February 25, 2010

Maybelline Eye Studio Plush Silk Eyeshadow Quads Review and Swatches

At this point in time you have probably already hauled the Maybelline Eye Studio Plush Silk Eyeshadows Quads and you’re either loving all over ’em like a first born or hatin’ ’em like a step sibling.

Me? I’m holding them close like my unborn children.


Jump for the review!

Maybelline Eye Studio Plush Silk Eyeshadow Quads aren’t without their downfalls but for the most part they are a big solid yay for the Muse.

Following up on an Asian release these quads were originally deemed Maybelline Eye Studio Diamond Glow Eyeshadow Palettes (See my friend Paris’s review when they released in M’asia). Flash forward a few months down the line and here they are making a guest starring appearance in the US market. You should mark your calender this is one major step for women kind. This type of makeup is RARELY seen in North American drugstores and it’s pure Asian by nature right down to the formula. Take it from me, I know Asian makeup, these are very much Asian by design.

For me they are a winner as I mentioned. The formula is a beautiful silky, creamy blend that’s pigment and applies like a pure dream. The quad is made up of three shades of shadow and one liner shade. Two shades are used to contrast, one to highlight, and finally one to line. They are stunning quads and pretty much mimic many shadow formulas that can be found on the Asian market but not the US. You’d be hard pressed to locate a shadow with this formula in the US.

Here’s the thing…

If you’ve worked with Asian makeup before you’re bound to love these but if you haven’t you’ll either think, “WOW!” or you’ll think “NAY”! They quite remind me of KATE Dual Carat Eyeshadow as the formula is identical almost. The problems arise from the fact that the formula can in some cases prove difficult to work with particularly because of shimmery fall out and contrasting, blending. Yes, you will experience fall our and yes they are very shimmery. Upon trying to contrast shades it may prove a pain because the colors will meld together so you do need a certain amount of patience and skill to get them to contrast and blend. I have a difficult time with this myself but it hasn’t stopped me from loving them like a cute, fuzzy puppy.

I hauled six for myself and I’m very pleased with them!

At $9.99 each or in some cases cheaper during sales plus a variety of shades (I think there are 10 or 12 shade selections to choose from!) you really can’t beat the price, formula, and quality on the Maybelline Eye Studio Plush Silk Eyeshadow Quads. I absolutely loved them.

Very much a Muse Approval for purchase. You need to try at least one, bet you get hooked soon after!

Did you purchase any?

Loves ’em?

Leaves ’em?

Do share your mini review!

Disclosure: The following item was purchased by me for review purposes (and because I like flinging my money at makeup products of any kind) on Musings of a Muse. For further information please see my FTC Guidelines or my Disclosure/Disclaimer posts.

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  • Ashley

    You were reading my mind weren’t you, Muse!? I went to find them yesterday because my local grocery store had a $2 off coupon for them but THEY WERE SOLD OUT. Most of the places that sell it are either selling it for $9.99, $10.99, or $11.99. If the grocery store DID have any of them in stock I would’ve been paying $9 + tax for one.
    Oh well! Which one out of all (I think it’s 12) would you recommend? I have a lot of golds & bronze/browns already so I might pass on Copper Chic & Give Me Gold!

    • the Muse

      always ashley 😀 haha! I seen them buy one get one 50% few weeks also check ulta who had the same deal 😀 online and off! Give me Gold you prob won’t be able to pass on when you see it 🙂 It’s my fav! If not those two you mentioned def go with the green and taupe 😀 they are both ace!

  • Samantha

    I LOVE the green on you. Looks gorgeous! Which palette is your favorite? I’m thinking of hauling one or two for myself.

  • Paris B

    Hey thanks for the link love 😀 I love these palettes still. I’m using mine for a fool proof no need to think look. Its awesome that way! I do wish we’d get the colours you get at your end though. But there you go! Wanting what we can’t have as usual 😉

    • the Muse

      my pleasure hun! 😀 omg you guys didn’t get all the shades!? That stinks 🙁

  • Stephanie Clifford

    I am usually a shadow snob but I drooled the first time I saw these!!

  • nancy

    love your reviews! how can u afford to get all these cool makeup in so many dif colors! *jealous* =p

  • Kate

    I saw these out grocery shopping today and true to form every shade was sold out except for two of the golds and a copper. (Seriously, the second a new makeup shows up every color I want to buy disappears.) If I feel like I really need one, I might see if Walmart have any in.

