Stila Coral Custom Color Blush Review, Swatches, Photos

Stila Custom Color Blush is a pH-Based powder that supposedly takes the chore out of choosing your perfect shade of blush. You see, it creates the perfect shade of personalized blush for you.

Awesome eh?

It doesn’t work.

I tried the Self-Adjusting Pink shade last year when the product was originally introduced and I loved it. Formula, pigment, etc…it’s a nice blush all the way around but as far as adjusting to be my perfect shade of pink? Nay I say.

This year, Stila introduced a new Self-Adjusting Coral shade and I was on that baby because I’m all about corals, peaches, etc…Love those shades not only because they look rather nice on my cheeks but also because it’s a fab color for Fall.

Let’s take a peek at Stila Self Adjusting-Coral Custom Color Blush!

A self-adjusting shade of coral blush that adjusts to fit any skin tone.

I personally don’t feel the self-adjusting shade formula works for me as the color is true to pan on my cheeks (maybe a little lighter or a little darker depending on how heavy you are with your hand) however, it might just work for you but in my experience I have little success with blushes and foundations or other makeup products that promise to be my perfect shade of color. Honestly, blush, no matter the color or formula, will look different on everyone depending their tone…! Outside of this minor rant the blush is a winner hands down for me.

This shade of coral is a deep, warm shade of poppy. The color is very bold and vibrant in the pan and comes across as a warm coral on my cheeks. The color is unique enough to want to own in my opinion as it’s darker than any other shades of coral/peach I have in my collection. In some aspects the color reminded me of the Too Faced Full Bloom Blush I recently reviewed in Who’s Your Poppy? but Stila’s version is way richer and warmer. The finish has a hint of sparkle but nothing too dramatic that doesn’t easily blend out. I find the formula blends easily onto cheeks, has a silky, lightweight feel, and builds easily so you can go from a lighter stroke of peach to an intense darker shade of coral with a sweep of your brush.

The color feels very unique to me and a brief rush through my stash showed that I didn’t really have anything like it even though I imagine you’ll be wondering if it compares to popular shades like Coralista, Orgasm, etc…I can safely say none of these colors are a match and the color proves a difficult one to dupe.

The entire self-adjusting shade thing doesn’t quite work for me but the idea is fun and hey, it could work for you but count me on the doubtful side!

  • Those seeking a warmer shade of coral blush with a bolder formula that can be used lightly or boldly.
  • Those who like and look best in shades of coral, peach, poppy, etc….
  • Darker skin tones (this will look incredible on those with olive or tanned complexions).

  • Very fair skin tones (practice caution during application as the shade is pretty bold for those with fairer skin).
  • Those expecting the perfect shade of self adjusting blush (In my experience the shade doesn’t adjust and seems to apply true to pan if I’m using a heavier hand during application).

Overall, Stila Coral Custom Color Blush is just a much of a success for me as the pink version and well worthy of a haul for those who love a warmer shade of lovely coral. The color is beautiful and unique to my personal stash and I find it gives my face a flush of healthy color. I think warmer skinned ladies will adore how this looks on their skin as well and it’s probably best suited to such a skin type due to it’s bolder color pay off.

Loved this!

A most perfect shade of coral for Fall.

Available now at

Muse Approved for purchase!


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 8/16/11 20:46 katrosado:

    Oh wow that is stunning! Looks great on you too :) That is a rather unique color, I might have to pick that one up.


    • 8/17/11 10:54 the Muse:

      aw thanks katros!


  • 8/16/11 22:02 Stephanie:

    This might be the push I need to try Stila, finally! Thanks Muse!


    • 8/17/11 10:53 the Muse:

      my pleasure steph ;-D


  • 8/16/11 23:26 Sarah S.:

    *Happy Dance* mine is on its way!


  • 8/17/11 10:58 Cj:

    Good Morning Muse :) I’m thinking about getting last years blush too, but it looks really cool toned in the pan, does it come across like that on the cheeks too?


    • 8/17/11 11:13 the Muse:

      morning mister! :) the pink one you mean?


      • 8/17/11 11:16 Cj:

        Yeah 😀


        • 8/17/11 11:20 the Muse:

          shade is cool ;-D did you see swatches/fotd post? don’t mind the deers in headlights, silly smirk pic ;D


          • 8/17/11 11:33 Cj:

            Ahh I was looking at that post last night but for some reason I didn’t see the FOTD! Blonde moment lol 😛

          • 8/17/11 11:38 the Muse:

            oh no worries…would you like better swatches? I used my old cam back than! also look on as I think they have a coupon for Stila!

          • 8/17/11 11:42 Cj:

            It’s ok I don’t wanna bother you :) I’m pretty sure it’s too cool toned for my skin anyway. Thanks tho 😀

          • 8/17/11 11:48 the Muse:

            it’s no bother, for you anything! just let me know ;-D It’s pretty cool imho but that entire PH deal, if it works for you, maybe it’ll warm up?!

          • 8/17/11 12:01 Cj:

            Ooh I forgot all about the ph thing, If that actually works it’d be amazing lol. Yeah I think I’m gonna get it, worse comes to worse I can always give it to a friend, or return it and get another coral one lol!

          • 8/17/11 12:11 the Muse:

            get it from sephora, easy returns ;-D!!!!!

          • 8/17/11 12:13 Cj:

            My thoughts exactly 😛

          • 8/17/11 12:14 the Muse:

            ;-D! great minds dear great minds ;-D

  • 8/25/11 23:11 tini:

    this is sooooo pretty on you!


    • 8/26/11 9:27 the Muse:

      aw thanks tini!


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