Kanebo Allie Extra UV Gel Mineral Moist SPF 50 PA+++ Review

So you want good sun protection in an easy to use formula that won’t leave you feeling greasy or oily?

Although I love me some Biore Aqua Rich Mousse my new HG (holy grail) SPF of choice is Allie SPF 50 PA+++.

You NEED it.


I already put way too much on my face in the AM and having to add SPF into the mix is just a pain in the butt. But Allie makes SPF oh so easy. You seriously need to check this one out.

Allie is a sub-brand of Kanebo that’s available within Japan. They recently introduced their Extra UV Gel Mineral Moist with has an SPF 50+ that can be used on your body or your face.

It’s one of those SPF’s that’s going to work for all day without every having to worry about if you’re protected or not but the real joy here is the formula which is a gel-like cream that’s hydrating and lightweight. It not only absorbs SUPER quickly but its like you have absolutely nothing at all on your skin! No greasy feel, no oily finish here…simply a quick absorbing formula and the bliss of knowing you have great sun protection all day long.

This wears well under moisturizer, foundation, and makeup without leaving a white cast on skin!

It’s an absolutely must have in my opinion!

Loves it!

Very Muse Approved for purchase.

You can snag it from Adambeauty.com

Disclaimer: I am not associated with Adam Beauty, I’m merely offering a recommendation for where Allie products can be purchased.

What Asian SPF products do you like?

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This one is VERY Muse Approved for purchase, you NEED it.

  • 8/30/11 13:57 Sarah S.:

    Do you think my (see-through, red-haired) husband would use it?


    • 8/30/11 14:14 the Muse:

      totes, very comfortable sarah, he won’t put up a fuss ;D!


  • 8/30/11 14:07 Cj:

    Better than the Biore?! Ordering this ASAP!!!


    • 8/30/11 14:13 the Muse:

      lol YES CJ!


  • 8/30/11 14:16 Irene:

    Which one would you say is better, this one or Biore Aqua Rich Mousse? I’ve been using the latter during the summer (read about it in your review!) and I’ve liked it very much, but the tube is almost finished so I might check out this other one! I’ll definitely need a sunscreen that isn’t oily next summer in NYC 😀


    • 8/30/11 14:19 the Muse:

      irene def grab this one, I think you’ll like it! both are great picks for SPF and I love them both I’m just currently obsessed with Allie’s version ;-D


  • 8/30/11 16:27 Stephanye:

    I have to check this out. I’m using Skin MD SPF 15 at the moment and it’s almost empty. I love your Asian products review. Japanese mascara and eye curlers are the only ones that work for me.


    • 8/30/11 16:52 the Muse:

      aw thanks steph glad you enjoy ’em! ;-D You need a higher SPF girl ;-D


  • 8/30/11 16:50 Jen:

    What about the fragrance? Is it fairly strong? I’ve had issues with some BB creams and other Asian products.


    • 8/30/11 16:51 the Muse:

      fragrance free jen


  • 8/30/11 18:10 Ashley:

    Eeeep! Still need to try the Biore sunscreen and now this is added to this list… I haven’t been so excited for sunscreen ever!


  • 9/10/11 3:07 Maggie:

    Hi Muse! Thanks for reviewing this! Can you tell me if this is alright to use for the eye area (like, will there be stinging?) thanks!


    • 9/12/11 10:33 the Muse:

      hi maggie I wouldn’t apply directly under your eyes but when applying all over your face I didn’t experience any stinging.


  • 2/14/12 19:49 Liane:

    What’s the active ingredient? I’m allergic to some kinds of sunscreens.


  • 2/24/13 5:53 Aude:

    Hi. Thanks for your input on this product. I was ready to purchase some Anessa sunscreens to be prepared for spring when this one caught my eye. I really like the consistency (i have combination skin so i do favor milky type sunscreens), and how i don’t have to worry about being protected or not while outside, however i cannot say i particularly like the smell.


  • 9/30/13 15:03 Chloe:

    So I’m looking to buy a 90g bottle of this off of ebay (bad idea?). How long does one tube last?


  • 6/6/15 17:58 Sara:

    Hi, where is the best place to buy this? Can’t wait to try! :)


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