    • the Muse

      omg wow kate! I know when I got them they were all in stock but a few days later I went back for more and the selection had really downsized 😀

      • Kate

        Hopefully the store will get more in stock. Although its not like I need any more eyeshadow! lol I have a bajillon Bare Escentuals shadows (well four small ones and two big ones plus three liner shadows) that I’ve been using so I’m doing pretty good.

        • the Muse

          kate same here ugh too many be shadows 😀 but still the disease over takes me…more shadow…more shadow 🙂

  • Jess

    I’ve been eying these myself, thanks for making a post on them! I’m having a hard time choosing between green with envy, sapphire siren and purple icon. Which ones would you recommend to a brown eyed girl looking for a bit of color?

    • the Muse

      hey jess!

      They are truly fab 😀 glad you enjoyed the post! Any of those would look gorgeous on browns eyes particularly green with envy, green always makes my brown eyes pop!

  • betty

    I love these too! I have 4 of these and want moooore. But my bf refuses to let me buy em’ cause he can’t understands why I need the whole collection. *sob* I really hope the trend of bringing Asian’s release to North America continues.

    Oooh ooh, I also saw the gel liners in store too, have you tried them? I heard they’re very popular in Japan.

    • the Muse

      aw betty! Convince him with extra hugs and kisses 😀 or tell him about bogos hehe look honey we can save money if we buy two!!!! I hope so too. If US drugstores are taking this path and releasing makeup like this quarterly count me a brand new fan of drugstores!

      I haven’t tried the gel liners yet but did try the duo baked shadows..did you see those? they are lovely as well 😀

      • betty

        oh I haven’t tried the baked shadows yet. Those get snatched up too quickly before I could get my grubby hands on them. lol.

        • the Muse

          betty this stuff sold out fast right? same here at my ds’s 🙂 check ulta believe they even have buy 1 get 1 50%

  • gio

    Thanks for the review. I was thinking of getting one myself but I can’t decide between Sapphire Siren and Give Me Gold, they’re both beautiful.

  • Christine

    I’m shaking my fist at you Muse! I’ve been doing my best to resist these eye shadows, and well your review was the straw that broke this camel’s back. I’m off to Target but a few. But a few I say! Just 1 or 2 or more or all! Aah!

    • the Muse

      hahaha christine! 😀 THEY ARE SO niceeeeeeeeee I promise you will lurve them 😀 I think ulta has a bogo! check there first 😀

  • Anitacska

    I still haven’t budged, lol, but also we only get maybe 2 or 3 of the shades here in the UK and the ones I tested, I didn’t like. 🙁

    • the Muse

      aw sorry to hear it anita! I’m really likin’ ’em so far what shades did u guys get!?

      • Anitacska

        Pinks, purples and some browns. Like I said, they’re just not that amazing to me, which is good news for my credit card for a change, lol.

  • Emily

    These palettes look so, so pretty! I am especially liking the green one. I hadn’t thought about buying them, but I may have to change my mind… or at the very least go to a local drugstore and stare longingly at them.

    • the Muse

      lol emily I likey the stare longingly at them 😀 hehe and pet them and lovingly whisper to them too 🙂

  • Charmaine

    Hiya Iz!
    I bought 2 so far, they were $8.95 at the Target here in Kona [yep, still here, been about a month and a half now, lol], but I did see them at Kmart here also for [get this] $6.95!!!! It was after I had already gotten them at Target, so I was sad:-( lol
    I haven’t tried mine out yet [OCD says No], but I am sooooooooooooooo looking forward to being able to crack ’em open and have at ’em! lolol

    they all look really great on you, and I’m jealous how pretty the sapphire looks on you [can’t wear blue eyes, just as liner] *is jealous* jk, I don’t begrudge people their things/abilities, ‘specially not mah pals! *hugs Iz*

    • the Muse

      kona!? should I be jealous Charmaine!!!!!!!!!! 😀 7 bucks omg nice!!!! lol I has that ocd nature myself 😀 aw you’re way too kind!!!!!!!! I heart you! i love ya babe!

