Maybelline New Shades Eye Studio Color Plush and Color Pearls for Summer 2012

Maybelline has released new shades of their Color Plush Palettes as well as their Color Pearls for Summer 2012.

Take a look!

I saw these at my local Harmons.

I didn’t pick anything up as they shades look too similar to ones I already own from the general catalog.

Anything you’re loving?

  • 5/21/12 20:16 Charlotte:

    Hmm, the quad on the right looks similar to Give me Gold… and I don’t think either of the other two would be flattering on me. Bummer, I was quite disappointed in the new cover girl quads too, very odd combinations.


  • 5/21/12 21:54 Jen:

    Have you seen the new ‘Mega Plush Volum Express’ gel-mousse mascara? I picked one up this morning. I have to say I’m pretty impressed for 6.29, especially when Full n’ Soft still costs anywhere from 20-50 cents more here, and that’s generally my go-to mascara. But Mega Plush is very likely going to take it’s place.


    • 6/12/12 11:40 the Muse:

      i did indeed jen! liked it, didn’t love the wriggly brush though :-/


  • 5/22/12 0:28 cat:

    I’ve spotted Lilac Lolita and Petal Pink listed as limited edition but I’m not sure what collection they came out with. Most of the stores near me don’t have very many displays. Anyway, if anyone has swatches or knows how they apply, I’d very much appreciate the info.

    The center quad in the photo has two very pretty bright colors but I don’t know if I could pull them off with my complexion.


  • 5/22/12 1:33 Mintybunny:

    What’s the difference between the gold one here and Give Me Gold?


  • 5/22/12 19:07 Carol:

    The center palette looks a lot like Mythical Mermaid from last year’s LE collection.


    • 7/7/12 22:12 Coco:

      its the exact same I think. I have the mermaid one and looked very closely at this “new” one and ran home to compare while it was fresh in my memory. I’m 99% sure!


  • 6/21/12 20:54 Vicky:

    I’m loving the Coral Oasis palette and Gusty Green palette! Too bad they aren’t in any of my local drugstores. :(


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