MAC Flighty Collection MAC Big Bounce Cream Eye Shadows

MAC Flighty Collection which introduces Big Bounce Cream Eye Shadows in fifteen shades (these will be permanent) will be available May 5th.

Let’s take a look!

Let your imagination take flight with caprice as your only guide. Float into a room with a step lighter than air. Elevate your state of mind with a high-altitude collection of sensually. New spongy watercolour whipped mousse cream shadows in hues that fly higher than gravity’s rainbow. Soar sky-high with a flock of sixteen Free As Air shades that Up the Ante for fresh formula innovation in luminescent washes that build from sheer to medium easily. Eye plumage is playful with four limited edition shades of Zoom Lash Mascara certain to unleash a torrent of Tweets. Birds of a feather flock together – individually with colour uncaged…colour that sings!

MAC Big Bounce Cream Eye Shadows

  • Free as Air (light blue)
  • Spread the Wealth (mid-tone olive)
  • Rich, Sweet (chocolate taupe)
  • Extra Charged (turquoise)
  • Count your assets (decadent purple)
  • My next indulgence (forest green)
  • Trophy (soft peach)
  • Rich thrills (mid tone silver)
  • Good Fortune (soft pink)
  • Sizzlin’ Diva (copper)
  • Luxury Touch (violet)
  • Light (cream)
  • Chocolate (gold)
  • Bright (peach)

The shadows are supposed to be a whipped mousse cream but from what I’ve seen they are pretty liquid-y. They come housed in the typical glass jar that MAC’s Fluidline and Paint Pots come in so I’m a little worried this packaging might dry the formula out. There will be also four shades of limited edition mascara.

Needless to say I’m quite curious about these. I’m sure they’ll make a great base for powders and pigments!

What do you think?

Note: Shades are not confirmed and may be incorrect.


  • 4/5/11 11:25 Nunuiviet:

    If it’s gonna be permanent, I ‘ll wait to read the reviews before buying, I will certainly take my time. For collections that I like reviews always come too late , the products finish so fast when they are released in Thailand so I always rush and sometimes end up buying bad stuff or things that don’t really suit me


  • 4/5/11 11:32 Misato-san:

    so… permanent products? yay! no need to run to the shop but time to decide about the colours… great 😀
    really curious about them


  • 4/5/11 11:38 dovey:

    I love the promo image! However, I’m not big on creme shadows because they don’t stay good as long as powders =)


  • 4/5/11 13:10 kerstin:

    The cream shadows and the mascaras looks fab!


  • 4/5/11 14:02 peri:

    i love the greens. i needs the green mascara!


  • 4/5/11 14:05 jenna:

    you don’t think these will replace paint pots, do you?


    • 4/5/11 14:11 the Muse:

      nope Jenna :)


      • 4/5/11 14:47 jenna:

        phew! thanks. then i shall allow these heheh


        • 4/5/11 14:56 the Muse:

          ha no worries jenna ;-D PP’s are here to stay :D!


  • 4/5/11 15:13 Deb:

    Finally, something kinda new from MAC. Several of these colors are looking like something I will want. Will have to wait for reviews on the wear time.


  • 4/5/11 21:35 Mary the Muse Militant:

    Can’t wait to see these !
    Hope they are like long wearing like paint pots.


  • 4/5/11 21:36 Kimber:

    These are interesting-but I wonder how well they will stay on?


  • 4/6/11 10:18 Girl Hearts Makeup:

    I’m new to MAC, so just wondering, has MAC previously released any cream eye shadows?


    • 4/6/11 10:28 the Muse:

      they have something called paint pots girl hearts makeup and also have shadesticks (cream shade in a stick) and also cream shadows that use to be in a tube…I think that’s all the cream shadows mac has/had.


  • 4/6/11 18:13 Renata:

    The colours are gorgeous!!I But I always wait for swatches before rushing to buy something…it will take them long enough to get to my country anyway…


  • 4/7/11 4:24 Viki:

    Curious, curious…but I always try at least one thing from every collection MAC comes out with some maybe these cream shadows will be it this time around!


  • 4/20/11 11:46 rose:

    these look like a MAC version of Buxom Stay There


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