December 15, 2011

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector All in One BB Cream Review, Swatches, Photos

I suspect that Garnier will start releasing their BB Cream here in the US soon. If we don’t see it for Spring 2012 we will most definitely see it for Summer 2012.

The BB Cream trend we saw around Fall will probably pick up speed again for Spring and Summer and hopefully we’ll see some of the first BB Creams in US Drugstores at some point during those seasons. The first drugstore BB Cream to pop up in the UK and Ireland was Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector All in One BB Cream so I predict it’ll be our first as well.

If you aren’t familiar with BB Creams or not sure what I am talking about I suggest you read my What is a BB Cream prior to reviewing this review.

Let’s take a look at Garnier’s BB Cream.

This is probably one of the most disappointing BB Cream products I’ve laid my hands out. It’s an insult to BB Creams everywhere. What a bad formula.

Garnier produced it as a skin miracle of sorts that would blur minor imperfections, smooth fine lines, offer a hydrating finish, and even out skin tone…basically all the good things that a BB Cream should do. I love that they took the initiative to release one of the first drugstore foundations outside of Asia, fantastic, brilliant…..but please at the very least get the formula down correctly before slapping “BB Cream” on it.

This comes in two shades one of which is a light shade and one a medium. I had a friend purchase the medium for me from the UK and ship it over. I felt the medium would be the best choice since I feared the light would be a more traditional porcelain shade for fairer English skin. Sadly, medium is VERY dark and wasn’t exactly fitting with my skin tone however I really didn’t have to worry too much about the shade being off since there is very little pigment involved here and the product has pretty much zero coverage abilities.

If you have drier skin you’ll love how hydrating this is. The formula is a super creamy base with a thin consistency that absorbs easily and leaves behind a dewy finish. It’s very moisturizing but it feels lightweight on my skin without being greasy or oily. Overall, the formula was a plus on a whole particularly for my drier skin.

On the downside, it offers zero coverage…I mean this won’t even perfect your face or ease dullness…nothing. It’s like applying moisturizer, zero color just hydrating. BB Creams are typically quite pigmented and have a thicker consistency, creamy yes but not as thin as Garnier’s formula so really it does not have a traditional BB formula.

On top of zero coverage it’s not technically treating finer lines, brightening, whitening, or even offering decent sun protection as SPF 15 isn’t exactly the best coverage money can buy in the BB Cream world.

According to Garnier it will unify your complexion, conceal redness, and makes skin smoother and more hydrated. Garnier props for the hydration factor but no way is this hiding redness or unifying my skin tone.

Overall, this one was a complete and utter bust. To add insult to injury the price range is a whooping Β£9.99-Β£11.99. Ouch! A lovely formula Garnier but please take the BB Cream out of the name here…this is NOT a BB Cream by any means heck it’s not even a tinted moisturizer.


Don’t bother if it launches in the US as I’m doubtful it’ll prove any better.

Tried it?

Do share!

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  • yuvee

    Phew, glad I skipped it! Was really tempted to get it when I was still in the UK as it was the only BB cream I ever saw back then. Now I’m in much better hands with L’egere and Skin 79

  • HapaGirl84

    Oh no! Sorry to hear the UK version is so terrible. πŸ™ I bought the Asian version in Malaysia, and to be honest, I really like it. It’s lighter on coverage, yes, but it blends beautifully and the color is just right. Also, it’s SUPER cheap, and the SPF is slightly higher at 26. Maybe a friend in Asia can send over one to try?

  • Cj

    Ah! You should of asked me πŸ˜› I got the Light one from evilbay a while ago, first of all it was too dark and made my face kinda orange at the same time giving zero coverage, and I hated the finish, it looked too dewy like I was sweating or something and it stayed like that unless I put powder over it. I ended up chucking it in the trash the day after I got it lol

    • the Muse

      garbage! ;-D I got it when it originally released and tossed after two uses lol! I am just bringing myself to review it now, ugh, bb cream? really? no.

  • Nana

    Honestly, I think American brands should stay away from making BB Creams -_- Every review of BB Cream in America was either “OK” or a fail >. *_*)>
    I just think Asian brands know more about what to do with BB Creams rather than American brands ._.

