Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Season-to-Season Bronzer

A girl for all seasons? Nay a bronzer for all seasons!

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Season-to-Season Bronzer is a multi-colored bronzing powder that provides an instant and lasting tan-boost that blends and builds easily to your desired lever of bronze. Each palette is customized into four sections from light to darker that can be used together, layered, or used one at a time to take your glowing tan to the next level!

Physicians Formula’ Glow Activator Technology provides Triple-Action Bronze Boosting that helps to enhance and extend the life of your tan glow and improve skin’s clarity and radiance.


  • Light to Medium
  • Medium to Dark

This will be $14.95 and available in March.

  • 1/3/12 11:48 Mara:

    hmmm that sounds interesting.


  • 1/3/12 17:50 Olivia:

    it sounds really cool but how will i ever fit my kabuki in one of those teeny quarters??!


  • 1/4/12 11:44 Ester:

    This is a really cute idea! I agree with Olivia that getting your brush in the section you want might be a challenge, but I have fair skin and want it to have a glow all year round, but most bronzers are more “summer” shades, so this would be really helpful!


  • 1/5/12 1:29 Cindy:

    This reminds me a lot of Guerlain’s Four Seasons bronzer.


    • 1/20/12 15:23 Chynna:

      I agree, Cindy. I’m hoping this will be nice, because I’d love the Four Seasons bronzer, but I prefer this price point.


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