Cle de Peau Beaute Vintage Holiday Palette

Cle de Peau Beaute Vintage Holiday Palette is one highlighting powder that might be making its way into your posher holiday wish list!

Check it out!

Inspired by rare and opulent gemstones this mosaic face powder gives face and skin a lustrous glow like the shimmering brilliance of treasured jewels.

I have the Vintage Palette from Holiday ’09 and it’s stunning so I have no doubts that this one will prove just as gorgeous. If beautiful powders and highlighters are your deal you’ll want to add this one to your beauty vault.

Available now at Cle de Peau Beaute counters for $125.


$125 is probably a bit too much to spend for most but those who collect higher end makeup will probably want this one!

  • 9/22/11 11:24 Sarah S.:

    Ooh wow this is seriously pretty but… $125?


  • 9/22/11 11:45 Eli:



  • 9/22/11 12:02 Courtney:

    This is stunning


  • 9/22/11 14:10 Jess:

    I was in love until I saw the price. No way! I could get 2 Dior Diorskin diamond shimmer compacts plus a Shimmerbrick for this price!


  • 9/22/11 15:35 Anitacska:

    Oh so pretty! :) I got the 2009 one from eBay for about half price or less, brand new, of course it’s still sitting there unused… That’s me, lol. :)


  • 9/22/11 16:41 Melissa:

    I’ve yet to indulge in this line for fear that I will love what ever i buy and need more. This is sooooo tempting.


  • 9/22/11 22:21 Ruth:



  • 9/22/11 23:03 Caty:

    So pretty. I may have to pick this up next time Nordstrom is doing triple reward points. Looks like you could use each block as an eyeshadow (as if I need any more!).


  • 9/23/11 6:59 Polly:

    omg that looks gorgeous!!!!! I shall have to admire from afar with that price though… *sigh* :(


  • 9/24/11 22:22 Blair:

    Sweet makeup jesus this is gorgeous. But $125…I hope there’s a lot of product in there! lol


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