Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm New Shades Swatches

As you know Clinique has introduced a few new shades in their Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm Collection for Summer 2012.

I, for one, was quite excited about this new colors since I loved the originals so much.

Here’s a little sneaky peek at the new shades with a review upcoming tomorrow!

(Swatched in their order and labeled picture above)

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm is now offered in 16 delicious shades.

The new colors are available at your favorite Clinique counters or online now at

Any shades you’re loving from these new ones?

  • 5/16/12 21:57 Southern Gorgeous:

    I love all these shades but the Tri Sigma in me wants the Voluptous Violet!!


    • 5/17/12 1:37 Vail Valley Girl:

      And the AOII in me wants the TWO TONE TOMATO!!


  • 5/16/12 22:05 Littlecreek:

    I was afraid of the orange one cause it looked so…orange, but the swatch looks lovely. Might just have to try that!


  • 5/16/12 22:05 dina:

    hmmm, thinking peony and violet? was hoping for more color with mimosa and curvy candy……


  • 5/16/12 23:05 Nat:

    I love the commercial for these – juicy cubes of jello bouncing around. I don’t buy many lip products but I do want!


  • 5/16/12 23:30 cat:

    They all seem very pretty. Is a Revlon Kissable balm stain vs. Clinique Chubby Stick dupe comparison a possibility because some of these shades look pretty similar?


  • 5/17/12 8:37 JenJ:

    I was just thinking about these the other day! I got a NARS lip pencil. Love the color but that joker broke as I was reapplying it! Second time using it. I sharpened it but it was a pain. So I was looking at these or tarte’s ones since the have a twist up thingy. Shoot my NYX lip pencils work better -___- All these shades look purty! I’d be happy with any of the colors


  • 5/17/12 9:37 Agata:

    Hey Muse, that’s unrelated to those gorgeous balms but are you going to review the MAC Hey Sailor collection any time soon? :)


    • 5/17/12 9:42 the Muse:

      hopefully a few bits and bobs tomorrow ;-D but be warned it’ll probably be a review of me ranting how bad mac is lately ;-D lol! but maybe they’ll surprise me!


      • 5/17/12 9:44 Agata:

        Lol, I am in love with this collection for some unknown reason so I am trying to decide what to get. The collection is already available at MAC website!


        • 5/17/12 9:47 the Muse:

          is this your first mac summer collection? ;-D I’m not sure if I love it, I think i wanted warmer :( mac summer collections run into each other for me lately…very repetitive. le sigh! but I hope to be surprised ;-D


  • 5/17/12 10:05 Agata:

    It is my first one :) When I lived in Poland MAC wasn’t available anywhere near me so only recently I started to explore MAC and I have bought a couple of things and I love all of them. The highlighting powder is so pretty and the Barefoot eyeshadow (although I am sure I have a few colors similar to that one) :)


    • 5/17/12 10:28 the Muse:

      aha that’s why you are excited ;-D I remember being terribly excited about mac summer collections! I didn’t realize you lived in Poland, cool! How long are you living in the US now?


      • 5/17/12 10:32 Agata:

        I have been living here a little over 2 years although now it feels like it’s been forever.But it was a difficult change for me after living in Poland all my life :)


        • 5/17/12 11:15 the Muse:

          i bet, it’s a big change!!!!!!!!!!


  • 5/17/12 10:08 Caitlin:

    I really like all the warmer shades in this collection. They are so moisturizing and easy to use, also.


  • 5/17/12 10:47 K.B.:

    Ooo, I want Mighty Mimosa and Bountiful Blush!


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