Shiseido Anessa Face Sunscreen BB Cream

Shiseido Anessa Face Sunscreen BB Cream 1

Shiseido Anessa is one my absolute favorite products for Summer fun in the sun. It offers great protection at SPF 50 and wears quite well under extreme conditions such as a day at the beach or the pool.

I’m delighted that they have a brand new BB Cream that recently launched in Japan. This is available in two shade and offers an SPF 50 as well.

Shiseido Anessa Face Sunscreen BB Cream 2

I’m quite eager to get my hands on it so expect a review soon. I’m having a friend who lives Tokyo grab me one up but keep your eyes on as I’m sure he’ll get it shortly at a very reasonable price.

Visit if you’d like to explore the Anessa Collection.

  • 3/8/12 16:57 jeansco:

    how exciting! can’t wait to see swatches!!! i’ve been using Freshel’s White C BB cream for a year now, and as much as i love it, i wouldn’t say no to trying another Japanese BB cream!


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