Marc Jacobs Makeup Collection at Sephora Marc Jacobs Cosmetics Collection Launch Soon

Ever evolving, always on top of the latest and greatest, Sephora moves on towards its next possible collaborated effort with none other than Marc Jacobs himself.

New York Mag reports that Marc Jacob’s is set to debut his cosmetics collection shortly.

Marc Jacobs says, “I see makeup, fragrance — everything, really — as an opportunity. The idea of choosing a color for your lip, or an eyeliner — it’s just such a delight. The ritual of waking up and making those choices is something people really enjoy. We currently are working on defining what Marc Jacobs cosmetics will be, what they’ll say, what makes them distinctive. I think that will take some time, but the first meeting was good.”

It’s unknown at this point if Marc is venturing into this alone or collaborating with Sephora to create his imagination into product but whatever the case may be I’m sure it’ll be as brilliant as the man himself.

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What sort of products or packaging would you want or expect from the collection?

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  • 4/3/12 13:45 Cj:

    Last I heard wasn’t he supposed to be taking over Dior or somethin??


    • 4/3/12 13:46 the Muse:

      really? I didn’t hear that!!!!!!!! I’m thinking it might be a collaboration as if he is in “talks” with Sephora I imagine they are working together to put it together. He wouldn’t launch directly to sephora if he was going the dior route would he? seems like he would have it launch on counter if so.


    • 4/3/12 14:37 Mally:

      He denied the offer.


  • 4/3/12 14:24 Torontostaar:

    No he isn’t taking over Dior, it was speculated but a no go..honestly it’s pretty tough to follow John Galliano. marc is amazing at his own house and directing Louis Vuitton


  • 4/3/12 14:44 Josh :D:

    I’ll take one Marc Jacobs please. <3


  • 4/3/12 16:17 Kathleen:

    This reminds me that Vera Wang is supposed to have make-up at Kohl’s. Has anyone spotted it? I want the lip gloss that Allure featured!


    • 4/3/12 16:19 the Muse:

      yeah I heard that Kathleen seen a few images, not sure though, gotta try first ;D!


  • 4/3/12 18:18 breyerchic04:

    And as Ulta is carrying the new Calvin Klein One makeup collection. I’ve seen their images, and want the pink eye pencil, “wet look”


    • 4/4/12 12:24 the Muse:

      me too breyer looks amazing ;D!


  • 4/3/12 21:16 Kate:

    I hope this line is awesome. I really, really, really want it to be.


  • 4/5/12 20:31 Julia:

    I was thinking he should have made a makeup line already when I was buying a new Stam the other day! I imagine it to be a beautiful mix of bright colours and neutral tones, so I can’t wait :)


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