  • Nana

    OMGGG what happened to the rest of my comment?
    I added:
    “It would really be amazing if they would sell Asian BB Creams (Skin 79, Lioele, Missha, Innisfree, etc) in accesible places like sephora :O

  • Eli

    I’m glad they didn’t get the fairer shade here. I would’ve bought it, and felt sorry afterwards πŸ™

  • Michelle

    I got excited for a moment and then I read your review… I guess that’ll save me money. Thanks Muse! πŸ™‚ Just a question, but which BB cream do you personally like/use the most?

    • the Muse

      it changes often for me michelle but skin 79 the Oriental is normally one that I reach for the most.

  • Kelly

    Thanks for saving me more money again Muse, I surely would have wasted money on this if not for your review! xoxo

  • Nina

    Garnier seems very weird with anything in color. The tinted eye roller they have comes in 3 colors in the UK, but only 1 for “most skin tones’ (hahahaha) here. It is way too dark if you are fair, but would not work if you were darker than olive. I don’t think companies based outside of Asia “get” the BB concept.

  • SJ

    They gave out 1000 of them to Australians. I received one. I mean I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I think this pony is unridable. Thank god I didn’t actually buy the crap.

  • Simone

    This came out in Australia a few months ago, and after seeing rave reviews on an Aussie beauty site I thought I’d have a crack at it… awful, hated it. Greasy, no coverage, and I wasn’t a fan of the smell either. That’ll teach me for trying anything other than my beloved Dermalogica… cost me $15 too πŸ™

  • Mary the Muse Militant

    Tried that Garnier BB cream (UK) and as you said it isn’t a BB cream at all.
    Terrible stuff ! No coverage whatsoever. A slight bit of colour that goes on patchy. What were they thinking ?

  • liz

    hi Muse! I just discovered your blog yesterday and I am already obsessed, especially with your BB cream reviews! now I have about 5 of them in my amazon wishlist (to be revisited after Christmas…)–SO STOKED! I love the detail of your reviews, and plan on visiting here often!

    • the Muse

      hi liz good to meet you *waves* ;-D ha awesome! check out and for bb creams, prob cheaper than amazon hun!

  • Sara

    Weird, I’d swear you already reviewed this! Deja vu??

    You smack those phony BB makers in the face! They can’t fool a Muse! I still have my fingers crossed that one day I’ll find a BB cream without silicones in it, but it’s probably not gonna happen. Until then, I live vicariously through your reviews. πŸ™‚

    • the Muse

      naa just a little post ’bout it sara πŸ˜€ lol! you got that right ;-D this one just sucked so do avoid at all costs!

      • Sara

        Oh hell no I ain’t buyin’ no faux bb cream! If I walk away from Musings with anything else, it’s that the Asian markets corner the BB cream formulas…..and also that British tv is where it’s at with a few ‘Muurican exceptions. :p

  • Laura

    Muse, have you tried Origins Vita-zing? It’s not a full on BB cream – and they definitely do not promote it as one – but it’s pretty darn great.

    It’s a moisturizer that looks white and goes on tinted to “adjust” to your skin tone, and it has highlighter in it – for light reflections, and it SPF 15. It pretty much rocks my world.

    • the Muse

      I don’t like it laura πŸ™ makes me look like a discoball sadly. DEF NOT A BB cream πŸ™‚ just a moisturizer with little weird beads in it haha ;-D Glad you enjoy though!!!!!!!!!!!! I hear alot of raves, sadly tried it but didn’t like it πŸ™

  • nouna

    I ve seen a lot of good rates for this but I don’t feel like truing it now, thanks!

  • Audris

    It’s selling in the stores here in Singapore and looks like the colour range is the same as in the UK. Will pass, thanks.

  • christine

    there’s a eyeroller thingy version of this, is suppose it’s like an undereye concealer-slash-treatment of sorts.

    • Laura

      I love the eye roller thingy!! it’s the perfect light tinted shade and goes on so light and smooth!

  • Diann

    I find all these comments interesting, my friend and I bought it this summer while in the UK and both of us really like it. That being said- I have drier skin and am not looking for heavy coverage

  • ribbonroses

    Aww man I was tempted to pick one of these up in Boots a week or so back (only just read your review) soooo glad I didn’t! Thanks Muse! xx

  • Yessie C.

    I just picked this up at my local Walgreens here in Southern California and I love it! It was buy 1 get one for 50% off, i’m going back tomorrow to get my other for 50% off!!!

