Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Spring 2011

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color makes its way to us for Spring 2011 in a range of 12 shades.

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“What makes these lipsticks so modern is a formula that combines pigments with a colorless lipstick base. The result is crisp, clear color and full coverage without a heavy feeling.”-Bobbi Brown

Bobbi’s new lightweight formula doesn’t forgo pigmentation to showcase your lips in a range of 12 colors with a creamy, emollient feel that conditions as well as protects with an SPF 12.

Shades Available:

  • Bikini Pink
  • Soft Coral
  • Bare Pink
  • Heather Pink
  • Mod Pink
  • Plum Rose
  • Rose Blossom
  • Guava
  • Sweet Nectar
  • Cosmic Raspberry
  • Old Hollywood
  • Crimson

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color will be available for $22 in February at your local counters and online at

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  • 1/28/11 16:35 stacie:

    I can’t wait to see what cosmic raspberry looks like. I love raspberry shades and food actually 😀


  • 1/28/11 17:13 Dovey:

    This looks exciting! It looks like there’s a lot of spring-y lighter more wearable colors. Can’t wait =)


  • 1/29/11 3:37 Nunuiviet:

    What bothers me in Bobbi brown products is that all the colours tend to be dark brown, there’s almost no bright pink or corals , colours that usually suit cool fair tones, that’s why I hate her products, I bought only once and never buy anything again! I tired a few of her stuff lipsticks eyeshadows and some base cream the vitamin one which made me oilier, I think I don’t have any good souvenirs with this brand…


  • 1/29/11 17:02 katrosado5:

    Does BB lippies usually have fragrance? (Like EL and Lancome?). It’s a requirement for me to spend more than 20 buckeroos for a lippie. Must have fragrance. haha. It’s one of my quirks.


    • 2/10/11 15:03 the Muse:

      ha katros I love fragrance in mine as well. Mm trying to think but sadly I don’t believe my BB lippies have a fragrance but don’t quote me ;D


  • 1/29/11 22:23 violet:

    hey muse! Really enjoying your blog. btw, did you ever do those reviews on bb creams and your favorite one? if so, what category is it under. I can’t find them….thanks


  • 1/30/11 2:03 Amee:

    looks fab!!!! :drooling:


  • 2/3/11 9:21 Nathalie:

    The shades look amazing! Cosmic Rasberry and Rose Blossom have “Nathalie” written all over them!

    I’ve never tried BBs lipsticks…any good? Like MAC and Chanel quality and pigment good?


    • 2/10/11 14:01 the Muse:

      mmm depends nathalie not quite chanel but def around mac’s ;-D


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