Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfect Kit Review & Swatches

Dude, how long since the Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfect Kit has been released? Its been sitting in my stash for that long waiting for me to pick it up and review.

Awwww poor baby.

I’m surprised this review wasn’t up way before this because it really is a stunning little palette but….

Visually the Too Faced Leopard Love really is a lovely little piece of makeup! Housed in a rectangle flip top box this contains three shades or bronze, blusher, and highlighter. The powders are oh so pretty and have a leopard print in graduating shades of color so each powder is made up of three to four different shades. Truly it’s a little piece of makeup joy looking at it!


Formula stinks.

You get three powders:

  • Peach Leopard (Bronze)
  • Candy Leopard (Blush)
  • Pink Leopard (Brighter/Highlighter)

(Pink Leopard, Candy Leopard, Peach Leopard)

Pink Leopard

Candy Leopard

Peach Leopard

Too Faced gives you a how to guide with face diagram on the back of the palette with techniques and application ideas. They seem to pick out points and places on your face for you to wear each color and I expect they want you to sport all three shades in a single look but I do think that’s a bit overkill particularly since Pink Leopard and Peach Leopard contain a lot of the same bronze-y shades.

Out of the three shades, Pink Leopard proves the most pigmented, this gives a nice shimmery bronze-y glow on cheeks. The other two shades are majorly disappointing in terms of color pay off. They have a soft, velvet-y feel but the color pay off is really bad here even when using a kabuki brush I had a difficult time building the shades up to the perfect vibrancy.

I think they would have fared better here if they marketed the palette as a highlighter of sorts as the colors simply lack the pigment to act as a blush or bronzer and ironically the brighten shade (highlighter) is the most pigmented of the three and can double up as a bronzing or all over color, go figure.

Very cute and visually pleasing for those of that put importance on packaging details, cuteness, and other makeup pleasantries, but awful in terms of pigmentation and quality.

Not a good one sadly.

Darn, I had high hopes for it.


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This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 4/3/12 20:07 Sarah S.:

    Yeah, this was terrible quality! such a bummer cuz it was so ky00t


  • 4/3/12 20:16 Rawr:

    Is it really that bad? :( how many stars would you give it, just wondering? 😀


    • 4/4/12 12:22 the Muse:

      1? ;D


  • 4/3/12 20:21 Thais:

    Hi my questions had nothing to do with this post, is about post of rohto skin aqua moisture gel, Im waiting for an answer but I think that you dont know about every questions that is made in every post, so im copying to here:
    Hi I was about to by this sun screen but I stopped whe I saw you saying “but for Winter months it proves an ideal solution for me.”
    I live in a very hot area like 30 celsius degrees or more everyday.
    Wich one would you recomend for arms, necks, this area around t-shirt when living with high temperatures everyday?
    Sorry for my bad english…


    • 4/4/12 12:24 the Muse:

      I’m a little behind on older comments thais, sorry. depends on how long you are out doors and how much coverage you are looking for. I like wearing a 70+ on my skin when outside.


      • 4/4/12 19:31 Thais:

        I stay out for little times, like 15 minutes walking in the morning, 5 minutes at lunch time and then more 15 minutos going home….it’s little I think….but wich one would you recomend?
        I’m looking for something that don’t be oily, sticky…


  • 4/3/12 20:43 Allison:

    I would be really curious to see that face chart in action!


  • 4/3/12 20:59 ididmyface:

    I picked it up a while ago and returned it. I didn’t like it either, and Peach Leopard just made my face look dirty. (


    • 4/4/12 12:22 the Muse:

      mmm had the same issue and tons of sparkle little pigment!


  • 4/3/12 21:14 Kate:

    Bummer. It looks so pretty sitting there in its little pink box. It would have been a great gift. BUT when I give a gift of make up, it needs to perform well, not just adorn someone’s vanity table. Too bad indeed. :(


  • 4/3/12 23:50 Jeanne:

    Ooh I totally missed this on Haute Look yesterday, but now I don’t feel so bad! I really have my eyes set on the Bronzed and Beautiful but that doesn’t look like it’s going to be on sale anytime soon, maybe I should just cave and get that!


  • 4/4/12 1:58 Joy:

    Yes! I thought I was the only person who didn’t like it. The pigmentation is pretty much useless, and the colors that do show up (after much hard work) are not flattering. I have fair- light neutral skin and all three colors look yucky on me. Peach leopard is pretty much fake-bake gross orange on my face, and pink leopard makes me look a tad sun burnt. Eh. At least I still have Hoola! My one and only pick for bronzer <3


    • 4/4/12 12:32 the Muse:

      even with a kabuki brush I can’t pick up any color Joy. It’s sad b/c it’s such a lovely little palette! the shades made my skin dull and muddy too :(


  • 4/4/12 10:25 Mallory:

    Very, very pretty in the packaging. Way too much shimmer for my own face, though. There are so many good blushes and bronzers and highlighters out there. I’ll skip this one. Thanks for the review, muse!


    • 4/4/12 12:19 the Muse:

      my pleasure hun def too much shimmer and little pigment!


  • 4/4/12 11:22 jenna:

    is candy leopard available separately? i’ve tried the pink leopard out before and had the same issue with pigmentation. it’s the same colour as my skin plus a whole bunch of shimmer which made me look like edward cullen in the sun eek… not sexy in real life it turns out!


    • 4/4/12 11:52 the Muse:

      no I believe it was exclusive to the palette jenna. same here, tons of shimmer, but no real color :(


  • 4/4/12 13:11 Jen:

    I have this palette, and I love it, ironically. Probably because I’m extremely fair skinned, so I have to be extremely careful with putting on too much color. With a fluffy travel blush brush, this works pretty well for me. I do kind of want to rip the pans out of the packaging though. The cardboard makes it a little difficult to really get the most benefit from the product.


    • 4/4/12 15:33 Majick:

      Hey Jen, glad to hear someone else didn’t hate it. LOL
      Just curious – how did you get yru picture up instead of the little pink lippie?


  • 4/4/12 15:30 Majick:

    wow, I have this and while it’s not my favorite, I followed the directions on the back and it looked good. Here’s the weird part:
    it really seems like there is no pigment getting picked up on the buki BUT – I just kind of did it fast, swirled the brush, slapped it on, walked away and when I came back I was bronzed, blushed and glowing.

    My friend who gives pretty good feedback said it looked really good. SHe even bought one for herself. We both picked it up at Sephora on sale in a kit for $26.

    I haven’t worn it recently and I can’t remember exactly what color my skin was when I wore it. I vary from ligth to light medium wtih golden undertones. I can see though why most of you didnt’ like it.


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