August 11, 2010

Stila Custom Color Blush Review and Swatches

Ahhhh pink. For a long time it was my signature shade of choice. Pink always gives my cheeks a youthful glow so I’m all over it like white on rice. The Stila Fall Collection 2010 has released and it’s all about that perfect shade of color for cheeks.

Now, I don’t really commonly associate the shade of pink with Fall but I can’t deny that I’m really loving hard on the Stila Custom Color Blush.

Check it!


Stila Custom Color Blush is a perceptive one-shade-fits-all powder blush which reacts with your skin’s pH to create a customized shade perfect for your skin tone.

Ok, let’s get it out of the way super fly fast and rip it off like a band aid. I don’t personally believe it’s reacting with my pH level anything but more on that later…..

This comes packaged in a black hard shell case that’s a tiny smaller than Convertible Color. It’s a cute little compact with rather typical Stila packaging. Fun fact, Stila Custom Color Blush is $20 bucks and 0.17 oz making it $5 bucks cheaper than the smaller size Convertible Color.

Blush inside is WOW aspiring pink! Loves it! Yes, it is shockingly pink for the most part but it applies considerably less cra-cra on your face, promise. Formula is a tad chalky first swatch but it’s actually quite silky once applied and has a very natural, flush of color finish. A tiny bit goes a long way considering it does have great color pay off. The end result is beautifully flushed cheeks on my medium fair skin.

Question is will it work for everyone?

For the most part yes. Medium, fair, cream, olive, dark, etc…should be able to easily use this since it has very a good deal of pigment. The color applies a flushed blushing pink which could prove too much for some but if you’re used to wearing pinks and you LIKE how pinks look on your skin, chances are this will be your perfect shade of pink blush. However, if pink is simply not your shade, you probably won’t find the joys in it.

I do urge a swatch and a play as some may automatically assume that it looks crazy in the pot. Believe me it applies considerably less dramatic on the skin!

Those damn pH levels….

No, I don’t think that this “adapts” to your body chemistry to change to the perfect shade of pink. However, I do believe its one of those universally flattering shades of pink that “most” (using the term loosely here) women (or dudes) can easily use and achieve a flattering look with.

On my medium fair skin it comes across as a flushed pink look, kinda like someone just kissed me and I blushed or as if I came in from a cold night. I tried it on two other friends one of which has a tan at the moment and on her it comes across a pretty slash of fuchsia and finally on darker skin it comes across subtly true pink.

  • Anyone who likes pink blushes!
  • Anyone looking for the perfect blushing shade of pink.
  • Anyone who loves Stila!
  • Blush junkies!

  • Anyone with fair skin and certain redness around their cheeks and face (this might not come across so well if you already have red cheeks, so proper concealing and prepping would be required to get a nice flush of color).
  • Anyone scared of pink or anyone who dislikes pink!

I honestly liked this alot. I do believe it might be debatable how it comes across on different skin tones, some folks may think the world of it, and some may feel like it’s too much. For myself, I thought it looked rather stunning on and gives me that kawaii, cute look that I favor. My fuller face wears pinks very well, or at least I’d like to think it does. I really can’t buy into the pH level, chemistry, your perfect shade of blush gimmick however I do believe it’s a shade of blush that should be universally shattering on many skin tones. I do find it slightly strange Stila did a pink shade for Fall as I’m always about warmer colors during that time but it’s still a nice one to add to your beauty arsenal for fresh, no nonsense makeup.

Worth a look at and a possible purchase!

Anyone try it?

Are you lemming it?

On your Fall list?

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  • Fuuka

    Mmmm…pH stuff has never got on for me. It never works! Especially since you usually put blush on after foundation, how is going to really react with your pH? Sounds gimmicky for sure. Looks cute though!! But I need more than pH to break me away from Clinique’s Blushing Blush

    • the Muse

      mmm fuuka def not pulled in my the whole pH level but the blush itself is killer imho πŸ˜€

  • Marina

    I thought this looked cool (and the gimmick is always tempting), but I have pretty fair skin, and a bit of red naturally on my cheeks…so pass. I don’t fuss with blush usually (if I wear anything on my cheeks, it’s either a very, very natural color or a light peach…though recently I’ve been using a touch of UD’s Scratch and a tiny, tiny bit of Fishnet on top).

    • the Muse

      mmm I think redness it’ll look not so fab sadly πŸ˜› Marina fishnet on your cheeks?! holy cows! goth!?

      • Marina

        Lol like honestly, just a TOUCH of it. The brush barely touches it, and it gives me a natural (I know, hard to believe with Fisnet) flush. But I do tend more towards the alternative side of things. I’m not afraid to go there. Makes life more fun πŸ˜‰

        • the Muse

          marina I’m about spicing it up lol Maybe I’ll try hehe. but of course prob look like a crazy girl πŸ˜€

  • tina

    cool! hey muse, is this a cream blush? also how did you apply it on yourself? it looks grogeous on you!

  • Roxie

    It’s very cute but it is something I’ll pass on πŸ™ I have an olive complexion but I also have a touch of rosacea. I have yet to find a concealor that works on my oily cheeks. So I already spot the pinky cheeks. Bummer because it really is cute.

  • Stavroula Plag

    Great review and swatches, thanks!! πŸ™‚ I love Stila! πŸ™‚