Stila Spring 2012 Collection

Last year, I went absolutely gaga for the Stila Make Me Blush. What wasn’t to love about this shimmering coral blusher with cute little hearts embedded into the powder!

This year, Stila gifts us again with a brand new blush!

Take the jump for more on the Stila Spring 2012 Collection!

A Lipstick a Day has posted images and details on the Stila Spring 2012 Collection and of course, the first thing to capture my interest was the Stila Love at First Blush. I’m curious if it’ll be as cheap as the Make Me Blush from last year, if you remember correctly, that was a mere $14!

Other items include:

  • Stila In the Moment and Stila In the Garden Eyeshadow Palettes
  • Stilla Smudge Crayon (Waterproof Primer, Liner, and Shadow all in one pencil)
  • Stila Sparkle Luxe Gloss
  • Stila Jewel Eye Shadow

I’m quite excited to see what the In the Garden Palette looks like.

Anything here you’ll be hauling?

Do share!

images/info via a lipstick a day

  • 12/7/11 12:54 Larie:

    Oooh, pretty! I haven’t purchased anything from Stila in a while, but I am often reminded how much I love their shadows when I dig them out.


  • 12/7/11 13:08 Cj:

    Wait wait wait! No new stains or lipglazes?! This can’t be everything :(


    • 12/7/11 13:22 the Muse:

      don’t worry ;-D more on the horizon I’m sure!


  • 12/7/11 13:16 Josie:

    That blush is super pretty and i’m loving the colour at the top….looking for a soft pinky lilac blush. Nobody really makes one! The jewel shadows sound nice too!


  • 12/7/11 13:23 Jovanna C.:

    I love the blush! It would work for my winter coloring when I get pale.


  • 12/7/11 14:19 Sarah S.:

    I could swear I’ve seen in the garden palette somewhere… preview e-mail or


    • 12/7/11 14:20 Sarah S.:

      yeah, dude, it’s on their website already!


      • 12/7/11 14:36 the Muse:

        brilliant! have to go look ;-D!


  • 12/7/11 14:23 Courtney:

    Love the blush!


  • 12/7/11 14:31 Coral:

    That blush is wonderful! I’ve recently taken the stance on blushes that I have on eyeshadows, you really can’t have too many. That eyeshadow palette is pretty as well. So many pretty things. It’s like a slippery slope for me. I get one nice thing and then I can’t stop myself from indulging.


  • 12/7/11 17:24 Mallory:

    I probably don’t need any more blushes because I just went kind of crazy lately with all the blush hauls I did but I want this one for the hearts! And I have the Make Me Blush blush so I just feel like I have to have this one as well. LOL!


  • 12/7/11 19:37 Angela:

    Definitely going to be picking up this coming years blush,I loved the one that came out this year and the new one looks just as promising!


  • 12/7/11 23:07 MEOW:

    i missed out on this year’s blush~~ but i think im loving next year’s more!! its tooo cute :)


  • 12/8/11 3:10 Ashley:

    I so so so so wish Stila would bring back Make Me Blush! I missed it last year and I regret it so much :'(
    This years version looks nice but it’s too pink for my liking.


  • 12/8/11 9:30 Sasha:

    I am going have to get that blush.


  • 12/8/11 23:29 Carrie:

    The blush is gorgeous and way more up my alley with the overall coolness of it. The eyeshadows look nice too.


  • 12/9/11 14:18 Stellar:

    Cute blush! Must grab!


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