Stila Loves BP at Nordstrom Review, Swatches, Photos

What’s the story today kids?

How’s life? I’ve been a bit remiss around here due to the holidays, life, work, and Skyrim mayhem. I’m about over Christmas by now even though it hasn’t even arrived yet.
Please sir, can we have some corals and peaches for Spring 2012? k, thanks! What’s your dream wish list for Spring 2012? I think we’ll see alot of the “natural” trending as soon as January hits and it’ll worm it’s way through many collections for the upcoming season.

P.S. Anyone see the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo yet. Thoughts? I was a little meh on it. Not bad but I’m true to the books and the Swedish version of the film!

I’m set, I have my Stila Loves BP at Nordstrom Palette so I’m golden in the nude category. A little Nordie’s bird whispered in my air a few days ago that they’ll be introducing some cheap thrills throughout the store including new Jane and Stila Palettes. If you shop their site you probably already noticed some of the more inexpensive goodies arriving like NYX.

Kinda funky to mix our high end obsessions with our little budget indulgences eh?

What do you think of Nordstrom carrying cheaper little makeup purchases? Does it thrill you that you can get your Chanel on and your NYX at the same location?

Speaking of cheap thrills let’s take a lookiee at the Stila Loves BP at Nordstrom Palette.

Hey, you’re doing it right again Stila.

You know my beef with Stila and these “Travel Girl/Beach Girl/Whatever you want to call them Girl” Palettes. The formula is way inconsistent at times so sometimes you end up with a solid gold palette and other times you end up with one that has a crummy formula. It’s a mixed bag but it doesn’t cure the pokemon disease…rubbish formula or not there’s something about these palettes that makes us simply want to own them all!

Stila teamed up with Nordstrom’s Junior Collection, BP, to create this palette. It’s exclusive to Nordstrom, available for $14, and includes the typical, traditional line up that the Travel and Beach Girl Palettes contained which is four eyeshadows, a blush, and a highlighter. In this case, you actually get two blushes.

This is my kinda palette as it has rich shades of cranberry paired up with paler pinks, I dub it a lovely selection of natural shades but beware they are the type of colors that give you that punched in the eye look if you have dark circles or you’re eyes are a bit on the mature side of the fence.

I’d say this one is most comparable to Stila’s Stunning in Sayulita but the shades are a bit tamer. I don’t necessarily feel like I can dupe shades here from other palettes releases even though I’ve felt that way about others in the past. Seems like these are all fairly new colors so you won’t have too many cases of deja vu should you indulge.


  • Clique (pale pink)
  • Bestie (light cranberry)
  • Wink (brown infused with cranberry)
  • Hipster (chocolate brown)

All the shadow shades are a soft, buttery formula. The texture isn’t up to par with Stila’s traditional range but no worries they still injected some of that greatness into these. I was very pleased with the overall feel of these and felt they blended easily, packed plenty of pigment, and had a soft, velvety texture. All the shades have a soft sheen without looking frosty outside of Hipster which was matte.

Crush (soft mauve) and Hipster (dusky pink rose) are the two shades of blush included in the set. This is where things go downhill. Sadly. the blushes are really densely packed and prove difficult to pick color up. I think in someways this is a good thing considering how heavy handed I am with blush however it other ways it proves annoying you have to sit around and swipe your brush over the powder over and over and over again to build color up on your cheeks. If you recall the holiday palette, A Few of my Favorite Things, had the same issue.

Overall, the Stila Loves BP at Nordstrom Palette isn’t all bad. Yup, def some inconsistencies here but I actually liked the eyeshadow shades and will probably get plenty of use from them. The blush proves very disappointing though. I’m going to chalk this one up as a swatch it in passing if you happen to be in store as I think you’ll probably love the shadows as much as I do just prepare yourself for a crummy blush formula.

