December 22, 2011

Revlon Photo Ready Air Brush Mousse Makeup Review, Swatches, Photos

Being a not so hot fan of Revlon Photo Ready Foundation I wasn’t exactly prepared to try their new Photo Ready Airbrush Foundation.

But curiosity led me to a three can purchase, yeah, couldn’t decide what shade I was had to haul three of these.

Take a look!

I wasn’t sure what exactly I was getting into here. Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush Mousse Makeup, hmmm is it a mousse? A cream? A spray on foundation? After carefully examining the can these come in I was under the assumption they might be a spray foundation of sorts but “mousse” in the title later led me to believe well maybe it’s a cream foundation of sorts…

What it is, is pure innovative beauty.

Great job here on the formula Revlon. You’ve successfully created a foundation product that’s never been done before in my humblest opinion and who doesn’t love something new and unique to try out.

This foundation has an interesting hybrid formula that isn’t quite sure what it wants to be. This comes in a spray can with a tilted nozzle. You simply press the nozzle and a burst of air infused mousse will shoot out. Now the interesting thing about the formula is it starts off as an airy, lightweight mousse but touch it and it deflates into a heavy cream foundation. It’s a very, very interesting texture. Originally I thought it would be a lightweight mousse upon first using it but after applying the formula begins to morph and it goes from a lightweight mousse to a heavier cream foundation.

Now the cream formula loves my dry skin however it could prove too heavy for oily skin users. There’s definitely some heavy coverage involved in here not only due to the formula but also the pigmentation of the product which provides full coverage. You want to start off with a very small amount and slowly build otherwise you end up feeling a tad on the mask-like side of the foundation fence. If you have problem skin you’ll probably love how easily this conceals skin issues however if you’re used to wearing a lighter foundation for easing dullness or simply evening out your skin tone you might feel this is a tad too much.

As a lightweight foundation and BB Cream user I felt this was a tad heavy but I still liked it very much. It gives a flawless, airbrushed finish that looks incredible. My main problem with it was that it looked like I had foundation on but disregarding this and applying my other makeup does lighten up things a fair bit. My other issue with the foundation is it looks beautiful in photographs and under indoor lightening but after heading out to the car and looking at myself in the mirror in the sunlight I was looking a bit Edward Cullen-like. This has fine silver sparkles in the mix that aren’t noticeable at first but once the foundation is applied and you step outside you can definitely see them. Dare I say, a person who adores sparkle, this might prove a little too much for me. The effect isn’t disco ball like but when you turn your head from left to right the finer sparkle does reflect. It kinda looks like you dusted yourself with some fine shimmer. On the upside this really wore nicely. It remained fresh for about five hours before showing some minor fading and it didn’t oxidize on my skin which is a complete plus.

I ended up purchasing three shades as I always have issues getting my shade right at the drugstores. The swatches you see below are 050, 040, and 030 from left to right. Combining 30 and 40 was the best shade selection for me as 050 was too dark. All the colors I tried had a beige undertone but this didn’t make my skin dull thankfully and it blended well.

Overall, I think Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush Mousse Makeup is a very interesting product. I think the sparkle is a deal breaker for most though as it’s not the most flattering of looks particularly if you work in an office environment. I will say that indoors I can barely see the shimmer but stepping outside it’s very noticeable. I’d like it if they lightened this up just a little as well since the formula was a very heavy foundation product and I normally prefer something a bit on the lighter side. This one can be chalked up as very innovative as the hybrid formula is interesting and unique particularly for a drugstore foundation product but sadly the innovation doesn’t actually come through in the end result and a few bad choices like the introduction of sparkle really kill the product.

Nice job Revlon but it needs a little work. If you already use and love Revlon Photo Ready Foundation I think you’ll probably adore this however if you’re not keen on sparkle or a heavyweight of a foundation product definitely do avoid.

