January 27, 2011

Stila Make Me Blush Review, Swatches, Photos

As far as I’m concerned Stila Make Me Blush is the hottest and cheapest product of the season! At $14 this sweet little blush has it all. Think cute heart design, think inexpensive price tag, think pigmented formula, think brilliance on a stick.

Yup, this blusher has it all! Plus I’m hearing tales of sell outs on both Sephora and Stila’s website eep! Since writing about it a week or so ago it’s since disappeared but no worries, it’s back in stock now!

I feel a Muse Approved coming on!

Check it!

A multi-color blush inspired by Valentine’s Day Conversation Hearts.

Stila dubs this a subtle blush that can be built up, I call it crazy pigmented upon contact. Whoa! Missed out on MAC Stereo Rose? Snag yourself some Stila Make Me Blush and you’ll be a happy girl indeed. Without a doubt you’re looking at some intense color pay off here so have a light hand and if your skin leans towards the realms of olive, tan, or darker, well you too, can glow beautiful with this one!

The packaging is darling with cute conversation hearts decorating the powder. The design runs fairly deep and it seems like it’ll last through a few swipes. It comes in a round black plastic package which isn’t particularly glamorous but you’ll be blinded by the powder too much to take notice.

It does contain a healthy golden overspray with interlocking hearts that feature gold, bright orange-y coral, and graduating shades of medium and paler peach. First swipe, be aware, the overspray creates an INTENSE metallic finish on cheeks which isn’t necessarily pretty so you may want to dab off the gold prior to using the powder. I mistakenly tapped my brush into the blush and proceeded to pick up way too much gold, swirled it on my cheeks, and noticed that Bozo the Clown was staring back at me when I looked in the mirror. Ha! So be careful during application! Even after the overspray is gone you’ll notice that the powder is heavily pigmented so tap the blush gently and remove excess by tapping against your wrist. Proceed to tap onto your cheeks gently for the best results because it is easy to over do it.

(With over spray)

(Without over spray)

The finish starts off metallic thanks to the gold and goes through a bit of a shimmer phase however after a few uses I imagine you’ll get more of a velvety look sans the shimmer, metallic, and sparkle.

The shade quite reminds me of Stereo Rose but with way more pop, way more sizzle, and way more vibrancy. As of now I’m calling it one of the most pigmented blushes in my stash and believe me I have ALOT of blushes around these parts so that’s saying something.

I feel like purchasing a back up at this price as it’s a mere $14 and something that will literally last ages thanks to the pigmented formula which you need very little of for a glowing look. It’s really special and really unique in my opinion and just quite stunning overall.

The finish comes across a vibrant shade of orange-y coral and just glows on my cheeks.

Very fair skin might experience a few issues with application since the color is really bold. I suggest trying a bushier brush for application and tap gently onto your skin for the lightest of finishes!

  • Anyone who loves bold, vibrant shades of blush!
  • Those look look fabulous in warm shades of orange, coral, and peach!
  • Those with olive or darker skin tones (this will pop on darker skin).
  • Those who adore cute packaging!

  • Those who aren’t keen on terribly bold blusher!
  • Those with fairer skin (be aware as this is VERY pigmented and can easily be over done).
  • Anyone with a heavy hand (gently does the trick so if you have a heavy hand be careful during application).

This is turning into one of my favorite purchases of the Spring season. It was quite a surprise and too gorgeous not to indulge in. The shade is very me as I love coral shades of blush. If you’re wanting you can easily multitask the blush as an eyeshadow as well! The shade has a wicked bold finish that’s sure to please those who like to make a statement with their makeup! For me it’s a no brainer must have.

Absolutely lovely and very Muse Approved for purchase!

YOU need this! Now!

Get it at www.Sephora.com and www.stilacosmetics.com

Tried it?

Your thoughts?

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  • Savannah

    Ooooh Muse! I want this, I’ve been waiting to buy until I saw your review but I’ll be putting in an order tonight! Hopefully.. (:


  • katrosado5

    YES! Oh thank you so much muse! It’s lovely and it’s an intense color and it’s peach and its so going to be mine—today!