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This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 12/21/11 12:18 Hilary:

    Ha, Skyrim took over my house for weeks when it came out! Good thing my son beat the game so I can talk to him for the holidays:)

    I hate that these Stila palettes are so hit or miss. Glad we have your reviews!
    I think I want this one just for the e/s. Colors look great!


    • 12/21/11 12:27 the Muse:

      Hils, I promised myself I wouldn’t install it. It’s been sitting on my desk since November ;-D but finally caved and now I’m completely mush LOL! ;-D LMAO awwww!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure he’ll move on to the next game you got him for xmas so don’t be surprised if he isn’t at christmas dinner haha!

      Shadows are brills but the blush is so a disappointment girl!

      p.s. Happiest Holidays my friend :) Enjoy it!!!!!


      • 12/21/11 18:33 Hilary:

        LOL you know him too well!! haha. But I can’t blame him about Skyrim, such a cool game and the graphics are beautiful! Enjoy!

        I love the shadow colors and they really look great on you.
        I’ll be needing it :)

        Happy Holidays!!


        • 12/22/11 15:27 the Muse:

          hehe ;-D! buh buy hub! :) It really is, possilibities are endless in world, the random factor really makes it a unique gaming experience! aw thanks you’re too kind dear! Happiest Holidays! Enjoy! Hope you get the hub back for christmas ;D!


  • 12/21/11 12:34 Stephanie:

    Ahhh I have so many neutral palettes now but this looks so nice!! Luckily your review about the blushes is bringing me back to Earth. I guess even with the great price point, I don’t neeeeed it. Well, still tempted though haha


    • 12/21/11 12:38 the Muse:

      stephanie def worth it for the shadows but the blush…sigh…such a bust :(


  • 12/21/11 13:17 Michelle:

    You have an interesting view on the natural trends for makeup…especially when we’ve just seen Naked 2, NYX’s Butt Naked, Mark’s On The Dot Neutral, etc. I’m a neutral girl and I’m always up for seeing new palettes in this color scheme but the only problem is that I want to buy them all! :)


    • 12/21/11 13:24 the Muse:

      I hear you Michelle same here…! def want to own them all, gimme :)


  • 12/21/11 16:47 18thCenturyFox:

    As a Nordstrom customer and former employee, the idea of purchasing Dior and Nyx in the same store is tantamount to having a steadfast husband and a dirty side piece in the same room- totally distasteful. Conceptually each has its place, I would like to keep it that way.

    For the record I am no proponent of adultery, but the metaphor expresses my feelings best 😉


  • 12/22/11 13:38 SJG:

    I’m confused, what’s BP have to do with Nordstrom or Stila? To me BP is a gas station.


    • 12/22/11 14:20 the Muse:

      lol it’s their junior’s collection nada to do with the gas station ;D!


    • 12/27/11 2:40 Ciambella:

      Hahahaha I thought the same thing! There’s been major British Petroleum PR-related stuff going on ever since the oil spill, so I thought this was them sinking to a new level in trying to rehabilitate their image!


  • 12/22/11 16:09 Majick:

    I haven’t purchased any of these in the past and I’m safe here. The shadows look pretty but I have enough similar shades. Thank you for the swatches though because I really enjoy seeing EVERYTHING that’s out there.

    As for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – LOVED all the books, thought the Swedish version of the movie was well done, and, I can not wait to see the new one. ALthough I am hardpressed to go to an actual theatre unless the special effects are demanding a very large screen. I may buckle on this one though.


  • 12/24/11 1:00 Cristi:

    You know… I think I might pick this one up. I’ve been wanting to get some eyeshadow colors like these… but I’m sad about the blush, so I’m still debating.

    It looks quite nice on you. 😛 Also, what lipstuffs are you wearing in this pic?


    • 12/27/11 10:26 the Muse:

      cristi it’s a cute palette :) pink truffle from the new revlon lip butter collection :)


  • 12/27/11 7:31 Lily:

    wow Crush is stunning! please Muse if you know a dupe for Crush, can you msg me?


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