      • Charmaine

        you has OCD, too? wow, let’s compare notes later!
        mah family lives there, dunno if I told you that already [I forget. a lot. just call me Repeat-o, lolol], I’ll emails ya later w/teh story, and teh OCD stuffs n junks. I loves yew tew!!!!

        • the Muse

          lol somewhat charmaine…no I don’t think you mentioned it! 😀 I look forward to it!!!!!!! I loves ya back hun!

  • Tinkerchelle

    I am glad to hear that the gold and green are your two faves, as those were just the two I’ve been wanting. After some deliberation, I’m going to haul after all. He he!

  • PinkyKathy

    I remember the first time I saw these quads in Target, US, I’m totally surprised that those ASIAN type e/s is available here in the States. I was so excited and glad that Maybelline has a right decision, bringing Asian things to US. hehehehe coz I love love love jap/korean makeup. ^_^ I have only two quad from this line, plan to get more now. :)) thanks a lot for your swatch.

    • the Muse

      me too kathy! if this is where DS is going count me happy. my pleasure hun! Wait for a BOGO! tons happening 😀

  • SilhouetteScreams

    Wow, I had no idea these were inspired by the asian market! I also didn’t know that one shade was a liner and that they were meant for certain parts of the eye area 😛

    • the Muse

      hey silhouette not inspired per say but started out on the Asian market 😀 yup! darker shade is liner, lightest to highlight and two contrasting for lid and v 🙂 or I like to go with lid and crease!

  • Wendy

    Hi Muse! Thanks for the review! The green is amazing on you!! Beautiful!
    I hauled all 12 of these! I couldn’t help myself. I normally hate DS brand ES, but these are truly amazing for a DS brand! 🙂

    • the Muse

      aw thanks wendy you’re too kind! HELLS! jealous! I def want the other six 😀 will wait for a sale 😀 and truly they are amazing for DS if DS keeps going this way count me a happy Muse!

  • Angie Twe

    i bought the tempress and loving it so much! (:
    I didnt bother much abt the shimmer cuz I really love the sparkling feel. hehe.
    But true the blending was diff for me, add on with my lack of skills.

    You look really sweet with green! (:

    • the Muse

      hey angie aw thanks cheers you’re too kind! TT was a nice one!!!! bet you look great in it. Hun it’s def not lack of skills just the formula is a tad bit to blend with grrr the colors all meld together 😛

  • plue

    Our shades are different from yours, I think ours are a bit more, subtle? I think. These were suppose to be limited editions but has started popping back up as regulars, me thinks there’s a HUGE demand for it in msia!

    As oppose to other chalky yucky maybelline e/s, i think this range is their best! 😀

    • the Muse

      plue I’ve seen yours and yup looks alot more subtle! makes sense as they are lovelys! 😀 I really wanna try the angel fit when I get a chance!

      • plue

        angel fit? i think they LF is horrible. too pink or too yellow. yucks.

        but their 2 way cake is quite nice 😀 other than that, we here don’t have the angel fit base that SG has 🙁

  • PJ

    Ahh I’ve been looking for these and just found a few left at CVS. These babies sold out FAST in Northern VA. I’m thinking the copper will look best on African American skin. I also grabbed the purple gel liner, which is FAB, and one of the baked eye duos, Carbon Frost. I really hope they re-release more Eye Studio soon!

    • the Muse

      here too pj! most of the displays in target and such are BARE! oh yes that would be a fab color for darker skin 😀 also the gold!!!!!!!!

      I loved the baked duos 😀 didn’t try the gel liner yet but def want too 😀 I hope so too maybe summery colors?! 😀

  • marika

    they look much nicer than the version sold here in italy! lucky girls!

    • the Muse

      hi marika that’s interesting haven’t seen the italian ones only the asian ones 😀 must look that up!

  • jerseygrrrl78

    Just snagged the Green With Envy Palette today at Target, it was on sale for about $8. The formula is soooo smooth and easy to work with, love it!

  • Margaret

    Dearest Muse,
    I bought two palettes and am sorry to say the two I chose are disappointing me. I got Legendary Lilac, which doesn’t seem very pigmented *at all*, although the colors are flattering. I also got Irresistibly Ivy, which has a green accent color that looks great in the palette, but when I put it on and tried to blend it, was a complete FAIL. The color/texture just turned flat and bluish. Ugh.

    I really, really wanted to love these. 🙁 maybe I just picked bad colors.

