Stila Custom Color Blush Self-Adjusting Coral Swatches

Last year, Stila released its Custom Color Blush in a tickled shade of pink. Although I don’t buy into the whole “self-adjusting” blush deal, I still really loved that color and thought it was a rather nice shade of pink.

This Fall, Stila Custom Color Blush comes in a new Coral shade…

Take a look!

I haven’t tried it yet but I was busy swatching it today and thought you’d enjoy a little look at the color. The promo image does nothing for the shade as it is considerably darker in person versus the imagery that Stila used which makes it look like a paler, chalkier shade of peach.

The color is very vibrant and comes across a very warm shade of coral.

I look forward to testing it out and reviewing it for you shortly.

Did you haul it already?

Loving it?

Do share!

  • 8/15/11 21:43 Sarah S.:

    Yay! I just ordered this. The swatch is gorgeous.


  • 8/16/11 1:07 Jessica English:

    I love this color! It is so gorgeous and has become a staple in my collection. The only thing i dont like is i find that it fades throughout the day. But then again i have some what oily skin so it might just be because of that. But overall im totally happy! Stila knocked it out of the park with this along with the pink shade


    • 8/16/11 10:49 the Muse:

      jessica wearing it today, I love it too! such a lovely shade ;-D!


  • 8/16/11 2:59 Erica:

    Absolutely gorgeous!


  • 8/16/11 4:29 Summer:

    It’s such a gorgeous colour! I might have to pick this one up! x


  • 8/16/11 12:33 Cj:

    I got it a little while ago, SUCH A BEAUTIFUL COLOR! Sadly I still can’t wear it in this weather but I’m counting the days lol! 😛


    • 8/16/11 12:46 the Muse:

      it really is gorg for Fall CJ ;-D great warm coral!


  • 8/16/11 13:39 Jayne:

    SO PRETTY. I am a complete coral fiend (coral/orange shades make up roughly 70% of my lipsticks and 60% of my cheek colors) and that is just so, so, SO gorgeous. I will be waiting (not so patiently) for your review so that I can run out and get this ASAP!


    • 8/16/11 13:56 the Muse:

      jayne review coming atcha tonight chica so you don’t have to wait long ;-D!


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