      • katrosado5

        I did, indeed I did haul. I went to sephora and got two lip glosses with it too! 😀

          • katrosado5

            I got this in the mail today. This really is a very pretty blush! Great color payoff! I’m impressed. Note to those that haven’t ordered yet —this blush does not come with a brush. Not a problem for me but just wanted to mention that, haven’t tried the lip glosses as of yet.

  • Jeannine

    I bought this recently and loved it (I just took pictures for my blog, heh). You can also get it at Urban Outfitters – they had a boatload there.

    • the Muse

      thanks jeannine ;-D I didn’t realize UO had it cheers! can’t wait to hear your thoughts!!!!!!!!

  • Holly

    Anyone know how long it usually takes to receive things from the Stila website? I ordered this on Friday and haven’t seen a shipping confirmation. SO excited!

  • Sasha

    Just got mine today! Went through ebates and also used a the free shipping code you gave the other day! Thanks!

  • S

    So pretty! How does this compare overall to the Physicians Formula Happy Booster blush? I have both of them, do I *need* this one too??!!

  • Aging_Beauty

    OMG, thank you for this great post! I didn’t know the gold was overspray and so wasn’t very interested in it. The color beneath is GORGEOUS – I just ordered 2 of the 3-piece sets from Sephora for my BFF and me! Can’t wait!

  • Robin

    I ordered it last night and now I’m very happy I did! Of course I still want PF Happy Booster too, but I have to leave something for hub to give on Valentine’s!

    • the Muse

      awesome robin ;-D makeup way better than chocolates and flowers on vday eh? ;D

  • Connie

    Awesome! I was just clicking around for swatches of this blush last night and couldn’t find any. Thanks 🙂

  • Jess

    Argh…trying to decide between this and Benefit Bella Bamba and Guerlain Noire. Help!

    • Promise

      I think you should get Bella Bamba and this…..I haven’t seen the Guerlain Noire yet….but I love Bella Bamba!

  • Alli

    I didn’t know it was at sephora with 2 lip glosses…! Oh well! That’s cool…, but I got it with the awesome coupon you hooked us up with! I was able to score this and a tigers eye kohl for wicked cheap!!! yay! It should be here soon!

  • Andrea

    How does this compare to Benefit Coralista and Nars Orgasm? I love peachy-coral blushes, but I’ve already got a few, so I’m wondering if this is worth getting. So cute, though!

    • the Muse

      way more intense than both andrea. alot more orange to it and can’t even be compared to orgasm at all really 😛

  • Lisa

    Wow, I just went looking for a few more swatches, and came across this site:
    She has your exact posts! I hate it when people steal content like that. Just thought you might want to know 🙂

  • Soo

    so glad it has a good review! I just bought it from Sephora earlier today. too cute to pass up honestly

  • Angelica

    I just ordered it because of this review and used the 20% off code you gave us in the last post.

    Thanks! Or should I say, no thanks! Oh Great Enabler. 😉

  • Courtney

    I received mine over the weekend and it’s a definite must have. I am absolutely in love with this blush. I also picked up the NARS fashion icon set b/c I still hadn’t tried Orgasm or Super Orgasm blush. Personally, I thought this Stila blush was a lot better, and a better value to boot. Don’t get me wrong, I like the NARS blushes too, but this one is so much more pigmented and the cute packaging just sends it over the top for me. LOVE!

    • the Muse

      courtney agreed ;-D I love me some o and super o but this is such a great value ;D!

  • Sara

    Gah! I saw this at Sephora and I wanted it so bad, but I do have very fair skin so I was worried about exactly what you mentioned, it looking to overdone.
    Now I’m kicking myself for not getting it, because I do like that drama all up in my face when I’m out at night or going to a party. Hopefully it’s still at Sephora so I can snag it up. Plus it’ll look so gorgeous on my friend who is dark-skinned, who I love doing makeup for.
    I love your site <3 I just discovered it today and omg it's just fabulous.

    • the Muse

      aw thanks sara ;-D so happy to have a new reader. I think Stila still has it as well if you fail to find it at Sephora ;-D!