Sephora Hot Hues Neon Lip Balm

I will nom you so hard Hot Hues Neon Lip Balm when I get my greedy hands on you!

Sephora pays homage to Maybelline Color Sensational Pop Sticks with their brand new neon lip balm and hey, that ten buck price tickles my beauty on a budget funny bone.

Me likey!

This moisturizing lipstick promises a sheer, neon tint.


  • Hot Pink
  • Paradisso Purple
  • Funky Fuschia
  • Crazy Coral

Let’s hope they don’t suffer the same bad formula that Maybelline’s version did!

Can’t wait to try.

Available now at Sephora and

  • 1/26/12 13:18 Tammie:

    Saw these the other day thanks to Scrangie, I’ll need to pick up at least one! I hope it’s not just a “waxy piece of plastic” like her (accurate) description of the Maybelline ones haha.


    • 1/26/12 13:30 the Muse:

      did she review I missed that!!!!!!!!!!! le sigh I hated how bad the maybelline ones were :(


      • 1/26/12 13:35 Tammie:

        No she didn’t review, this was on Twitter :). She hasn’t seen them in person either, she was just interested since they are neon.

        Me too, kept it because it looked cool but as a lip product it was a total fail.


        • 1/26/12 13:40 the Muse:

          i got all excited I was just talking to via email and was going to ask her what she though of them! ;-D damn! it was way cool but yup, FAILAGE!


          • 1/26/12 13:43 Tammie:

            Haha sorry xD. But you can confirm to her that they are clear, we were just speculating yesterday when she linked the balms. So she might be interested to know that they are definitely clear ones, and way better than the Maybelline.

          • 1/26/12 13:51 the Muse:

            lol! three way virtually ;-D!

  • 1/26/12 13:30 lauren:

    I just got one in Crazy Coral. They’re amazing! They’re a soft balm/stain- so much better than Maybelline or DuWop.


    • 1/26/12 13:31 the Muse:

      w00000000000t great news!


    • 1/26/12 13:36 Tammie:

      Yayyy!!! I can’t wait to try it, I’ll probably get 2 haha. Did you find them in store or order online??


      • 1/26/12 15:40 lauren:

        I bought it online while stalking Nars spring collection. I find that they apply super sheer at first but you can definitely build up the color. I’d say it lasted about three hours for me with a light stain left after, but I wasn’t eating or drinking then. It’s definitely not for chapped lips. The stain color shows flakes and peeling :( They have a light fruit punch kind of scent that disappears quickly and no flavor.


  • 1/26/12 22:48 Daniela:

    Wooo! After reading lauren’s review I have to have these for summer


  • 1/27/12 10:10 Majick:

    Dear God! I bought and kept the maybelline ones because they looked so darn cool – I can’t wait to try these especially if they are softer and more moisturizing.

    The sheer hot colors are probably what is being referred to now as “popsicle mouth”. What a beauty term huh? LOL


    • 1/27/12 10:32 the Muse:

      lol but kinda cute too right?


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