  • Amanda

    I bought this in Spain while studying there, and I LOVED it. I thought it was fantastic. It’s light and moisturizing and feels great on my skin, not to mention it gives a good amount of coverage.
    I guess it’s either a love or hate, because I fell in love.

  • Danielle

    Wish I’d read this 2 days ago. Even the light/medium is pretty dark, and I agree about zero coverage. I was much happier with my basic acerbic tinted moisturizer. Booo. πŸ™

    I’m excited to try the world of BB creams, but I am not excited about the price tag. I was hoping this would be a more reasonable option. So disappointed!!

  • Emily

    I’m of Eastern European descent, living in the US, so I wonder if everyone’s background has something to do with it. I personally LOVE this product. It makes my skin glow and look fresh unlike any foundation or moisturizer combination I’ve ever used. Perhaps the Asian versions are even better, but for the price, and for how little I have to use, my skin looks pretty incredible. Granted, I’ve been on a new skincare regimen (I’ve overhauled almost ALL of my products when my skin started to look especially bad…acne/discoloration) and I’ve found that a combination of tea tree oil/toner (from Jason and the Body Shop) plus this Garnier BB Cream makes my face look loads better than it had even 1 month ago. I’m so happy!

  • Kamagrian

    I totally agree with you on this one. I was sent samples of the product to try, and hated it. I’m a fair-skinned English redhead, and the “Light” shade was still too dark on me. As you stated, it has little coverage, but it did leave me looking a little dirty, like I hadn’t washed my face!

    It didn’t feel like a BB cream in the slightest, and was a total disappointment. As it happens, I don’t buy Garnier products anyway (Nestle brand, and I’m a boycotter) so it was no loss to me, but I reviewed it fairly and still really disliked it.

    Until the mainstream western brands get a vague idea what they’re doing with BB creams, I’ll continue ordering mine in from Korea, thanks!

  • Abbey

    I absolutely love this one, too! And I find it to give me decent coverage. I do use a concealer on under-eye circles, but that’s it! I hate that it worked so poorly for you πŸ™

  • linda

    I have to say – it was at walgreens and I’m really surprised how good the coverage is!
    I bought the light er one and the coverage is a little “dewy” for me so I just lighted dusted with mineral veil?

    So far so good! would love to find a great product!!

  • Abbey

    I really love this one, too. I have light skin with warm undertones and I am generally blemish free. My skin is also dry. I use a concealer under my eyes and a bit of finishing powder with it, and I’m happy! I agree that it shouldn’t be marketed as a BB Cream–it’s much more of a tinted moisturizer with low spf. But I love it!

  • Angie

    I bought it here in the U.S. when it was on sale for $9. i think it’s a good product for its price. I’ve tired both Dr. jart and Bocia bb creams, and I think the Garnier verstion works just as good, if not better. But of course, I don’t know about the long term skincare result though.

    • the Muse

      better really angie? both bocia and dr jart have considerably more pigment where as garnier’s version is very, very sheer! Surprised you thought it was better! interesting!

  • Judy

    Guess my skin is weird. My skin loved it, I mix the two shades to get the right color and think it offers just enough coverage. Different for everybody, I seem to be in the major minority!

  • Louise

    Oh, i disagree. I really dig this BB cream!
    I’ve been looking for a foundation for so long, but this cream is really perfect for me. I wasnt looking for a foundation, with super much coverage, i just wanted one that gave a smooth and even surface.
    But this cream really does it for me! Such a great base, with just a little concealer and powder to give a great finish πŸ™‚

  • Berryblueyes

    After reading this review I’m wondering if they realeased a different version of it in the US then they did in the UK because it has medium coverage for me which is perfect. I have fairly light skin and this looks great. When I got a tan I did use NYC “sunny” bronzer over it so it matched my neck because that is a very light color for a bronzer and I just used a light hand with it and it was perfect. For the record though I don’t like full coverage foundation unless it is for a photoshoot. This felt like I had no makeup on with good coverage but you could still see my darkest freckles and I used the garneir tinted eye roller under my eyes as well.

