Lush Cosmetics Easter Spring Collection 2011

It isn’t quite Easter yet but I’m dreaming of an basket full of Cadbury Mini Eggs and a buncha new makeup sans those evil marshmallow peeps! Death to peeps!

I’m also dreaming of the Lush Easter Collection which has launched in Switzerland.

Let’s peek!

  • Lush Donkey Oats Bath Bomb

It’s a Pinata for your bath! Donkey Oats contains multicolored rice paper that explodes in your bath! Fans of Charity Pot will enjoy this little donkey as he smells the same!


  • Lush Happy Chick Bath Bomb

A refreshing grapefruit chick…err..bath bomb!


  • Lush Candy Fluff Egg Bath Bombs

The sweet smell of candy fluff for your bath!

  • Lush Happy Easter Gift

The Easter Collection isn’t yet available within the UK or the US but should be launching very soon.


  • 3/16/11 11:44 Cj:

    Yuck I hate those marshmallow bird thingys! Lol idk how people like them :$. Will deff order about a dozen of the candy fluff eggs ;D and maybe one of the pinate ones to try :)


  • 3/16/11 12:23 Courtney:

    Okay, I’m so loving the donkey! It must be my love of all things weird but I so want one. The easter gift is super cute too.


    • 3/16/11 12:23 the Muse:

      I was trying to figure out what a donkey had to do with easter but I love him too Courtney 😀


      • 3/16/11 12:48 Courtney:

        I think it’s the whole Jesus riding on a donkey, palm Sunday thing? I’m not religious so it took me a minute. If that isn’t it then I have no idea.


        • 3/16/11 12:51 the Muse:

          LMAO omg courtney LOL that was a fabulous mental image. I’ll buy some for my mum and da, devote catholics if I ever seen ’em ;D!


          • 3/16/11 12:58 Courtney:

            Still doesn’t quite explain why the donkey is a pinata though….lol

          • 3/16/11 13:01 the Muse:

            LMAO Courtney! Cinco de mayo?

  • 3/16/11 13:49 Hannah:

    Love it all! So cute! I don’t think I’m definitely going to get one of the donkey bath bombs, I’m very intrigued by the rice paper effect. :)


    • 3/16/11 14:04 the Muse:

      hannah I just wanna have a donkey bath bomb for the sake of having one, ya know? “look I haz donkey bath bomb! WINNING!”


  • 3/16/11 19:06 Lauren S.:

    “hannah I just wanna have a donkey bath bomb for the sake of having one, ya know? “look I haz donkey bath bomb! WINNING!”

    Another reason you’re awesome!! Lush, Cheezburger Cat talk, donkeys, and Sheen all wrapped in one!


    • 3/17/11 16:03 the Muse:

      LOL Lauren! at least someone enjoys my incredibly bad wit ;D


  • 3/16/11 22:22 Cara:

    oh my these would make wonderful easter gifts! SO CUTE but I must say they do remind me of peeps. LOL 😛 I love Lush stuff though… so fresh, natural and smells so good!


  • 3/17/11 2:02 Ida:

    ohhh I’m totally getting Donkey Oats & Happy Chick!! I love the scent of grapefruit! If it smells really good, then I’m goin to stock up!!


  • 3/20/11 9:42 Gemma:

    aw i was hoping the honey bunny bath bomb from last year would be back i loved them.


  • 3/22/11 18:55 Kristin:

    They had them in at my local Lush today (SoHo, NYC). Meh. : / Not in love with any of them, sadly.


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