Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam for Spring 2012

Lover of Maybelline Dream Mousse? Well this year it gets a revamp! It it comes in a can like Revlon’s new Photo Ready Foundation plus it’s a creamy mousse.

I didn’t love Revlon’s version but I’m curious about Maybelline’s, perhaps it’ll be a love.

Available in 12 shades and launching soon at drugstores.

  • 12/27/11 10:53 Cj:

    Good morning Muse! How was your Christmas + what did you get :D?? CVS finally got some of the new spring products, I’m loving the loreal balms 😀 I hope this foundation is lighter than the revlon… And without sparkle lol


    • 12/27/11 12:46 the Muse:

      good morning or afternoon shall I say 😀 mmmm makeup, clothes, lots of gcs :) dvd sets I wanted, books, new nook, and a buncha other bits and bobs. how about you? got everything you wanted I hope!!!!!!!! yay! glad to hear it, they are nice aren’t they? not as lovely as the revlon but way more natural and pretty! I hope so too!!!!!!


  • 12/27/11 13:40 Cj:

    Yay! I got everything I wanted and more lol! A lot of gift cards too which I’m happy with lol. My best friend is taking me to Orlando today and staying for a couple days for my bday 😀 Gonna use up some of the gift cards lol!


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