complexion.

Who this might be good for:

  • Fairer Skin
  • Younger Skin
  • Line Free Skin
  • Normal Skin that’s not dry

Those who should avoid it:

  • Older Skin
  • Finely Lined Skin
  • Dry Skin

It had it’s strong points and I think it could possibly be a Muse Approval if I fit the criteria of being younger, less lines, no dry skin, etc….

However, since I’m 30, sport some fine lines, and have a dry under eye area it simply did not work for me.

I’m quite disappointed as I really wanted to love! Stay Tuned Next Week when I review the Dainty Doll Foundation! Maybe that’ll be good!? We shall see!

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  • MandyPandy

    That concealer is pasty as Hell.

    On the bright side, I now know what to get Daniel Radcliffe for Christmas. What?!? I need to get into Silver Fox’s good graces, okay?!?

  • Laura

    I am so glad I didn’t buy this on impulse when it first came out. My skin is so dry I think it and I would have issues!

  • Rocketqueen

    Oooh that could very well be something for me! But I do have dry skin… crap! But… I could wear Fair, that would be the perfect shade I do think. And the packaging! Oh, heavenly packaging! *dies*

    (Did you go to Nordies?)

  • the Muse

    hey miss mandy! I mizz you!

    Ya πŸ™ better suited to milky skin!

    LOL You’re nuts πŸ˜‰ Where ya been? What’s new?!

  • the Muse

    hi laura!

    mmm it’s drying πŸ™ as hell! Creases terrible too sigh! So disappointing πŸ™

  • Ellery

    thank you for the review! every time i go to asos i ask myself if i really need this, and i can never make up my mind. it’s also nice to see the color since i was gonna get the one you got but now i see it’s way too light for me. (:

  • Rocketqueen

    Oh damn… well I want to try it anyway!!

    LOL no kidding? ;D

    This week it’s Malmφ Festival here in the whole city, soo nice! Gonna watch so many great punk bands, and it’s no entrance fee! Plus there’s loaaads of food

  • Thepunkcat

    Hi Sweetie!
    Woah, long time I don’t leave you a comment! ^-^ I’m happy to see you’re doing great. By the way, It’s a pity that the concealer didn’t work for you. I was really tempted by this collection but I was kinda worried about the shades… So I didn’t buy anything.
    I’m looking forward your review about the foundation, though! πŸ˜€
    Take care, and HUGS! :3

  • Dao

    Hi Muse,

    I’m nominating you for the Kreative Blogging Award. Please come here to collect your award and read more about it.

    Have a nice day!

  • gio

    Thanks for the review. I was wondering whether to get this or not. I have very pale skin so fair would probably be the perfect shade for me but I do have dry skin. πŸ™

  • the Muse

    hi Ellery!

    You’re most welcome. It’s good you didn’t purchase it. The formula just isn’t quite right sadly. Bit too drying for me πŸ™

    I have the foundation review up for dd next so that might be raving πŸ™‚

  • the Muse

    hello there love!

    Long long time! How are you!?

    Sadly, it was a no go ;(

    The foundation is promising πŸ™‚

    Foundation to follow shortly!

    Big Hugs Eru!

  • the Muse

    hi dao

    Awwwwww thanks Dao *huge hugs* I’ll head on over πŸ™‚

    Thank you very much!

  • the Muse

    hello gio!

    You’re most welcome dear. Skip it if you’re dry. Just wasn’t working for me at all. πŸ™ Or if you live within the UK maybe you can go and test it somewhere?

    I just felt it was way to drying under my eyes πŸ™

  • the Muse

    hi dawn.

    I run this blog by myself and it takes quite a bit of time to do posts, reviews, answer comments, emails etc…I’m definately working on the bb cream round up however doing a concealer and a bb round up together would be alot of work. It entails taking photos, writing the review, wearing the product and photographing as you can see quite a few hours goes into Musings πŸ™‚ Plus I have a job and real life to deal with too! Phew!

    Sorry about not getting the bb cream review out sooner it’ll be here as soon as I can possibly get it to you.

    I have and I find mac concealers very drying.

    Thanks for the comment and for dropping by!

    Hope to hear from you again soon.