  • JennieLovesJLS

    I Was Close To Picking This Up From Superdrug In Liverpool One Shopping Centre But I Resisted As I Wanted Revlon Colourstay Instead And TBH I’m Thankfull I Didn’t Pick It Up As The Very Next Day My Best Frend Came To My House And Brought It With Here And It Was Awful Quality For The Price Plus I Later Found Out Garnier Test On Animals So I Will NEVER Buy From Them As Im A Massive Animal Lover And Against Animal Testing! Plus The UK Now Has Amazing BB Creams Like 17’s BB Cream, Superdrugs Own, MUA, And Maybelline But L’oreal’s Is Another AWFUL BB Cream Firstly Its A Grey Looking Liquid That Changes Colour On Your Skin But It’s Only IN 1 Shade And Me Being Very Pale Of Course It Wasn’t Going To Suit Me, I Ended Up Looking Like An Extra Oompa Loompa From CATCF;( Very Dissapointing Considering that is Even More Expensive At Around Β£10-14 Depending Where You Buy It From!

  • Ajay.

    Omg, thank you so much for this helpful review! Had I not read this, I would probably have given up to the hype.

    • the Muse

      my pleasure ajay! If you don’t mind sheer you might like it but it isn’t really a bb cream just a tinted moisturizer!

  • Chesca

    Wow! I’m glad I checked out your review on this first before buying it !
    Your review is really good : ) Thank you so much for this ^^

  • Siylvia

    I don’t think this BB cream is as awful as some of the comments say here. Sure the coverage is sheer, but bb cream isn’t meant to have a full coverage like some foundations do. It hydrates well, and it smells good (I let my coworker tried mine and she loved the scent too). The cons are: 1, It looks a little greasy after I put it on (I have combination skin). 2. I have light Asian skin and the light/medium shade is a bit too dark for me. But to be honest, I’ve tried several brands, and I haven’t found any BB cream that matches my skin tone — either too dark (For Beloved One) or too light (BRTC), or too grayish (Bocia). Now I get a little natural summer tan from all the outdoor activities (swimming, hiking, etc), I think it may match my skin tone better now.

    In conclusion, if you don’t want to spend $35 or $40 on a bb cream, and if you want something with sheer/light coverage and hydrates well, I’d recommend this bb cream. But of course, if you have the buget and don’t mind spending, there are better options out there.

  • Amor

    Since I started wearing this, I have noticed that my face gets a bit more oily. I have combination skin so the oily is a norm for me. Can you recomend a GOOD BB cream for oily skin.

    BTW; as a virgin BB cream user, I really liked the way it evened out my skin and it did provide ok coverage. I’m medium skin tone and I bought the medium/deep shade and I think that darker tone provided more covereage for me.

  • Elle

    I was lucky not to have wasted money on this – I was staying over with a friend and she let me try hers. For some reason she seemed to think it was really good, but UGH I hated it!! Absolutely no coverage to speak of, it doesn’t do one single thing but moisturize, and my face looks exactly the same as it always does with it on.

  • Elle

    Oh and I’d recommend Dr G brightening balm SPF 30, it’s a Korean brand and is really the best one I’ve ever tried. Coverage is even better than most foundations, yet it looks so natural. Definitely stick with Korean brands for bb cream!

  • Astrid

    Hi Muse! Thanks for reviewing this product! I have been looking into BB creams and I am a total newbie at this so I probably would have fallen into this trap! Can you recommend me some starter BB creams? I have oily skin and a light olive skin tone.

  • phoebe

    after reading some of these comments and from my own personal experience.. perhaps this bbcream might work better on asian skin? i’ve had no problems with it so far and honestly, it’s one of the best i’ve used. i’ve used etude house’s bb cream before and it was so terrible as compared to this.

  • Louise

    I tried it today. Haven’t used any BB creams – there aren’t that many brands available in Australia. Most of what is available is ridiculously expensive ($40 for L’Oreal’s, which doesn’t get much of a write-up anyway) and I thought I’d give Garnier’s a go. It’s $14, so not such a blow if it turned out to be lousy. I had read a review by someone who said it helped her rosacea.

    Well, there’s $14 I’ll never get back.

    As you said, it offers zero coverage. It doesn’t smooth, let alone ‘perfect’ my skin. To be fair, it is aimed at under-45s and I’m pushing 50, but apart from the coarsened pores and some redness from rosacea, I have youthful skin for my age. But the lack of coverage means I’d never be able to substitute if for foundation, so it’s a waste of money.

