Garnier BB Cream Launches in the US

Thanks to Christine for sending over pictures of the new Garnier BB Cream she saw at her Walgreens. I just reviewed this but I got mine from England however nice to see it’s popping up in scores here finally.

Be on the look out at your local drugstore if you’re lemming it! This is the first official BB Cream to appear in US drugstores.

  • 12/21/11 14:42 Cj:

    Why would anyone be lemming this lol unless maybe the formulas different in the US version… which I doubt


    • 12/21/11 14:44 the Muse:

      lol amen ;-D I told Christine DON’T buy it ;-D haha appreciate the images but please DO NOT buy it!


  • 12/21/11 15:22 Nana:

    really sad that it sucks or would have TOTALLY purchased it X_X


  • 12/21/11 17:12 breyerchic04:

    Hopefully the other american companies copy actual BB creams instead of copying this.


  • 12/21/11 18:24 Dee:

    Tried this few months ago when I was in the UK for a few weeks…really bad product…just didnt work for me at all :((((((((


  • 12/21/11 19:53 Mango:

    I heard the lightest shade is pretty dark :( which sucks because i have been getting paler and paler.


  • 12/21/11 23:05 kuro-panda:

    I think it’s interesting that they are marketing this a Beauty Balm rather than Blemish Balm like they do on the all Asian ones I have. Too bad about the formula though :(


  • 12/22/11 11:41 Diann:

    My friend and I bought it this summer in London and LOVE it


  • 12/22/11 12:07 Laura:

    I would try it – when I get a coupon and it’s on sale! But now that I know Too Faced has one out – I’ll be putting this even more on the back burner.

    I was hoping it would match the Garnier Roller ball concealer, because that is the perfect shade for me and my skin loves it. I’ll cross my fingers.


  • 12/23/11 1:51 Rebecca:

    What makes it bad? I’m just curious. I have dry skin in the winter, so I was hoping it would be like a light base that balances my skin.


    • 12/23/11 9:08 the Muse:

      there’s a link to my review in the post rebecca hope this helps! :)


  • 1/3/12 3:19 Karen Neumann:


    I don’t know what you all our on about. This is a great product and it works. Its light and smooth and the difference you see is immediate. It does exactly what it says it does. But then again I am not sure what you are hoping for. I am an American and living The Netherlands and buy the product here. I love it..


  • 2/1/12 19:13 Sara:

    I got this a few days ago and I really love it! It moisturizes, evens skin tone, and the light color is a perfect match for my nw25 skin!


  • 4/27/12 13:35 its_gamayun:

    Muse, maybe you otter think about reviewing the US version. The formula seems a lot different from the UK stuff you got – I got the US light/medium and it’s thick (REALLY thick) with an almost grey-pink tone like some Asian BB creams have. Your pics looked watery and yellow-orange. It works great on me – evens me out, covers up the bad stuff, and doesn’t look like a weird tan mask (I’m a nw-freakin’-five.) I’d like to see the UK and US versions compared – I think for once the US got the good stuff!


    • 4/27/12 13:37 the Muse:

      hi its gamayun I haven’t reviewed it but did try it. They are both thick, I love that…! but the scent and coverage aren’t really up to a BB cream standard.


  • 5/28/12 15:12 Breeana:

    The Garnier BB cream is amazing ! I wear it everyday & it has made my skin soo clear & just beautiful .


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