August 23, 2011

Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen SPF 50 Review

Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen SPF 50 a necessary evil in my SPF life. If I can, I will avoid milky-type SPF products as I simply don’t like that formula however I will admit some of them I do embrace because they offer superior protection.

That’s the case with Anessa.

Anessa is a popular range of SPF products and is sub-brand of Shiseido which is available in Japan and a few select Asian countries. It’s terribly crummy that the only Shiseido we really experience here in the US is what we found at our high end counter as Shiseido offers a very WIDE array of various products in Asian countries.

Let’s take a look at Anessa and see what it’s such a popular SPF product in Asia.


A popular SPF product available exclusively in Japan.

I normally prefer a creamy SPF as my skin is dry and I feel these sink in easier and wear more comfortably however milky type SPF products tend to offer the best waterproof coverage on longer, hotter days that’s when I reach for my Anessa.

Anessa is a staple product for really warm, humid, hot days in New York. If you live in incredibly hot climate and you spend alot of time outdoors you NEED this.

The formula is a milky type SPF which simply means it resembles milk. It’s pure white, has a runny consistency, and is virtually fragrance free. Anessa tops most milky type products I’ve tried as it has a high resistance to water and sweat. You can swim in it, sweat in it, slay dragons in it, and it’ll pretty much stay in place and keep you protected all day. If I plan on a day outside all I need to do is apply this once as it lasts throughout the day for me and keeps my skin from tanning while protecting it.

Although milky white in color it absorbs easily and does not leave behind a white, pale cast on your face. It does start out a little greasy/oily feeling but it dries down to a smooth, matte finish and somehow, someway prolongs foundation wear.

I normally feel dry after using milky formulas but I’ve never had an issue with Anessa products. They make a wide range of formulas one of which is a whitening version if that’s something that interests you.

For those living in hotter climates or anyone who spends alot of time outside, Anessa is the ideal SPF that wears long while keeping skin protected from harmful sun rays as well as from burning or tanning!

No bad here unless you aren’t really a fan of milky SPF products.

  • Those who are stuck up in warm, humid environments year round.
  • Those who are outside alot or all day for work or play purposes.
  • Those needing a waterproof SPF for beach or pool wearin’!
  • Those who don’t want to have to touch up their SPF during the day but want it to wear long, strong, and hard.
  • Those who burn easily.
  • Those who tan easily.

  • Those who don’t really love milky consistency SPF products but prefer more moisturizing ones.
  • Those uninterested in online shopping, airmail, etc…(if you live in a heavily populated Asian community you might wanna check local stores for these products however they aren’t locally sold so online shopping might be necessary).

If I have to trust my face with someone on a burning hot day, Anessa is my girl. This one never fails to keep me protected all day long! I don’t love the consistency or the greasy feel of the product prior to dry down but I will admit it creates a perfect shield against the sun and my skin and keeps me from tanning easily plus of course, it protects my skin from harmful sun rays thus keeping me from aging as well!

VERY Muse Approved for purchase! An essential item for battling the Summer heat and sun!

You can check out Anessa’s range at

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  • Felicia

    Hey Muse! About how much did you spend on this, and how does this compare to the Neutrogena milky sunscreen (which I love!).

    • the Muse

      I normally get it from Japan Felicia..I think retail is like 15-19 bucks? Neutrogena has nothing on this…this is SUPERMAN spf ;-D

      • Felicia

        OH NO! I have to have it. If I love the Neutrogena one, this one will probably give me spasms. Thanks for your input!

        • the Muse

          my pleasure it’s well worth it if you spend alot of time outside or you live in Florida, or somewhere else that’s very hot and humid!

  • Jamie

    I love this sunscreen. I bought it on the airplane when traveling back to the states from Korea. It was a terribly rude awakening to learn they didn’t sell it here.

  • electronicfly

    I am not 100% sure, but I believe it’s available here in Malaysia too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • lemurfry

    I have this, and the blue one. I think the blue one is less waterproof. (Not really sure…)
    It makes my face really smooth, and ready for makeup, but it breaks me out. I only use it on my body now. ๐Ÿ™
    …and my search for sunblock for my face continues…

  • yan

    Was wondering if compare anessa with clarins uv plus white sunscreen, which is better in your eye?

  • Rachel

    I happened to buy this while in Narita Airport on transit between flights, it’s the new version which is PA++++. Everything about the sunscreen is fantastic, I highly recommend it! A bit pricey though.

    But I found they don’t have it here (in Singapore), although we’re an Asian country too. So i have to order it online. Damn