December 16, 2009

DO NOT WANT: Nicole Kidman at the Nine Premiere

By now you’ve seen it, heard it, read it, and probably got a call from your best friend saying, “OMG did you see Nicole Kidman at the Nine Premiere?”

If you’re living under a rock and haven’t yet heard Nicole Kidman kinda tanked it at the premiere when she popped onto the red carpet looking like A. She ate a powdered donut and got it all over her face. B. Someone slapped her with a chalkboard eraser C. All of the Above.

Nicole Kidman

I dunno what happened. I can’t believe her makeup artist let her loose on the world with powder all over her face. It’s under her eyes, on her nose, on her face…WTH? I imagine some of the powder was being buffed under her eyes to conceal wrinkles and make her nice and flawless for the flash of the camera but someone simply forgot to b;end it out…either that or you can go with A, B, or C.

Nicole, get rid of your makeup artist and hire a new one honey. DO NOT WANT powder all over the place.

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    • the Muse

      LOL anastasia I just noticed that after you said it. true the boobage looks a bit off!

  • Paloma

    lmfao looks like she was snorting coke and ended up getting it sneezed in her face. Are you on AIM? my s/n is truedovemomma, I wanna talk about how awesome it is that you and I are both also addicted to Doctor Who!!!!!! I can’t wait til it comes back.

    • the Muse

      hey paloma. best way to catch me is on twitter 😀 I’m rarely on aim 😀 I’m def a who-geek for over 25 years! absolutely LOVE it 😀 Can’t wait until Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! End of time nears!

  • Sheila

    I was reading someone’s twitter update and said that she was using a powder was talc in it, which she said doesn’t do well with flash. Nicole looked perfectly normal under normal lighting so I’m guessing its the flash…

    I feel bad for her, she’s always been completely flawless on the red carpet and has always tried to keep that image…

    • the Muse

      hi Sehlia!

      I thought it might be some light diffusing powder of some kind to blur fine lines….it’s weird how it ended up on her nose though!? I kinda do too, it was a weird situation!

      but hey not as embarrassing as Julia Roberts and her unshaven pits on the red carpet! haha!

    • the Muse

      tammy publicity hadn’t occurred to me but I was thinking it was photoshopped, seems so unlikely they’d like her go out like that!

  • Kirsten

    Hi! I saw these pix today too…I was trying to figure out what product it could have been. It does look powdery, but maybe it was some kind of light diffusing product that didn’t get blended in well enough??

    Hard to imagine no one stopped her…unless it could only been seen when the camera flashes went off.

    Live and learn Nicole!

    • the Muse

      I think it was light diffusing powder for sure kirsten something to blur the look of fine lines, dark circles but why on her nose?! I think perhaps you’re right the glaring flash made it worst!

  • Kaoru

    Wow, even I know better than that… I also looks like one of her breasts is trying to make a run for it, hehe.

    I like her hair, though. A little fixed, but still nice.

    • the Muse

      LOL Kaoru! you’re the second person to say that I didn’t look was too preoccupied with the makeup but I did a second glance and yes she’s popping out LOL!

  • imprompturoses

    Even with a bad makeup artist, how could Nicole Kidman (and/or her friends) let herself walk out looking like this?

    • the Muse

      hey roses! I think maybe they just rushed her onto the carpet and just didn’t take time out to blend it out, what chaos!

  • Kathie

    She`s usually always looking so flawless, but in this picture it looks as if she just woke up and smeared her make-up! Powder on the nose, seriously? Either she ate loads on powdered donuts or her make-up artist went blind. Haha, I know that`s a little harsh, but this really shocked me !!!

  • mary_in_wonder

    I still think she should check the look a stylist makes her…don’t trust anyone!

    • the Muse

      lol so true mary. honestly don’t trust anyone with makeup and hair, always double check 🙂 I remember my best friend had her hair done for our prom and she ended up looking like a poodle. she was in tears! def can’t trust anyone with such important stuff 😀

  • Nina

    What a major blunder for such an important event! I think her makeup artist OD-ed on the HD powder. 🙁

  • Elena

    I guess this is the trick (badly) used to get rid of the eyeshadow that may fall over the face… it’s a good trick to watch for the rest of the makeup but some MUAs don’t remember that the powder has to be removed after finishing the eye makeup.

    • the Muse

      hi elena

      either that or they were using a brightening eye powder to blur the look of fine lines!

  • Lisa Kate

    Hmm I’m thinking this was something that could only be seen with camera flash…cause you KNOW her people would be jumping all over that if she was walking around looking like she dipped her face in some coke!

  • Mollie

    It all goes to show how happy I am to be a “normie.” With normal boobs and all, too.

    I like being able to go out looking horrible and not have my picture all over the internet. 😉 Honestly, I think society emphasizes makeup too much sometimes! It would be even worse backlash if she stepped out with none on.

    • the Muse

      heck yes Mollie kinda scary thinking of being posted on the net at my worst haha! 😀