Benefit Hervana

Go ahead and squeal with me now!

The girls at share with us today the new Benefit Hervana Face Powder.


Benefit Hervana is a multi-colored cheek powder with shades of shell, peach, rose, and berry combined together to create a lovely glow on face and cheeks! reports we might see it as soon as February 2012.

Spring can’t come fast enough!

  • 11/8/11 13:31 Rach:

    omg that is soooo pretty


  • 11/8/11 13:31 Martha A. Sta. Barbara:

    Hello Muse!

    Been a lurker in your blog ever since I started blogging. :)

    I’m so excited with the opening of Benefit Cosmetics here in the Philippines. They’ll carry Hervana too! Can’t wait for your review!



    • 11/8/11 13:33 the Muse:

      hi martha! aw thanks so much for reading Musings :) Happy to hear Benefit will be in the Philippines yeah ;-D the boutiques are so whimsical and pretty ;-D xoxox!


  • 11/8/11 13:44 Musebeliever:

    Pretty ! And the brush looks more efficient than the Coralista one !


  • 11/8/11 13:50 Sarah S.:

    This is the first spring offering I know I’m going to buy with ZERO hesitation <3


  • 11/8/11 13:57 Lucy:

    I wonder what colour the blended colour will be. I don’t like mauvey shades, I like light coral pinkey shades!


  • 11/8/11 14:02 Courtney:

    This has made my entire day. Seriously, is it sad that I want to cry from the sheer beauty of this blush? Gorgeous!!! I so need this! I love Benefit boxed powders.


    • 11/8/11 14:21 the Muse:

      lol court ;-D I hear ya I heart ya ;D!


    • 11/8/11 14:27 kiwikiwidragon:

      I feel ya on that!!! This is a must have and it kinda made my day! All thing considered.


    • 11/8/11 14:34 Littlecreek:

      Don’t feel weird Courtney, it made my day too.


  • 11/8/11 14:47 Katherine:

    Wow, this looks awesome! And your typo cracked me up (i.e. mulch-colored). I’m definitely not trying to nitpick since I know you post a million awesome things everyday, but I was so confused at first. “Mulch-colored, like brown? Strange way to advertise.” Then I realized: multi-colored, duh! And I had a good giggle.


    • 11/8/11 14:54 the Muse:

      sorry will fix that Katherine eep….!


  • 11/8/11 14:52 Eva Sofia:

    O-M-G……I need this! I probably have similar stuff in my stash but…but…it’s sooooo pretty!! Why Benefit??!!! oh why do you do keep on bringing charming boxed powders!!!… lol


  • 11/8/11 14:56 Zoelarue:

    I have to wait until summer 2012 for this! Muse, say it ain’t so!


    • 11/8/11 15:08 the Muse:

      spring hun


      • 11/8/11 20:04 Zoelarue:

        Spring is too far away too! I need it now! Coralista is a must have, I agree.


  • 11/8/11 15:08 nicolle:

    I have never bought any Benefit products although I have been wanting to try their blushes for awhile. This one is gorgeous!! I can’t resist! thanks Muse!:)


    • 11/8/11 15:10 the Muse:

      my pleasure nicolle! Benefit has 20% off today you should do a little hauling! Bella Bamba and Coralista are must haves!


      • 11/9/11 0:28 jamie:

        1000% agreed!

        i got both as a mini which is awesome since i feel less guilty 😉 but the shades are def. what i can go for everyday!! but i feel this hervana and sugarbomb will never be minis cuz of the multicoloredness :(


  • 11/8/11 16:13 Carrie:

    Pretty! It kinda reminds me of Sugarbomb.


  • 11/8/11 16:30 Lucy Hollander:

    I actually got a sneak peek at this products and its as amazing as it looks!


  • 11/8/11 17:56 Andrea:

    Cute! This is the first thing on my list of Spring 2012 lemmings.


  • 11/8/11 18:20 Aretsuya:

    *ditto fingers* It does look like a groovy version of sugarbomb, but hervana looks like it has a matte finish… I prefer a little shimmer over matte for my blushes. Any more deets, people? ^_^


  • 11/8/11 22:39 Marina:

    YESSSS! This looks adorable! I hope it’s a pinky-purple color when it’s blended. That’s my favorite cheek color to use. Once I see swatches, I’ll probably buy!


  • 11/9/11 21:20 dina:

    ohhhhh beautiful, can’t wait to see how the shades blend out


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