Do Not Want: Ashley Judd’s White Powder Blunder

Oopsie! Nicole Kidman isn’t the only kid on the block with a really bad makeup artist in her midst. Ashley Judd was busy promoting her All That is Bitter and Sweet memoir this week but stepped out with a layer of powder under her eyes.

Do not want!

P.S. That damn white powder is so easy to over do, take it from an expert!

  • 4/7/11 11:54 JenJ:

    What in the world! Yikes!


  • 4/7/11 11:54 Gouldylox:

    And sometimes so hard to see, depending on the light!!


    • 4/7/11 11:55 the Muse:

      agreed gouldylox, I’ve so been there. looks really good and suddenly harsh light and I’m sitting there thinking WTH!?


  • 4/7/11 11:54 Phyrra:

    Eep! That would be so embarrassing :(


  • 4/7/11 12:10 Claudenka:

    wow oh wow.
    can’t believe a pro did it…but then again i have a strange aversion to mac girls- some have some serious attitude and all sport the cake face look


  • 4/7/11 12:19 Cj:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if they both had the same makeup artist lol

    Btw did you hear about the earthquake that just hit Japan again?


    • 4/7/11 12:23 the Muse:

      i’m avoiding the news cj. It just breaks my heart. Thankfully everyone I know is safe but my heart breaks for everyone that’s effected by this. I just can’t stand to read about it :( god, those poor people


  • 4/7/11 12:27 Jenn:

    she’s a very beautiful woman she doesnt even need all that makeup on her. I wonder why a makeup pro would use white powder on her,she is so tan!


  • 4/7/11 12:33 Jessica:

    This is exactly why I take a picture with flash every time I use any white/HD powder, because even though you can’t “see” it on your face, it shows up in photos.


    • 4/7/11 12:54 the Muse:

      ha jessica good solution!


  • 4/7/11 13:14 Jamie:

    Goodness. And that’s why I’ve stayed away from those white setting powders for so long.


  • 4/7/11 13:17 Shirley:

    Hi, LOVE LOVE your blog! Just spent the whole afternoon reading all the great posts. Thanks a lot!

    Oh btw, found this video which solves the mystery:


    • 4/7/11 15:26 the Muse:

      aw thanks shirley ;-D appreciate it. Yup, it’s transparent powder under her eyes ;D!


  • 4/7/11 14:24 BV:

    What the….
    okay, there’s leaving a bit of excess powder on your face and then there’s this. She totally looks like she’s been flour bombed. Sack the makeup artist STAT.


  • 4/7/11 14:35 Jessica:

    Yeah it can be tricky to blend white powders because they become invisible to the eye, yet show up in photos and in certain lights. I’ll stick to my non white powders, and my newly beloved Sonia kashuk brightening powder


  • 4/7/11 15:36 Pam:

    I believe this might be MUFE. Works great for HD tv but horrible for flash photography.


    • 4/7/11 16:27 Kemisha:

      You’re right Pam. MUFE is usually the culprit for these poor stars. I can’t imagine why their MUA haven’t learnt as yet. Poor dears 


  • 4/7/11 17:45 Maggie:

    I bet it is MUFE 😛 You’re right, it’s usually the powder to blame. Why these MUAs haven’t all switched to RCMA No-Color I don’t know (especially since it’s literally about 300x cheaper).


  • 4/9/11 13:04 Donna:

    I was just going to say, I bet it’s that darn MUFE!


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