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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Cj

    I was really looking forward to your review for this foundation! My inner geek is excited about the cool formula 😛 Does setting it with powder get rid of some of the sparkle? Maybe applying it with a damp sponge or something would make it less heavy hmm. I’m definitely going to pick it up when I see it, I’m probably gonna be like 020 or 010 (guessing those are options!) lol

    • the Muse

      hey cj!

      a little bit. it’s actually what I resorted to this morning to tame the sparkle hehe. You’re a younger than I am so you might feel the sparkle isn’t too bad!!!!!!!! a wet sponge might help!!!!!!!!!! it’s worth trying, it’s very very unique for a drugstore foundation and not like anything I’ve tried in a base before 🙂

  • Hilary

    Why does Revlon have to ruin all of their new foundations with shimmer? Boo! 🙁 I really wanted to try this and was hoping there would be no sparkle.

    Oh well money saved, lol. Thanks for the review!

    • the Muse

      my pleasure hilary! It actually looked good inside and than I flipped won the mirror in my sun visor and I was like holy sh*t! night fever, night fever! LOL

      • Hilary

        LOL, that happened to me with the original Photoready!
        Love the BeeGees but yeah don’t wan’t to look like a discoball:(

        • the Muse

          I’m legendary for going a little too crazy with the shimmer so I have to avoid this stuff ;-D ha me too! no one could hit a high note like ’em!

  • Courtney

    I may have to try this. Which shades are these (I’m particularly interested in the pale one)? Thanks!

  • kiwikiwidragon

    I have been on fence about try the cream pan version since they never seem to work for dry skin and grab every flaw. I thought about the original formula too, but don’t care for sparkle in my foundation either. This might be on my trial list…..
    I did try the Maybelline 10hr Stain/Gloss today and I like it! I thought I bought the lightest color, but I ended up with a brighter pink but I am impressed with the formula, dry enough to stay on yet still has some glide to rub my lips together with and doesn’t have that long wearing lip color smell! It has a bit of a sheen to it, but I can see some wanting to add gloss over it.

    • the Muse

      gotta say interesting formula here Jenn but the sparkle is a big nay! I haven’t tried 🙁 not in stores here yet. I’m really the most excited about those big bouncy blushes :D!

  • Stephanie C.

    Tempted to get the 030 since I’ve been relying on BB cream the last year and kind of want a creme/wet foundation now. I’m a little worried about the shimmer though. Is it really obvious? I haven’t tried Revlon’s Photo Ready foundation, but I’m assuming that one doesn’t shimmer. Will have to check your review for that as well 🙂

    • the Muse

      mmm in the sunlight yes Stephanie. Indoor lighting I had absolutely no problems but it became obvious when I stepped outside. It kinda reflects a bit so someone might comment and say hey you have a little sparkle on your cheeks or nose, etc….the original also has shimmer so be aware.

  • Sara

    Thanks for that really depthy review, Muse. I haven’t actually purchased a foundation from the drugstore before (unless powder compacts as a teen count. :P), but might consider this for photography purposes! Silicones and all (cuz you know they’re in there)! It sounds too heavy for day to day use, but who cakes on foundation every day anyway? It’s always nice to have something you know will photograph beautifully, and it’s tough to find something that doesn’t flash back too much. At least, something *affordable* that’ll photograph well…. 😉

    I haven’t seen the displays around here yet, but do you think a really pale person could find a match? Some of the swatches on your arm look workable, but I suspect there are several shades difference between the two of us.

    • the Muse

      Agreed, particularly if you blog and want nice photo coverage ;-D but for daily use a bit too heavy and sparkly for me ;-D There’s alot of beige in these but they seem tow work out well!

      • Sara

        Hmm…beige can be worrisome, but yellow is even harder for me to work with. Just ends up looking jaundiced or something, or sickly. bleh. But beige can be fixed I think. Thanks, Muse! Whenever they finally land at my stores (omg takes so long! I had to drive out into the suburbs to find the new loreal and maybelline shadows) my fingers are crossed they’ll have something light enough. 🙂

  • Stephanie C.

    Haha on second thought, after that review I won’t be getting it for sure. My skin is already super dry and I guess it also has shimmer.

  • Melissa

    Do you recall what you paid for it? I just saw this at Ulta and it was $15.99 which is way too much for Revlon – IMO. Even with a good $2 coupon I wasn’t thrilled so I passed. I think I would like the formula because I like shimmer on my cheeks and bridge of my nose which is wear I apply foundation the heaviest so it might work. I typically use a luxury brand foundation and I’m feeling the love for cheaper eye shadows lately but usually stick to my Chanel liquids for my base. (Hello NYX butt naked I’m talking about you. ) Any how, thanks!

