the Balm Time Balm Face Primer Review & Swatches

the Balm released its Time Balm Face Primer a few months ago. It’s the first primer from the brand and features a vitamin rich formula packed with Vitamins A, C, and E plus anti-inflammatories that help sooth stressed out skin.

I’ve been playing around with it the past week or so.

Let’s have a look!

A velvety face primer to blur fine lines and keep foundation wearing long.

I don’t typically like silicone/velvety finish primers as they make me feel all kinds of itchy and irritated however the Balm Time Balm Face Primer was surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The formula is a typical silicone primer which has a velvety smooth finish however the formula feels considerably lightweight compared to other primers of its kind. It doesn’t cause me to feel like a hundred ants are running under my skin, doesn’t irritate me or make me itchy. The lighter formula is a major plus particularly if you’ve always wanted to use a silicone primer but had the same issues I described above.

You’re also getting alot more bang for your buck here as other brands offer 1 oz sizes for $38 or more and the Balm gives you 1 oz for $30.

If you’re oily you’ll get a nice smooth finish from this that will mattify your skin and create a powdery finish for your makeup. I’m personally dry and thankfully it applied very smoothly without pilling (rolling off in tiny balls). For the most part the primer will fill smaller pores and finer lines while creating a good base for foundation to adhere to and lock onto so you’ll be looking at extended wear time on your foundation. My normal foundation wear time is about four hours for regular bases and about six to eight with a BB Cream. When using Time Balm Face Primer I can add anywhere form two to three hours wear time. Of course, it is still very cold out so not sure how this will perform in warmer weather.

Nothing bad here!

  • Those with oily skin in need of a mattifying primer.
  • Those who want more for less (many other primers range from $38 and upward at this size).
  • Those with finer lines and smaller pores in need of a primer to blur these minor imperfections.
  • Those wanting to extend the wear time of their foundation!
  • Those who want to use a silicone face primer but fear it’ll irritated their skin (the lighter formula wears very comfortably!).

  • Those used to or who prefer a thicker, heavier primer (this is considerably lighter compared to similar primers of its kind).

I liked this alot which is saying something considering my poor track record with silicone primers. This wore very comfortably and extended my foundation and BB Cream life by a few extra hours. The price tag is quite nice as well ranging from $8 to $10 less than other brands.

Overall, the Balm Time Balm Face Primer is a rather great little primer.

Loves it!

Anyone try?

Do share your thoughts!

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  • 3/28/11 21:15 Phyrra:

    Sounds like a nice primer! I do hate it when they pill, glad this one does not.


  • 3/29/11 11:50 lillypug:

    Only a hundred ants? That cracked me up! 😀 this primer looks promising! Thanks for sharing!


    • 3/29/11 12:16 the Muse:

      mmm a few hundred lilly give or take ;-D! ha!


  • 3/29/11 14:57 K:

    Is there any silicone in this?


    • 3/29/11 14:59 the Muse:

      yes K.


  • 3/30/11 11:27 Erin:

    Is it fragranced?


    • 3/30/11 11:29 the Muse:

      No fragrance erin.


  • 5/24/11 19:41 Angela:

    I know this is an old post,but I was curious how you feel about this primer several months later? Do you still use and recommend it? I’m looking for a new primer for my sensitive skin and have had my eyes on this.


    • 5/25/11 9:50 the Muse:

      hi angela I’m actually wearing it daily since the review particularly since my skin is starting to get a little shiny due to the humidity in the air ;-D I liked it alot.


  • 2/12/12 11:09 demich:

    hi there, Nice review on the Time Balm Face Primer. I just got it today and after reading your review here, I cant wait to try it out tomorrow. Thx for your sharing though. Keep posting~~♥


  • 6/28/12 10:35 Eveeriko:

    Hi there! Can this be used as eye primer?


  • 8/20/12 13:09 Anh0731:

    I recently picked this up from Hautelook and I am SOOO glad I did. I can’t say for SURE, but this may actually be my holy grail primer… I love it… so much!


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