My Beauty Diary Blooming of Beauty Mask Package Review

My Beauty Diary has a new range of sheet masks that were released several months ago entitled Blooming of Beauty. These masks are a new range that are supposedly more effective than the the masks in the general catalog. They also sport a thinner material that allows the essence to be absorbed more easily into the skin.

Since I wanted to try the entire range of masks in the Blooming Beauty Collection I decided to get a the My Beauty Dairy Blooming of Beauty Mask Package Set.

Let’s have a look!

Sheet masks are a common staple in the Asian skincare world and are pretty much available at all beauty shops and drugstores throughout Asia.

Sadly, the craze doesn’t extend to the Western market and as much as I’d love to be able to walk into my local CVS and grab a cheap box of sheet masks…well…it probably won’t happen.

If you’ve never used a sheet mask before they are actually pretty amazing and very worth exploring. I actually have had to yank myself away from using them nightly. I’m cutting myself back to twice a week but at one time I was all about doing a mask a night as I really love the results. Each mask is saturated in a lotion/essence and has cut outs for your eyes, nose, and mouth. You simply lay the mask on your face (most are a perfect fit and adhere to your face like a second skin) and proceed to relax for 20 minutes or more (I like to leave them on an hour if I have the time).

My Beauty Diary Blooming of Beauty Mask Package contains a set of 12 Masks. I purchased it off of Sasa several months ago but Imomoko has it available as well. The set is $24.99 so you’re looking at $2 per a mask or so. This is vastly overpriced compared to the original Taiwanese retail but by US standards it is pretty inexpensive overall.

The set includes:

  • Phalaenopsis
  • Tulip
  • Hydrangea
  • Sunflower
  • Lily Mask
  • Damask Rose Ice Cream

The masks don’t smell like their flower namesakes in my opinion but have a pretty fresh, clean scent so if you’re worried about a cloying floral scent, no worries you won’t get that.

They are made out of considerably thinner cotton than the original Beauty Diary Collection and they adhere quite nicely to my face. I actually like the thinner sheet as it seemed to allow the essence to absorb more easily into my skin.

The masks are suitable for all skin types and each addresses certain skincare issues which I’ve listed below.

  • Tulip (Smoothing, Firming)
  • Phalaenopsis (Whitening)
  • Lily (Whitening, Soothing)
  • Hydrangea (Oil Control)
  • Sunflower (Extremely Moisturizing)

I haven’t tried Hydrangea as of yet since my skin is fairly dry but I’ll make use of it in the Summer when I get a bit more oily however the other masks all work very well. I’m particularly enamored with Sunflower which really hydrates skin crazily and I’ve since ordered a box of these on their own.

These are a bit more expensive with a bit less product than the regular My Beauty Diary range (5 masks per a box versus 10 in the regular range) but they do seem a step above the normal range and well worth picking up! Although I’m true to the original line I just might toe the line here and start purchasing these instead…!

Loves ’em lots!

I recommend a purchase on these particularly the Sunflower if you have super dry skin.

Anyone try the Blooming of Beauty Sheet Masks?

Love ’em?

Do share!


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 5/26/11 12:19 Cj:

    How awesome would it be to have sheet masks at CVS! Lol ;D I got a bunch of queen helene and freeman masks from there :)

    Anywho, time for another imomoko order! 😛 lol


    • 5/26/11 12:21 the Muse:

      god that would be brills cj! I hate having to wait on airmail, paying jacked up pricing, etc…grrr! I got a ton of freeman at CVS too, <3 freeman ;-D!


  • 5/26/11 12:55 Risu:

    I’m a firm believer of the Beauty Diary masks too! They are cheap enough that you don’t feel guilty using them everyday and they are really hydrating. I just can’t say about the other effects they claim.. To me, the different masks just smell differently and that’s nice.

    In Canada, these flower series sells for $6.99 per box of 5. The original ones are $10.99 per box of 10 on sale. $10.99 per box on sale for lifting masks (the ones with ear hooks). They go on sale so often so I just consider the sale price.

    The material of the original mask has changed, by the way. It’s become more transparent and less cottony.. So I guess thinner?


    • 5/26/11 13:30 the Muse:

      risu gasp where in canada do they sell so cheap?! wow! has it? I’m still working my way through several boxes and the newest I have are the truffle but those are still thick…?


  • 5/26/11 13:01 Mindy:

    I have dry skin too and the Sunflower mask sounds great.

    I’ve actually seen The Face Shop sheet masks at Walgreens before (2/$5), but only at the ones near Koreatown in Manhattan/NYC. They’re almost always sold out though. Hopefully more Walgreens stores will start carrying those masks as well as others based on the popularity.


    • 5/26/11 13:29 the Muse:

      I’ve seen face shop ones all over flushing Mindy ;-D! Not at walgreens though ha interesting ;-D!


  • 5/26/11 14:21 Jonnie:

    Hmm, I like all the MBD masks I have tried… maybe I will try these too. But, what is up with the Coldstone one?! I have not had rose flavored ice cream…


    • 5/26/11 14:34 the Muse:

      it’s essence of cold stone creamery supposedly Jonnie LOL…if you check Taiwan’s Coldstone portal they have a few interesting ice cream flavors ;-D! This was an LE range (it came in a five box set as well as within the this variety set). I think they released them around march but don’t quote me could have been before….def a pimp for Cold Stone Taiwan hehe!


  • 5/26/11 14:38 JoleneAL:

    Dumb question – how does it “adhere” to your skin if not dampened first?


    • 5/26/11 14:39 the Muse:

      Jolene they are saturated with essence so it pretty much sticks to your skin on contact :) It’s very wet, they pack them with lotion/essence…! :)


      • 5/26/11 14:40 the Muse:

        PS the one in my pic is a used mask and already very dry ;-D but they are normally very wet when you rip open a package.


        • 5/26/11 15:23 JoleneAL:

          Thanks — I figured there had to be something “wet” … these sound so cool and easy to use.


          • 5/26/11 15:25 the Muse:

            my pleasure Jolene ;-D def wet ;-D Hope you try ’em and let me know whatcha think!

  • 5/26/11 23:38 Mallory:

    I shouldn’t have read this post because after I read the posts on the My Beauty Cleanser I immediately emailed the BF (who is in Taiwan right now) to pick me up some at 7-11. He thinks he’s too “manly” to buy makeup so I’m not sure how he’s going to feel if I add more things to the list. LOL!


    • 5/27/11 11:45 the Muse:

      mallory grab while the grabbing is good girl! ;-D have him buy an extra suitcase and LOAD up :D!


  • 5/28/11 11:40 CupK8:

    I will definitely be trying these. I have a difficult time finding face masks I like here in the US – a lot of them are too strong for my skin. And then I run around my house screaming “IT BURNS IT BURNS GETITOFFOMG!!”


    • 5/31/11 10:03 the Muse:

      lol cupk8!


  • 6/1/11 9:22 the Muse:

    super dawn ;-D nice hauling! I haven’t as my skin is a bit too try for use ;-D but hopefully soon as the weather is getting humid now :D!


  • 6/1/11 9:50 Jonnie:

    Well, I looked on eBay and found these, but I also found Hello Kitty strawberry yogurt ones so I got a box of those instead. I hope they are good!


  • 7/16/12 13:49 Jill:

    My friend and I are planning on getting some at the CVS in a couple of days. We want to put the masks on after we take a shower. (she’s sleeping over BTW) I live freeman’s mask!


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