    • the Muse

      aw margaret sorry to hear it dear!!!! sadly I agree, blending is a bit hard with these! But I love the vibrant shades 😀 I’m so sorry you had such bad success with them le sigh!

  • dark nyx

    I was at the drug store today and picked one of these up…debating whether I should get one and which colour I should get. I was sold by the Josie Maran ad, you know there one where she’s wearing this gorgeous violet one? But I couldn’t figure out whether it was Legendary Lilac or Purple Icon…I finally decided it was Purple Icon but decided to put it back and read some reviews first. After reading your review, I think I will have to pick one up now, haha.

    Ohhh, did you try the new My Beauty Diary Bird Nest mask? I know it sounds weird but it just came out and it’s the best! You must try it! At least once!

    Anywho, thanks for your review! ^^

    • the Muse

      gosh yes dark nyx isn’t that a gorg look 😀 I’m not sure either, but those images are SO photoshopped we prob won’t be able to tell hehe. what did you think so far of it?

      yea I have it. Bird Nest=AWESOME for skin hehe. and tasty too! lol! I got that and the new Apricot ones too! Great stuff 😀

      my pleasure!

  • dark nyx

    Well, I went down to get it…but then ended up getting the gel eyeliner instead…so I can’t really comment on the shadow. LoL They were sold out of Purple Icon and only had Legendary Lilac left =[ Maybe I’ll pick it up next time. I totally didn’t know tat MBD had apricot out! I’m glad you like the bird’s nest too though!

    • the Muse

      hey dark nyx! How is the gel liner!? 😀 yea!!!!! it’s rather nice 😀 and bird nest=ACE!

      • dark nyx

        Ok, so I’ve been test driving the liner for a while to decide if I like it…so the verdict is: it’s pretty good. It’s quite creamy and very inky black! However, it does take longer to dry than Maquillage or Kate. It has pretty good staying power too…it lasts for at least 12hrs as a liner but smudges a bit on the inner corners if you use it to line your upper water line. Also, the included brush is useable, think Kate’s brush but a bit less soft. Give it try, it’s definitely good value. =]

  • Juliette

    Hey Muse,
    aloha! 🙂 I was considering buying a quad, but I’m uncertain about which color to get…I have a sort of light medium/olive skin and dirty blonde hair with green-hazel eyes. which would look best? 🙂 thanks in advance!

    • the Muse

      hi juilette I’m of the mentality that anyone can wear any shade 🙂 I wear everything from brown to bold vibrant teals, purples, etc….there isn’t any rule against wearing shades you love 🙂

  • jessica

    so i bought the saphire siren set and the first time you use them they work really well…but after u get off the first layer the colors bcome really dull and not so shimmery i wouldnt recommend them to anyone…alothough i still really like the white color for a under the brow shade.

  • Emika

    hi, muse! i recently picked up one of these in the taupe temptress color (absolutely GORGEOUS!) but i’ve not tried it yet, as i’m clueless to which colors go where. the teensy picture on the back is not helping me much. im a makeup newbie! so, which colors should i use, where? (i think the white is a highlight, thats all i know!) FANKS MUCHLY!!
    emika xoxo

    • the Muse

      hi emika awesome. that’s a real nice one. use the cream as a highbrow highlighter the two contrasting shades on lid and crease and the darkest to line with. Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Judy

    hihi~ i’ve recently started reading your blog and your reviews are very helpful! i was wondering, do you know which set (either this quad or the new color explosion set) resembles the japanese maybelline eyeshadow the best? http://i305.photobucket.com/albums/nn236/JSweetSshop/4936968604898.jpg (i read somewhere that one of the color in the Japanese one is goldish, so do you think the copper or taupe or the color explosion is more similar?)
    and which one has a pinky brown color in the set?
    thanks so much!

    • Judy

      actually it’s really hard for me to choose one between the gold, copper or the new color explosion set, so do you think the gold or copper or the new color explosion set resembles the japanese one~? XD i saw the taupe one in stores today and the colors looked a lot different than i imagined haha~

  • Ariej Ahmed

    I walked into my 99 cents store today and found a lot of these. I didn’t have time to check them out but i will stop by after work to see if they are still there. hoping to get “give me gold”. i also found some discontinued L’Oreal mascaras, going to grab a few! well love your blog always will! XO