Luce The Armani Light Collection Giorgio Armani Beauty Spring 2012

Spring has sprung a little early as the Giorgio Armani Beauty Spring 2012 makes an appearance.

Take a look!

Giorgio Armani Beauty Eye Palette

Giorgio Armani Beauty Tourmaline Pink Blush

Giorgio Armani Beauty Eye Pencils

Giorgio Armani Beauty Gloss d’Armani

  • Greige d’Armani
  • Caffeine
  • Wild Rose
  • Blush

The Spring 2012 Collection will be available as early as February. As soon as I have further details I will update this post, for now enjoy the delicious images.

What shades are you yearning for this Spring?

I’m all about corals!

info/images via Fruity Lashes

  • 11/15/11 12:49 katrosado:

    I’m not quite sure what I’m yearning to see for spring of 2012 but not pastels. I think I’m bored with pastels for now. Hopefully one of the spring collections will wow me.


  • 11/15/11 13:02 Sarah S.:

    The pink/green/yellow/beige eye palette is making me think of color corrector palettes 😛


  • 12/31/11 7:07 Dominique:

    I love the Tourmaline Blush !


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