    Worse than that was how it made my skin feel. My face felt dirty, caked, like I’d been out all day and really needed a wash, and that was within minutes of putting it on. It doesn’t feel remotely like it moisturises; just the opposite (my skin is quite dry these days). I’ve been using L’Oreal’s Age Perfect moisturiser in the last few weeks, and it feels lovely, very thick, almost buttery, like lip balm. But putting the Garnier BB on over it made my face feel dried out.

    It’ll be into the bin with this one, methinks. Such a pity.

  • CaitK

    interesting to see all the different opinions on BB cremes!

    so far i’ve tried 3 “bb” cremes (this garnier bb, maybelline dream fresh bb, and an aveeno tinted moisturizer, which isn’t a bb I guess haha), but the garnier is actually the only one i would buy again! I thought the garnier stayed on my skin nicely and evened it out well, with good hydration for the whole day. The maybelline was my least favorite, it felt sticky and I had to use so much to get decent colour correction, and I also had to moisturize prior to applying it. The aveeno moisturizes as well as the garnier, but has very little colour-correction (i guess since it’s a tinted moisturizer and not a bb??). it also has “light-reflecting minerals”, which I thought were awful because they basically highlight any bumps or imperfections on your skin…

    anyways that’s my 2-cents about BBs, maybe garnier re-evaluated their formula since it’s original US launch? I only recently tried it, and like I said, I really liked it!

  • LaTorya C

    (Sorry its so long but thought it worthwhile)
    I so disagree with this review! I am a 41 year old black American woman who has had skin trouble all my life. I don’t take care of my skin like I should and have never really used anything on my face except for prescription acne medication and over the counter fade cream. I also don’t wear a lot of make up if any most of the time. I bought this cream on a whim just a few months ago (I am still on my first tube) while in the drugstore looking for a tinted moisturizer because I hate foundation. I had never heard of BB cream and only researched it recently but I can tell you that this cream does exactly what it says it does (Except the coverage). I purchased the medium/deep because it was the darkest the drugstore had. When I got it home I squeezed a little in my hand and I was instantly disappointed because it looked way to light for my skin so I mixed it with a too dark foundation to create a closer color match and provide some coverage as I am plagued with dark spots and uneven skin tone from years of acne. I used it about a month like this without really paying much attention to what it was or was not doing (it wasn’t breaking me out so be it) but one morning I was fresh out the shower nothing on my face and I looked in the mirror and started smiling, my face had this healthy glow and smoothness to it that I can’t remember EVER having. Then I noticed the large pores on my cheeks were not that noticeable anymore and my skin tone was a lot more even and the dark spots I had been trying to get rid of were fading away. That day I used the bb cream without the foundation and there was very little coverage of my dark spots (they were less noticeable anyway) but it gave my face an appearance of being one shade (does that make sense?) and I have been wearing it like that daily and have been getting compliments on my skin which is so weird for me especially in the winter time when my skin is usually dry and dull looking (but extremely oily in the summer). I have been looking online for the deep, thinking it may provide more coverage, but can’t seem to find it anywhere. I am really anxious to see how this bb cream will perform in the heat or our southern summers.

  • yelena

    i have to say, i’ve been using this for almost a year and i’m totally in love. whether its a bb cream or not i dont care what its called its my favorite face product. it makes my face feel soft and smoothe all day long, keeps my skin feeling moisturized and supple but not oily or greesy at all. i just top it off with a bronzer and its set all day!
    i’ve been trying name brand BBs including UD, tarte, etc and have been so disappointed. none of them last all day, they dry my face out or break me out, and by the end of the day i look like i didnt put a drop of product on my face.
    i just use a light hand and spread all over my face and i have a beautiful complexion that lasts all day. blush/bronzer used to be the one product I couldn’t leave the house with but now this is IT!

  • md

    i actually really love this product for a very sheer and dewy “perfecting” effect — helps to mask my pores and wrinkles a bit while offering some nice glowy shine. but definitely no coverage for someone who wants that.
    would you recommend any other products (primers, BBs, TMs, powders, anything) for someone who doesn’t really want much coverage and finds some BBs and tinted moisturizers too thick, but still wants something to perfect my skin and hide my pores and wrinkles/dehydration lines? thanks!