NYX Dark Shadows Palette

Are you ready for this?

I’m talkin’ about the new NYX Dark Shadows Palette that’s launching in May from NYX.

Vampire lovers take note…!

Ok, ok, you can squeal if you want to, I won’t tell anyone.

Featuring a view of Collinwood Mansion on the front, the new NYX Dark Shadows Palette features 24 shades of eyeshadow, four lip creams, highlighter, and blushes to recreate character looks from the upcoming Dark Shadows Movie.

Loves it!

Barnabas Collins approved I’m sure.

Keep your eyes sealed on www.nyxcosmetics.com for the latest information on this exciting launch.

Will you indulge?

  • 4/4/12 9:51 Lisa:

    I would, but I don’t like how the creams are on the same palette without any coverings so they seem like they might get dirty :(


    • 4/6/12 15:47 Majick:

      GOOD NEWS!
      NYX was brilliant in that they put a piece of sticky tape over the glosses. It peels off easily but I just turned down the corner a little bit and left it there. Now my glosses are protected from the powders until I’m ready to use them. 😉


  • 4/4/12 9:56 Ruth:

    i need it! nyx, send it to me right now! ‘k? thanks!


  • 4/4/12 9:59 Kim:

    Even though this is not my first choice for a movie-themed palette, it looks really nice! I’ll be on the look out for this.


  • 4/4/12 10:22 Mallory:

    Ahaha, I think I might just feel a tad bit silly pulling a “Dark Shadows” themed makeup pallete out of my case.


  • 4/4/12 10:23 Sarah S.:

    Check your local Ulta, people! I saw this on 4/2 at mine!


    • 4/4/12 11:09 kimkats:

      I saw this last week at Ulta as well! Check it out ASAP if you like it- I don’t think it’s gonna last long!


      • 4/4/12 22:26 Jen:

        How much was it at Ulta?


        • 4/6/12 15:48 Majick:

          $24.99 but you can use the $3.50 coupon and if you’re lucky enough they are having a F&F starting on the 15th but you need to get an actual postcard from someone who works there.


  • 4/4/12 14:56 Fancyprance:

    Picked this up at Ulta over the weekend. I literally gasped when I saw it available for purchase. I really love it, and am so happy I found it. This was not displayed with the other NYX products, rather it was kind of off to the side of the checkout. I agree that it probably won’t be around for long, so if it interests you, pick it up ASAP.


    • 4/4/12 15:09 the Muse:

      I agree! It will prob sale out in a SNAP!


  • 4/4/12 15:01 Fancyprance:

    Muse, also wanted to add that although your picture shows it coming with a mascara and liquid liner, mine came with the hd shadow base and liquid liner. Don’t know if this was some type of packaging mistake, but I’m happy as I really enjoy NYX’s shadow base.


    • 4/4/12 15:08 the Muse:

      interesting, thanks chica!


  • 4/4/12 17:10 Stacie:

    I am a HUGE Dark Shadows fan. I am so excited about this I can barely stand myself! I have to go see if it is already at my Ulta!


    • 5/5/15 17:51 Monica:

      I’ve had the pallet for a while now, its awesome. I lost the eyeliner and HD shadow base sometime ago. But in the picture the highlight and the shadows are deceiving. There is a snow white sparkle colour somewhere in the eye shadows and the highlight is super fair, but overall I would buy it again if I were to find it.


  • 4/4/12 17:42 katrosado:

    I want it just for the packaging! How wonderful!


  • 4/4/12 19:13 CupK8:

    I got sidetracked by “WTF DARK SHADOWS MOVIE?!”

    Obviously, I am out of the loop.


    • 4/5/12 9:13 the Muse:

      lol cupk8 VERY, johnny depp, dark shadows, where do you live, under a rock? ;D


      • 4/7/12 12:49 CupK8:

        Grad school could def be considered living under a rock. 😛

        I seriously watched this series as a kid. It was technically a decade before my time, but my mom loved it growing up too.. I think she had the series on VHS. Oh man.. flashback city.

        I saw the preview before Wrath of the Titans.. it looks.. different. But it’s Johnny Depp being a vampire, so…. yeah.


        • 4/9/12 9:27 the Muse:

          I bet cupk8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The movie is odd, it’s a comedy, but hey Johnny Depp that makes everything ok I think!? ;D


  • 4/5/12 0:07 Christina:

    passing, the packaging looks tacky!


  • 4/5/12 0:52 Maggie:

    Weird, they completely copied the Bare Escentuals Ready 8.0 palettes for the first 8 shades in the two halves of the eyeshadow palette. And I feel like a complete and total nerd for noticing that ^.^


  • 4/5/12 7:45 Majick:

    How is the pigmentation on this? I saw it yesterday and almost picked it up but I’ve only used the extreme Cream liiquid lip stuff. I was surprised by the quality of those. I did not care for the matte lip creams.

    I do have an appt for a facial today, maybe there will be some left. I’ll give it a better look.


    • 4/5/12 9:02 the Muse:

      not sure haven’t tried it yet majick. soon as I get it I’ll let ya know 😉


      • 4/5/12 16:26 Majick:

        NO… soon I will let you know! LOL ;-D


  • 4/5/12 16:31 Majick:

    I almost bought this yesterday – I did buy it today. Since I just got a facial I don’t want to try it until tomorrow. If I get some good pics and swatches (I dont’ know why but when I try to take pictures they always suck.) I’ll send you an email and let you know in a reply to this message to look for it.
    No promises because things are crayz here. We may be going on Strike monday. If we do I may have a LOT of time on my hands.
    I really hope we do not go out. ugh….


    • 4/5/12 16:33 the Muse:

      good majick! hope all is well at work! and thanks looking forward to it if you do get a chance ;D!


      • 4/5/12 17:06 Majick:

        I really will try this time. IT’s such a cute palette. Maybe I can do a pic of the Ready 8 next to it too. I only have the warm one I forget the name.

        I hope the “shadows” aren’t aging. that would be scarier than … the “hand”. GAH!!!!


      • 4/6/12 15:56 Majick:

        hope you got my email with the link. If you need to contact me please use the verizon email since I may not be working after today. (yikes I hope we don’t go on strike).
        I took dif. pics than the ones you posted. I didn’t swatch every eye color but I did compare a couple to the Ready 8 palette. I do not think they are the same – the browns are close but that’s about it.
        I’m glad I picked this up and I can not wait to see my beloved Mr. Depp in one of my all time favorite nightmare starters. (used to have vampire anxiety dreams as a kid ROFLMAO but it NEVER stopped me from watching.)


  • 4/6/12 18:24 Shana:

    I bought this but the colors are different. Mine doesn’t have the rich green or yellow. BOO. Still cool though.


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