Stila Sparkle Luxe Gloss Review & Swatches

Stila introduced Sparkle Luxe Gloss for Spring 2012. Tell me your ears didn’t perk up when you heard sparkle. I eat glitter and sparkle for breakfast, dinner, and lunch!

Let’s take a little peek all this glittery goodness.

Stila Sparkle Luxe Gloss isn’t quite like any of the glosses that Stila has released in the past. I think people automatically assume they might be like the 24KT Glosses released a while ago or even the Jewel Lipglazes but I fine the glitter in these glosses is considerably more refined.

Stepping back from their traditional lip pen packaging, Stila introdcued the gloss in a standard size tube with a sponge application. The sponge saturates well with color and applies it easily on lips. I’m always a little iffy on standard sponge applicators as they occasionally give gloss a drier feel and glide but this one plays nicely.

The formula is a rich, glossy texture with a nice hint of color so you aren’t left with a transparent gloss and a ton of shimmer here, you do get a lovely little pop of color that comes along for the ride. The iridescent sparkling finish is really gorgeous if sparkle is your thing. I find they wear fairly comfortable for a thicker gloss and they aren’t overly tacky or sticky. Wear time varies as one day it wore for around four hours for me where as the next day I only got three hours in before it started fading away. They keep lips nicely hydrated throughout the entire wear, I imagine this is thanks to the camellia oil in the mix. One thing I don’t love about them is once they fade away or you wipe them away they end up leaving behind a good deal of glitter on lips, this isn’t particularly a gorgeous look if you forget to touch up as the day progresses.

(Swatched Left to Right: Fairy Dust and Bling)


Fairy Dust

I loved them needless to say. Fairy Dust is a beautiful golden nude peach so I do recommend it if you can only indulge in a single shade. For something with this much sparkle I was delighted they didn’t have a gritty feel or texture on lips.

A yay from me to you. Try them, I think you’ll love if you like sparkle as much as I do.

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  • 3/29/12 19:15 Carrie:

    Pretty! Fairy Dust is calling my name. Are they LE?


    • 4/2/12 16:26 the Muse:

      le carrie :)


  • 3/29/12 22:34 Lothere:

    Bling looks gorgeous!


  • 3/29/12 23:01 Allie:

    You’re right, I got all excited when I read the word “glitter”!


    • 4/2/12 16:25 the Muse:

      lol allie don’t we all don’t we all! glitter does it ;D!


  • 3/30/12 17:54 Michelle:

    So nice to see that Stila isn’t using their ***yawn*** lip pen packaging yet again….***yawn***


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