  • Teresa

    I have to try this, sparkle be damned. I don’t find the shimmer in Photoready to be an issue, so hopefully I won’t mind this one. *Fingers crossed* Where did you find these?

  • sable

    oh gosh I was thisclose to buying it! The foam glob picture looks so gross but I think the shimmer would just look terrible on my combo dry skin! Thanks for reviewing!

  • Quinctia

    Hmm…the thought of a heavier coverage foundation actually intrigues me, because I have some lighter coverage products I like, and it would be nice to get all I’d like out of my foundation.

    Don’t know how I feel about the sparkle, I tend to favor a matte-r face finish as I tend to overdo shimmer everywhere else.

  • Maria

    Awwwww….why so sparkly….boooo! I really wanted to try this for my mom but I don’t think she wants to look like Edward Cullen. She actually knows who he is since I made her watch all of the movies so we could go watch the latest one together….hehehe! I know…I’m an evil daughter, but I can’t help if I love me some sparkly brooding men. ^_^

  • Mia D

    Muse I actually like this for the most part. It can get a bit cakey around my chin, which is currently really dry, but other than that it gives me a glow. I didn’t feel that this is heavy on the skin. I normally wear either a BB cream or powder on top of concealer. I think the “sparkle” in it gives the skin a glow (not a disco ball look). It looks pretty natural to me on my skin and has decent coverage. They also had the mascara for $7.

  • April

    I picked this up today @ Ulta along with their new color correcting primer. Can’t wait to try it.

  • Chi

    I have been hunting for a good full coverage drugstore foundation for my nights out since forever, do you think this is the one? I have combination skin, though 🙂 If not, what foundation do you recommend? Thanks Muse <3

  • leesh

    Just wondering, aren’t the sparkles supposed to act as reflectors? I thought that was why they included sparkles in the original photo ready formula. The theory is that they reflect light and make obvious texture issues less apparent. However, I could see how that would just kind of make you look like you were wearing a lot of glitter. 🙂

  • frannie

    I’ve been using this product for two weeks now and am in love. I wore it through out New Years Eve and for the first time I didn’t have to “untag” any Facebook photos. The sparkles don’t bother me and I’ve even asked a few people who were outside with me if they noticed any shimmer and they said no. Maybe it’s because I paired it with the photo ready powder as well? No idea.

  • MeganNoel

    I think I may try this. I know Ulta is having a revlon buy1 get 1/2 half sale, and I was going to pick up the photo stay foundation from them. SO I think I’ll just try them both out and kill two birds with one stone type of deal. Great review, it’s super helpful!

  • THRiCE

    thanks for the helpful review! i’m pretty much new into these kind of things (lol). would you be so kind to recommend one that doesn’t look too “sparkly”?

    • the Muse

      yup always prime before makeup! guess I need to prime a lot more krysh ;-D

  • Cassi

    I’m not psyched about it the sparkles but since my luggage was literally tossed and my regular foundation broke (hard to clean up!) I have literally no other option. It was the only light skinned foundation they had here and they didn’t seem too thrilled to let me look at things…

    I don’t get it…my husband said most cosmetic sales girls in s. asia work on commission so why are they so rude and unhelpful?

  • Rachel

    I absolutely adore this foundation. I am ghostly pale and this is the first foundation that I have found that is literally my skin color ( I wear the shade Vanilla the lightest one) When I have the foundation on my hand the sparkle is very apparent but when it is on my face it just looks like it is glowing, also I use a setting powder on top of it which tones it down a little. Also I apply it with a circular brush and buff it in.

  • Jaaay

    This product I love It gives that great finish look. Not cakes at all. I don’t know on other reviews I seen they complained about it not being so great but it’s true it’s not a heavy foundation. I have pigment skin it looks flawless and I have a yellowish undertone Its great if you use the mineral brush it applys very well. You’ll love his product!

  • Samra

    great review this foundation was in my wishlist for a verylong time now,and I’m going through reviews, mite buy it in couple of days 🙂 your review has helped me alot. I think it’s best for a night look what do you think?
    I’m following your blog now would it if you follow me back.